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Josie Sunfire #28Fifteen year old Josie longs for romance and adventure but ignores kind James head of the Carso. I read Josie and Megan in one sitting in an attempt to get through the Schurfranz and get back to the good Sunfires I think they are the same book Or maybe that was the other Schurfranz book I'm a little punchy at this point in the Sunfire Re Read so bear with me Josie Gaits 16 kind of short lives in Carson City Nevada and has been keeping house and raising her younger siblings since her mother's death Her brother Tim is a Pony Express rider and her boyfriend James Donley runs the dispatch station James hires a cowboy named Mike Bradman as an Express rider Josie has been forced to grow up too fast and longs for adventure Mike wants to deliver Josie possesses the superhuman abilities of most Schurfranz heroines so she is naturally able to tame a wild Appaloosa that even the crustiest cowboy couldn't break And when disaster strikes the Pony Express run Josie gets a chance to run the mail through herself This is one of those Sunfires where the entire plot is given away on the cover blurb so I will go on and trumpet the whole encounter with a female outlaw who gives Josie woman to woman advice about loveUm no she doesn't At least I didn't notice it It was probably a few platitudes thrown in amongst the bandit's life story Something like don't rush into anything Wow thanks woman outlaw In fact I am not entirely sure why the outlaws kidnapped Josie in the first place She didn't stumble into their hideout she didn't see them at all she didn't even ride by their camp They saw her from a distance and chased her down and held her because they were going to rob a stage the next day Which they told her Which Josie wouldn't have known at all if they hadn't chased her down tied her up and told her It's a giant gaping plot hole and the entire story basically sinks down into it at that point The research is obviously so exhaustively well done and once again Schurfranz can't bear to leave out a single tiny fragment she gleaned while researching the time period She falls back on her regrettable device of including long extracts from speeches and newspaper articles of the time which gives her novel the air of a panicked student's last minute term paper all padded out with irrelevant long uotes General McClellan's letter to the Western soldiers and the poem Riding on the Stage are particularly out of place They really tear the reader away from the focus of the novel Which is the Pony Express in case we forgot and which is interesting enough in and of itself The romantic plot is such a repeat that it barely registers and Josie herself is indistinguishable from the army of Schurfranz heroines She tells James that she doesn't want to be serious or think of marriage and then she immediately becomes serious with Mike This disingenuous little maneuver leads us into an entire book of vacillation between the beaux only to have the heroine choose the longtime steady who's just been waiting for the heroine to forget her silly notions of not marrying the guy her family expects her to marryI also find myself really disappointed in the message of this story Josie makes her ride determined to prove something and then she doesn't do it Her horse runs on without her after she's captured Although they pat her on the back and tell her she did it she DIDN'T DO IT And then she decides to stay in Carson City and marry the boring guy and never long for adventure again A woman's place is in the home She really can't do things a man can do I know that's not the message Schurfranz intended to convey but that's what came through on the page Especially since the major reason we're manipulated into disliking Mike is because he's not very good with kids Sorry but I can't blame him there Josie seems to expect him to become an instant daddy figure to her little brother and sister And why can't Schurfranz make the losing suitor a decent guy in his own right She's always got to choose one to demonize and one to exalt therefore the heroine's choice boils down to one moment of finally realizing that one guy is a jerk even though he's been acting like a jerk for the entire story Why can't each suitor simply represent a path to be taken in life thus making the choice about what the heroine wants for herself This love story is terribly unsatisfying Verdict Schurfranz is phoning it in at this point assuming she was ever there in person to begin with Only for completists

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DOWNLOAD Josie Sunfire #28 107 ¾ [Read] ➳ Josie Sunfire #28 Author Vivian Schurfranz – Fifteen year old Josie longs for romance and adventure but ignores kind James head of the Carson City Pony Express When Mike a dashing new rider joins the Express Josie thinks she has found her true l Fifteen year old Josie longs for romanceHer true love But an encounter with a notorious woman outlaw shows her the dark side of adventu. This is a great book to read if you have some extra time it has the perfect balance of romance suspence and myserty Very cool

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N City Pony Express When Mike a dashing new rider joins the Express Josie thinks she has found. I am readingrereading all the Sunfires I almost liked this as a historical but the romance stunk I wonder if I would have liked it at age 12 Maybe but it would not have been my favorite in this seriesm