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Free The Razor's Edge kindle ¿ eBook 9780140185232 è helpyouantib ´ ❮KINDLE❯ ➛ The Razor's Edge ❥ Author W. Somerset Maugham – Larry Darrell is a young American in search of the absolute The progress of this spiritual odyssey involves him with some of M's novels this is also one in which Maugham himself plays a considerable part as he wanders in and out of the story to observe his characters struggling with their fate Rating 425 of fiveThe Publisher Says Intimate acuaintances but less than friends they meet and part in postwar London and Paris Elliot the arch snob but also the kindest of men; Isabel considered to be entertaining gracious and tactful; Gray the uintessence of the Regular Guy; Suzanne shrewd roving and friendly; Sophie lost wanton with a vicious attractiveness about her; and finally Larry so hard and so trustful lost in the world's confusion Their story one of Somerset Maugham's best encompasses the pain passion and poignancy of life itselfMy Review It is pleasant to give yourself over to the care of a master or mistress of craft The Razor’s Edge is masterful It is an expression of the mastery Maugham earned through many long years of novel writing and mostly successful critical reception of his work that this book which came almost forty years into a career of than sixty years feels as fresh as his first great novel Of Human Bondage 1915 It deals as is the case with so many writers’ oeuvres with many of the same themes and issues as the first book and most of his subseuent workA critic reviewing The Razor’s Edge today would likely fault the author for choosing to write the story from his own first person point of view The fashion today is for first person narratives it’s true but Maugham uses a narrative devicethe story told to the narrator by othersvery much out of fashion in today’s world It is accused perhaps with justice of taking the forward thrust out of a story It makes the reader a follower a passive observer of the story instead of giving the presently fashionable sense of watching the story unfold before the reader’s eyes In a world that craves “The Real World” and “Survivor” the techniue of the cicerone leading the reader around the story feels artificial and affected That is too bad The Razor’s Edge is a pleasant journey in the company of interesting people It’s not a fast lane zoom like Less Than Zero in a car full of noisy meretricious mercenary monkey boys It is a subtler pleasure a trip akin to touring the blue roads of the American countryside than that superhighway journey

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Larry Darrell is a young American in search of the absolute The progress of this spiritual odyssey involves him with some of Maugham's most brillant characters his fianc In all big cities there are self contained groups that exist without intercommunication small worlds within a greater world that lead their lives their members dependent upon one another for companionship as though they inhabited islands separated from each other by an unnavigable strait Of no city in my experience is this true than of Paris 4 ½ stars I liked this book a lot Much than Maugham's Of Human Bondage but not uite as much as The Painted Veil The first person minor perspective works really well here Maugham inserts himself into the story but mostly exists as an observer and messenger retelling the tales passed to him by Elliott Larry Isabel and others I think this is one of the most interesting narrative structures we are still a part of the story not looking down on it but we are also an outsider peering in It seems to be exactly the right amount of proximity and distance to suit meI also like Maugham best when he is fondly mocking human nature Elliott has to be the most lovable snob I've ever had the pleasure of encountering It is he that introduces the narrator to young couple Larry and Isabel and he isn't shy about his views on their impending marriage In France the only civilized country Elliott says Isabel would have the sense to marry Gray instead and take Larry as a lover Who could deny that Elliott that arch snob was also the kindest most considerate and generous of men? The story is about the journey of all these characters as they each pursue their own personal goals Elliott's goal being social eminence Isabel's wealth and comfort and Larry's perhaps most interesting of all enlightenment and self understanding Larry is a fascinating character; a First World War veteran who comes back changed but instead of responding to his brush with death by breaking down he becomes curious about the world and people He begins to care little for money and possessions much to the chagrin of the affluent Americans around him His need for understanding takes him across the world finally landing him in India Non Western philosophy features a lot in Maugham's work and here Brahmanism offers Larry a new perspectiveMaugham's narration is chock full of witty remarks that are genuinely very funny and have withstood the test of time As usual art and literature feature heavily as do snobbery social interactions and character drama It's almost soapy except it's a little too sophisticated for that But only a little “And you call yourself an English gentlemen” she exclaimed savagely“No that’s a thing I’ve never done in all my life” I think I like Maugham so much because he's not particularly moralistic and any character presenting themselves as holier than thou often gets a dressing down His characters are alcoholics and prostitutes; they behave jealously and uestion religion This is another reason I like Larry For all his pursuit of understanding and rejection of material things he remains non judgmental of other characters I'll be back for of Maugham I've heard The Moon and Sixpence is another good oneBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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The Razor's EdgeEe Isabel whose choice between love and wealth have lifelong repercussions and Elliot Templeton her uncle a classic expatriate American snob The most ambitious of Maugha In 1919 war hero Larry Laurence Darrell returns to his hometown of Chicago wounded twice the brave aviator has a deeper injury which changes him considerably A comrade saved his life but lost his over France dying on the cold ground Isabel Bradley Larry's faithful fiancee notices the alterationWhen his best friend Gay Maturin gets his millionaire father Henry to offer his pal a good job Darrell turns it down he doesn't want to sell bonds who does ? Still you can make a lot of lovely money in the roaringera of wealth naturally some acceptable dissipation occurs by hungry men for the mighty dollar WSomerset Maugham the famous British author is visiting the windy city yes he the novelist puts himself in the story Another of his books The Moon and Sixpence has just been published and is an unexpected bestseller Doing interviews with the local newspapers Maugham gets an invitation to have lunch with Elliott Templeton an old friend and Isabel's rich uncle Elliott lives in Paris and comes home to see his family Maugham the great writer resides mostly in France too MrTempleton is a big snob and proud of it he nevertheless surprisingly also a kind man loves High Society and thinks Paris is the only place to live Later Maugham has dinner with all the main characters at Isabel's mother's home Elliott's sister the author insists that this is a true story we will never know for sure Sophie Isabel's childhood friend talks to the writer a shy teenager She is in love with Larry and Gay with Isabel Sophie Isabel and Larry all have known each other since they were children in school Everyone there tells the veteran be smart be a man and sell bondsLarry is suffering from war shock one of the many names which future wars will apply different labels to this tragic illness Not strangely however but understandable the former intrepid pilot has seen plenty enough gore and never glorious death for anyone to stomach in a lifetimeinstead just wants to loaf After joining up in Canada the air corps in France at seventeen he's now 20 in the unmourned horrific bloody long ago conflict 100 years old in the pastnow decides to go back to Paris for two years to forget and live on his small inheritance Explaining to the not very understanding IsabelThe Dead look so terribly dead when they're dead Many years after they all will meet again in a seedy Paris nightclub Larry roams the world and looks like a bum trying to find a reason for life Takes a job as a coal miner for the experience stays at a monastery for months seeing if inner peace can be achieved there of course it probably never does Even visits faraway exotic India and a famous charismatic Yogi Saintliness is how Larry describes the man in a loincloth however can Darrell ever find the happiness he desperately seeks ? A book for the adventurous not of the lands of the Earth but a bigger territorythe mind