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Adventure Summary ↠ 109 ´ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Adventure By Willard Price ❤ – Long Island teenagers Hal and Roger Hunt explore uncharted River with their father expert naturalist John Hunt for his exotic animal collection Someone sends an anonymous telegram so John returns Alon Long Island teenagers Hal and RogerLong Island teenagers Hal and Roger Hunt explore uncharted River with their father expert naturalist. The I read of the book the I got into it It's easy to read and parts of it are really humorous The descriptions of the animals and how they acted and moved were really good some of which I had to Google to see what they looked like I feel maybe that some of the serious moments in the book were slightly overlookedI really enjoyed it though especially the ending I would never have been able to survive on a 'floating island' like Hal and Roger did

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John Hunt for his exotic animal collection Someone sends an anonymous telegram so John returns Alon. Written and based at a time where terms like 'animal cruelty' and 'animal conservation' were not fully fledged Willard Price's Adventures may be a bit much for the sensibilities for some of today's readers young and less young They are very much of their time which should be taken into consideration in regards to the portrayal of the native iansNow that the disclaimer is out of the way This story was an enjoyable traipse down the river The boys see many of the 's marvels and risk life and limb collecting them You can tell that Willard Price had actually been to many of the places he wrote about by the almost David Attenborough level of natural history in these pages Having grown up with these books myself a lot of what I know about the natural world came from this series of books It's been at least 25 years since I last read this and I still remember the vapire bat scene vividly I had forgotten most of the restAs usual with this type of adventure story the luck level that the boys have is turned all the way up to that of Tintin in terms of being able to survive anything that's thrown at them be it poison arrows waterfalls jaguars army ants and malaria to name a few I almost expected them to find Tintin on the floating islandThe bad guy in the story did feel a little tacked on there were perils enough from the river and jungle without the need to add 'Greedy evil white guy'

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AdventureE the boys face hostile natives dangerous rapids and wild animals and a hunchback with bloodshot eye. I’ve been a collector of book series from a young age I started with complete collections of Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” series as well as the slightly lesser known “Secret Seven” This was followed by “The Chronicles of Narnia” although with only seven books in that series that was easy enough As I got slightly older I came across Willard Price’s “Adventure” books and made sure I had a full set of those although it’s rare that I find anyone who was as big a fan of those books as I wasThe first in this collection in “ Adventure” and follows the journey of the Hunt family father John and brothers Hal and Roger John Hunt is an animal collector who travels to capture animals for private collections and zoos and his plan is to travel the for this purpose The Hunts are not without enemies and after being threatened by a stranger before they even leave a suspicious fire back at home on Long Island calls John Hunt home leaving the boys to complete the journey aloneHal and Roger travel down the on various craft collecting all kinds of animals along the way from things as small as a bat to as large as an anaconda and from as cute and cuddly as a marmoset to as deadly as a jaguar There are potential threats from the locals and an obvious threat from the man who had threatened Hal in uito and who is chasing them down the river aiming to steal their ship and animals and not caring whether they survive the attemptPrice’s writing generally flows very well and the pace of the novel is very high He writes in simple terms and these days it would probably be considered YA fiction However as a former natural history writing his descriptions of the animals are very detailed but without affecting the pace of the story There are a couple of moments where he perhaps goes in a little too much detail and the tone becomes a little drier but these are rare and whilst the change of tone and pace of the writing are noticeable they never last for long and don’t really interrupt the flowPerhaps the main failing of Price’s writing is that the character building is fairly weak The boys are brothers so a relationship between them can be assumed but with all the action in uite a short book there isn’t space for this to be explored The people they ask to help them along the way are also rarely described in any depth and we learn little about them along the way other than that they are intelligent and resilient There is also an issue with the age of the book meaning that some of the costs uoted are very low and some of the language used is a little outdated as are some of the attitudes but these are minor issuesAs a fan of animals and fast paced writing I have long enjoyed the “Adventure” series although the older I get the the flaws become a little obvious But whilst this does take some of the edge off this is a strong opening to a decent series and one I am still able to enjoy than thirty years after first discovering it