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Lessly lost in the Colorado wilderness at the onset of a harsh winter Brook is nearly frozen and almost at the end of her endurance Lance a wild looking reclusive man who. Spoiler Free Review35STARS All of these aches and hurts she decided are badges of courage not marks of dishonor They are battle wounds tokens of her survival Inner Thoughts of Brook in BetrayedBrook was living the good life in her gated community in her big house with her rich husband Clark The setting is DenverCO The book starts with Brooke on her way out to start the day and run some errands Clark remembers that he needs to get this book for his boss as a gift Clark asks Brook if she could grab it while she is out Clark suggest to her that she should take the Ferrai since this may be one of the last days she will get to drive it in the nice weatherits early fall She totally agrees and jumps in the FerraiIn a seedy neighborhood Brook starts to get a bad feeling but this is where this book store is and its the only one that carries this book Before Brook gets the chance to back track she is bum rushed an thrown back into the car A gun is held to her temple and she is told to get on the floor Both Brook and the car are stolen The car is turned over to someone else and Brook is taken to a cabin in the mountains and held against her will The book is fast paced and in your face raw I would say the first half is rough to read It is told in two pov's Brook's and a man named Lance Lance is a loner living in the mountains away from civilization Their worlds collide when Brook runs into Lance while making her great escape Lance and Brook slowly bond and fall in love This made the book better however that's if you can make it through all the crueltyhatred and humiliation Brook has to endure before she escapesMy RatingsCharacters OkayWriting Style RawHeavy and solidPlotStoryline Raw and ExposedOverall A heavy emotional read Reader beware

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BetrayedHas shunned society likes his solitary life deep in the wooded mountains But his world is about to be turned upside downAdvisory Contains sexual violence and strong langua. I really should stop buying books because of the coverAnyways Brook is filthy rich supposedly and while driving her Ferrari she is kidnapped Her abductors rape her from all angles and inside out Gross The part of Brook captivity is really gross disgusting and I found it to be very real I mean Hawkinson didn't hold back in the description and the language If you have issues with women being raped don't read this book I found the beginning of the book yeah the captivity part to be very good I know I already admitted I am a weird psycho soThe problem with the story started when Brook escaped and is rescued by Lance After TWO months of living with Lance she wants him On page 228 she tells Lance I want you I want you so badlyLet me stop right here Don't rape victims need counseling therapy treatment or something before they are able to love again And only two months and you already want to have sex After your anus was broken andOn top of that they go for it but Brook stops because thank god she is concerned about having some STD and passing it to Lance And Lance I'll take my chances he said Seriously the woman was repeatedly raped by three unknown low life deviants and you don't care that she might have gotten some STD or HIV Way to go Hawkinson I am not saying that rape victims shouldn't get their lives back but a little reality here would've made this a good book Hawkinson went from hardcore pornography straight to romance Sorry I needed something in between

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Betrayed Free download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✪ Betrayed ☆ Wodke Hawkinson – Brook a Denver socialite is abducted during a botched carjacking and mistreated in the worst possible ways by her captors She escapes wandering injured half naked and hopelessly lost inBrook a Denver socialite is abducted during a botched carjacking and mistreated in the worst possible ways by her captors She escapes wandering injured half naked and hope. 2 Stars or less really A big DNF for me I got about 55% through the book and was losing interest fast I really hated that for two 2 reasons1 I had so much time invested in this damned thing okay only a few hours but time is money and I ain't gettin' younger know what I mean2 Brooke the poor thing She was married to a man with no balls He put her in a situation that got her into a terrible jam There was an abduction and very graphically depicted repeated brutal assaults on her and she escapes GO Brooke She is found by this very gentle kind hermit He takes care of her and nurses her back to health They begin to connect and then the book dives the dialogue turns cheesy the plot dissolves right before our very eyes Poor Brooke poor me I had to let it goA damn shame So I put this thing down and Becs picked it up I tried to tell her and was really hoping it would redeem itself after I dropped it Thinking maybe I'll pick it up again NOT See Becs review didn't like it any better than I did and she finished So a BIG DNF for me and I do feel bad but so many worthy books out there and times awastin' BABYSo who would like this I can't think of a living soul so maybe if you aren't with the living you may or not but if not don't blame meNot going to be Happy Reading this one I'm fairly certain