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A Brother's Price kindle ´ Paperback read Ü helpyouantib ☆ [Reading] ➱ A Brother's Price ➹ Wen Spencer – Helpyouantib.co.uk In a world where males are rarely born they've become a commodity traded and sold like property Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his handsome features havIn a world where males are rarely born they've become a commodity traded and sold like property Jerin Whistler has A virtuous virginal protagonist pure and chaste but plucky From a decent and honorable family But when they rescue a soldier attacked on their land it turns out the soldier is royal And the rogueish heir to the throne seduces the poor virginal protagonist But they fall in love Can the heir to the throne marry someone as lowborn as this barely even landed gentry even if beautiful kind and plucky And what of the stolen cannons Is there a traitor somewhere planning revolutionI admit it; I'm a sucker for romance novels And I'm a sucker for Prisoner of Zenda style swashbuckling So I'm totally the target for this novel even before you get to the alternate world aspect that there are fifteen times as many women than men in the world so men are chattel our plucky and virtuous protagonist is male the heir to the throne is female A marriage is one man with a group of sisters with the man staying home and caring for the house and children And for that matter the women pull on their Stetsons and strap on their six guns before riding off because a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta doSo yeah A swashbuckling romance Western in a genderswpped alternate world with group marriage And it is as absolutely perfect swashbuckling romance Western in a genderswapped alternate world with group marriage as you could imagine I honestly think that Wen Spencer wrote the definitive swashbuckling romance Western in a genderswapped alternate world with group marriage and that nobody will ever write one that tops it Which is why I give it five starsBut I admit that I can see that such a novel might not be to everybody's taste so I get why other people might not love it as I do Will you enjoy it That all depends on whether this particular and peculiar collision of genres is appealing to you

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Come of A Brother's PDF or age for marriage and his handsome features have come to the attention of the royal princ Kind of like if The Handmaid's Tale were a romantic comedyasj;dfaskdjf;jjkllkjlklllSorry I had to whack myself in the face with the keyboard several times to reset my noggin after typing thatRight so it's basically what if The Patriarchytm was The Matriarchy which veers wildly between See see how gender oppression is unfair and Lol schadenfreude which works as comedy only on the assumption that the oppression depicted against men is totally implausible in any real world Spencer imagines a world in which men are so rare that women usually sisters must band together and save up to afford a husband and then to defend him against husband raiders The two great dangers to men are being kidnapped and STDs since husbands are shared families share a keen interest in everyone's sexual continenceJerin our protagonist gets embroiled in politics and is wooed by the royal princesses who are in the market for a husband It's not giving anything away to tell you eventually he falls for all the sisters and vice versa; this is pretty strongly signalled from the beginningJerin is not a revolutionary trying to overthrow gender oppression in his world He occasionally finds some of the restrictions placed on him unfair but in general is only trying to find happiness within the system; so a lot like the other 99% of romance novels reallyThis is the book where I eventually realized very very belatedly that one of Spencer's keen interests is how families organize themselves for reproduction Off the top of my head she has written families that are polygynous a girl raised by her grandfather but conceived by her dead father's sperm donation a lesbian family which made use of technology to have children without a sperm donor and a family made up of a clone his son self and an adopted genetically engineered brother

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A Brother's PriceEsses But such attentions can be dangerous especially as Jerin uncovers the dark mysteries the royal family is hidi A fantasy whose only interesting feature is the bit of gender reversal it's got going on Jerin lives in a world where men are extremely rare and thus regarded as very precious sold for high prices and generally married off to an entire family of sisters They're also not really allowed to do anything lest it upset their delicate sensibilities; it's the women who get to go out there and perform acts of daring do and have fun storming the castle and whatnot It's an interesting set upUnfortunately what Spencer does with that premise is not especially interesting I enjoyed it well enough while I was reading—the plot moves along at a nice clip But ultimately I'm not really sure what Spencer was trying to say about the relationship between the sexes either in her world or in ours; the characters in the book are actually fighting to maintain the status uo but isn't part of the point that the status uo—this uneual treatment of men and women no matter who is on top—is pretty shitty If I were betaing this I would have sent it back and asked her to think it through a bit