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Torn by God Book ☆ A Family's Struggle with Polygamy Download Á [PDF / Epub] ✅ Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy Author Zoe Murdock – Based on true events Torn by God is a riveting family drama that takes place in 1959 in a small Mormon town in Utah It chronicles the devasBased on God A Kindle #180 true events Torn by God is a riveting family drama that takes place in in a small Mormon town in Utah It chronicles the devastation brought upon the Sterling family when the father has a vision which leads him to become involved with a local polygamist group run by a self serving fundamentalist named Brother Reuben Under the influence of this group the father comes to believe that the Mo When the beliefs you've been brought up with don't seem like they're going to get you where you should be what are you going to do If one set of beliefs conflict with another how do you choose between them How far will you go to live commandments To the point of ignoring your familyHow are you going to make up your mind what to doThe story's narrator Bethy decides I was going to learn as much as I could about everything I was going to listen carefully but then I would decide the truth for myself Lots of book blurbs say this is about polygamy It's not Polygamy is only a fear which can drive and show conflicts within a belief system

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With his piercing eyes and suggestive sexual remarks When her father leaves home to build a church for the polygamists by God A Kindle #212 the family is cast off by the Mormon community It is up to Beth to take care of her sick mother and her little brother Mikey This story delves deep into the controversial association between mainstream Mormons and fundamentalist off shoot groups such as those led by Warren Jef Torn By God is a stirring memoir of a world few know about yet everyone has heard of The Mormon faith holds many secrets Murdock paints starkly compelling scenes and captures the angst of a Mormon family's battle with the concept of polygamy Her characters come to life as they grapple with the old and the new ways of Mormonism and the toll that that battle can wage with the soul; and how blind faith can tear a family apart The insights one gains from this book are timely and should be considered a must read this fall

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Torn by God A Family's Struggle with PolygamyRmon Church never should Torn by PDF have rescinded polygamy He knows that the practice is against the law and grounds for excommunication but he feels it is something God demands of him Twelve year old Beth watches helplessly as her by God A Family's Struggle PDF or father becomes increasingly involved with the polygamists and her mother sinks into depression and illness Even Beth is not safe from Brother Reuben Another book of halves for me Two halves totally oppositeThe first half of this book is too little Nothing happens no story progression no real character development We watch the father slowly start to become involved with these polygamists butnothing comes of it They waffle around everyone argues they make up Then they have the exact same argument about thirty times I really really struggled to continue reading the book up to that pointThe second half is too much It's like the author suddenly realized they hadn't actually told a story at all and they needed to cram it all into the last little bit Also I'm not entirely sure how old Beth is supposed to be my guess is eleven or twelve based on what grade she's in But there is so much navel gazing using words and ideas that I'm pretty sure no actual eleven year old would have that it's insane Especially not an eleven year old that thinks you can get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat that a boy has peed on Beth goes back and forth between being so incredibly childlike that she's almost younger than she's meant to beand then talking and acting like a mid twenties woman I just didn't buy anything about the story I didn't care about any of the characters because none of them seemed real They were all the extremes of what a normal person like them would be I suppose also to be fair I'm an atheist and so literally all of this would have sounded like nonsense to me anyway BUT The ridiculous characters and unreliable personalities didn't helpSo I guess I would say better than 2 stars but not uite 3 But bumping it up the half a star for the kid that hits the polygamist in the face with a stick Half a star for you kiddo