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The Drakes eBook #10003 Seduction in the lap of luxuryAward winning wines have helped Dexter Drake turn his family's luxury resort and spa into the most successful vineyard in Southern California Yet Dexter has another talent his prowess with women He is having Promises The Drakes of. what a man what a man what a mighty good man I love to walk around in tatted jeans and tee shirts but when I clean up I clean up NY style I'm happy for the Dr and Pappa Dee's great grand child Living and growing up in Southern California with flows of grapevines and all kinds of hidden places has to be a great life Having a man take you on a fishing outing and enjoying nature love and life is it I learned some things about Zuri Day and she is a Angel on Earth Great story line and great read

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Platinum Promises The Drakes of California #3Ses Epubcareer to saving lives She plans to concentrate on her work But she soon discovers that the breathtaking playboy isn't just gorgeous he is intelligent and compassionate too Should Faye remain focused solely on her career or listen to Dexter's passionate promisesand her own hea. Platinum Promises Zuri DayDoes money make the man Man is always working toward the goal of making money Can this pursuit to gander wealth get in the way of understanding what life is all about In the well written book by Zuri Day Platinum Promises she insinuates that this could be a problem You will have to read this jewel to find outCan a player be attracted to a beautiful hardworking wholesome down to earth woman Can this woman of a less than luxurious lifestyle attract the eye of the rich handsome playboyBenjamin Franklin says it well “Be studious in your profession and you will be learned Be industrious and frugal and you will be rich Be sober and temperate and you will be healthy Be in general virtuous and you will be happy At least you will by such conduct stand the best chance for such conseuences” The so aptly fits Ms Day's book Platinum Promises and her heroine Dr Fay Buckner The finely artistic strokes of a master painter is how Ms Day creates the characters settings dialogue and other story elements In Platinum Promises I found it to be so endearing so precious A reader searching for such tenderness sizzling tasteful sensual activities between two lovers will surely be sated with this narrative Ms Day uses the message of dedication for improving life for others as a main artery that beats deeply within the heart of Platinum Promises Dr Faye Buckner has volunteered her medical service in the ravaged areas in Haiti after the hurricane she has been to the poorest villages in Africa with the Peace Corp After some many long days monthsof living with the bare minimal human standards Faye goes back to the states California for a much needed time for herself to rejuvenate I love Faye and would be honored to have her in my small circle of dear friends She is a classy lady cleans up well and is selfless Her sacrifices for others makes her a near saint without being pious I also love her candor when dealing with the player Dexter The Drake Wine Resort and Spa is just the perfect environment for the fun laughter sensuality to take off for Faye Buckner and Dexter Drake Platinum Promises reminded me of the best old fashioned love movies where that spark of energy between two strangers ignites the kindling of a romantic encounter Sparks fly as Faye and Dexter's eyes meet across a crowd area in this case it is the luxurious resort owned by Dexter's familyDexter Drake is the player fancy cars clothes deep pockets handsome and a bit of that arrogant persona that makes him sexy The yummy body does not hurt either Faye Buckner and Dexter Drake grow closer as the big celebration of Papa Dee's 100th birthday bash ensues Was all the hoopla a bit too much for the Papa Dee as his succumbs to a minor heart attack Thankfully Dr Faye is on the scene to rescue him and is the heroine once Both Dexter and Faye are beautiful together because Faye keeps her mind strong and she is so well grounded in spite of cupid's arrows Dexter is about wooing the woman Fayewho is fixed on his radar Mr Man is not use to women challenging him and making him look within and at the world through a different prism Will the searing passion and kindred spirits withstand time and miles apart When reality settles back into Faye's life she must handle her business and you and I both read with bated breath as we follow Ms Day's saga of temptation love titillating hottest sex ever and a long distance between two people I don't want separated Well you will have to read this scorcher of a novel to appreciate the manner in which Ms Day articulate and manipulates the world in Platinum Promises Ms Day's Platinum Promise is truly “platinum and promises” of carnal fiery explosive connection not to be forgotten and makes for some beautiful fantasies just before nighty night time In my opinion Ms Day brings it on stronger than a triple espresso

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FREE READ Ì Platinum Promises The Drakes of California #3 ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Platinum Promises The Drakes of California #3 Author Zuri Day – Seduction in the lap of luxuryAward winning wines have helped Dexter Drake turn his family's luxury resort and spa into the most successful California eBook #205 too much fun to settle downuntil he meets Faye Buckner a guest at the vineyard's hotel Her act of kindness makes it impossible for him to get the beautiful doctor out of his mindFaye believes in making the world a better place and has dedicated her Platinum Promi. Hee hee I'm uite sure that I would not have dated a Dexter even in my younger days But he is entertaining If I were Faye I would've wanted a bit from him But hey