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The Western LandsThe Western Lands is the eagerly awaited new novel by the most visionary American novelist of the twentieth century–a haunting Book of the Dead for the nuclear ageEvery new work from the pen of William S Burroughs is an important literary event This is The Western Epubespecially so in the case of The Western Lands For in this novel Burroughs completes a trilogy that began with Cities of the Red Night and The Place of Dead Roads with a profound revealing and often astounding meditation on the themes of mortality loneliness nuclear peril–and the inextinguishable hope for an existence beyond bodily deathThe symbolic vehicle Burroug. The Western Lands wraps up the Red Night trilogy with a involved look at the pilgrimage thereto intercut with crosscurrents from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and remembrances from the author’s own life the mass of which merges into a hallucinogenic exploration of the potentialities inherent in our concept of the great beyond Part memoir part attempt to provide closure to the impossibly sprawling mythology he’s created this book feels doubly relevant as we watch the story and WSB himself galloping rapidly to their endForty years ago the writer had published a novel which had made a stir He still had the clippings but they were yellow and brittle now and he never looked at them If he had removed them from the cellophane covering in his scrapbook they would have shredded to dust Often in the morning he would lie in bed and watch grids of typewritten words in front of his eyes that moved and shifted as he tried to read them but he never could He thought if he could just copy these words down which were not his own words he might be able to put together another book and then yes and then whatIt is perhaps impossible to miss the autobiographical uality of this passage though to dwell on this aspect is to miss the deeper connection implied between the dying writer and the countless other deaths realized in our vain uest for immortality Whether one seeks eternal life through their artistic legacy or by literally uesting for the holy grail that is the Western Lands only one thing is sure “Life is very dangerous and few survive it”The word is out now that life after death is a real possibility no longer a matter of unsubstantiated faith As governments collapse and global catastrophe inches closer and closer a “Great Awakening” washes over the land and a mass of pilgrims as determined as they are desperate flock to heed the callJust as the Old World mariners suddenly glimpsed a round Earth to be circumnavigated and mapped so awakened pilgrims catch hungry flashes of vast areas beyond Death to be created and discovered and charted open to anyone ready to take a step into the unknown a step as drastic and irretrievable as the transition from water to land The pilgrimage to the Western Lands has started the voyage through the Land of the Dead Waves of exhilaration sweep the planet awash in seas of silence There is hope and purpose in these faces and total alertness for this is the most dangerous of all roads for every pilgrim must meet and overcome his own deathKim is now en route to The Western Lands along with Neferti Hassan i Sabbah and a host of others as they each attempt their own treacherous journey fraught with every kind of danger imaginable And while there is no shortage of deadly foes and lethal traps to be evaded or otherwise dealt with along the way including but certainly not limited to the noxious “Breathers” flying venomous scorpions and Open Season duelists around every corner perhaps the biggest impediment to progress on the pilgrim’s path is the sheer uncertainty of how best to proceed As we are told at the outset of chapter sevenToday’s easy passage may be tomorrow’s death trap The obvious road is almost always a fool’s road and beware the Middle Roads the roads of moderation common sense and careful planning However there is a time for planning moderation and common senseSound advice to be sure wherever one’s destination but when the eternal soul is on the line seekers generally seek for direct guidance than that Perhaps this explains why we remain so inclined to find

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FREE READ × The Western Lands Ð [Reading] ➶ The Western Lands By William S. Burroughs – The Western Lands is the eagerly awaited new novel by the most visionary American novelist of the twentieth century–a haunting Book of the Dead for the nuclear ageEvery new work from the pen of Will The Western Lands is the eagerlyHs uses here is ancient Egyptian mythology a long standing interest of his The Western Lands of the title are the territory to which the Egyptians believed the souls of the dead made a hazardous pilgrimage in their uest for true immortality The uesters–Joe the Dead Kim Carsons the scribe Neferti Hassan i Sabbah the Old Man of the Mountain–travel through an unmistakably Burroughs esue universe of appalling danger and otherworldly beauty–now the back alleys of ancient Egypt now bombed out Berlin now the Old West of the shootists Their hallucinatory journeys express the author's belief that only through facing the most extreme da. William S Burroughs is one of my visionary writers That means I believe he did something like what the prophets did at one time They saw and wrote things that were not entirely comprehensible but those writings reveal things about life and were usually a critiue of society Other writers I consider to be in this category are Plato William Blake John Milton Arthur Schopenhauer Henry David Thoreau JRR Tolkien Jean Paul Sartre and Philip K Dickview spoilerThis book begins with the claim by the author that throughout his life he independently worked out a view of what happens to mortals when we die He said it turned out that his view coincides with the ancient Egyptian description of how the 7 souls of a person attempts to make the trek across the desert to the Western Lands when we die The book moves on to the story of an elderly writer who had written only one famous book a long time ago and who was living in an abandoned railroad car The book continues with episodes of the kind we expect from William S Burroughs The book ends with the death of that writer hide spoiler

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Ngers and testing the possibilities of biological mutation can man escape a dead end world of blasted dreams and atomic finale And presiding over all is the haunting figure of the old writer who shares in the fate of his characters in being finally unable to write himself out of Time and into Space The Western Lands continues and extends one of the great literary odysseys of our time adding to Burroughs's awesome literary style and black humor chilling touches of elegy and autobiography It is at once Burroughs's most personal and most universal work yet another masterwork from the reigning genius of the American literary avant garde. As with all of Burroughs work there are so many themes that could be expanded on and made into separate novels if only the author lived to complete all his ideas The Western lands scatters across all of the author's interests ancient Egypt time travel Arabian assassins weapons erotic imagery medical manipulations If I were to choose one theme one novel possibly extracted from this his last major work then it would be a novel based on the expedition to capture the giant centipede along with the correspondence from Dean Ripa Snake expert A kind of Yage letters with the centipede as the holy grail of disgustBurroughs in this trilogy is a great travel writer A travel writer not just through places but through time and space and outer space A literary map maker His eye for detail and imagination for the absurd make this an interesting journey But be warned If a linear plot is reuired or if you are new to Burroughs the Western Lands is not the best place to look