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Download Book ´ पानिपत Panipat Ì 613 pages  Helpyouantib Ì ❰Epub❯ ➟ पानिपत Panipat Author Vishwas Patil – Panipat Vishwas Patil's first literary work takes a look at the third battle of Panipat which took place on JanuarE of Shia Muslim and Afghan soldiers who block their source of ration The resulting frustration and malnutrition takes its toll on the Maratha armyThe book speaks of the valiant efforts of men like Jankoji Shinde Nanasaheb Peshwa and many other Maratha compatriots The author has also countered the common negative portrayal of Sadashivrao Bhau one of the Maratha leaders with strong appreciation of his war tacticsThe book highlights the myriad experiences that cast their shadows on the battleground including bloodshed depression disease desolation martyrdom betrayal death fear victory loss hatred ignorance and vengeanceIt also focuses on cer Amazing book on PanipatHighly recommendedThis book is better than that lame movie which was released in 2019You can also read Panipat book written by Uday Kulkarni Glad this epic Marathi book got translated in english

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Panipat Vishwas Patil's first literary work takes a look at the third battle of Panipat which took place on January 14 1761 It presents the historical battle that progressed between the Maratha army and the army of Ahmad Shah Abdali the founder of the Afghan EmpireThe book initially follows the battle that takes place between the army of Najib ud Daulah an ethnic Pashtun and the Scindias It then proceeds to cover the northward progress of the massive Maratha forces to counter the threat of Najib ud Daulah Eventually the Maratha infantry and cavalry succeed in entering the Mughal stronghold of Panipat Here they are surrounded by a huge forc A magnificent work of historical fiction Amazing battle scenes political intrigue military logistics Thrilling stuff Must read for all history buffs

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पानिपत PanipatTain key points pertaining to India as a federal nation Some of these points include the role of religion the battle for supremacy between the North and the South the detrimental influence of regional politics the role of language and the importance of unity At the end of the book the author has provided insights into his research efforts which included several trips to Panipat Panipat was originally written in Marathi and first published on October 20 1988 Since then it been translated to English and several other Indian languages including Hindi Panipat has received thirty eight awards since its release in 1988 and sold than 200000 copie This book has power to boost your imagination to a level where you feel like you are living the battle 260 years and still Maharastrian use phrase 'Panipat Jhala' to define or refer big defeats and now I know why The battle was undoubtedly one of biggest and most destructive in 18th century and the way Vishwas Patil has described this destruction will surely make your hand tremble while keeping book down Book surely glorifies bravery of Marathas but doesn't forget to take dig at some internal traitors and those who just ran away from arena for life The level of research work and detailing done by author makes this simply a masterpiece