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Infamous DeWarenn #2Striking silver gilt hair and pale green eyes give Marjory de Warenne the looks of an angel The better to hide her willful spirit In spite of every warning this headstrong lady in waiting has given her heart to notorious. Marjory de Warrene and Guy de BeauchampMs Henley writes beautiful romances about real people and real events in history She deviates from reality for the sake of the story but the events provide a timelineJory and Guy fall in love and want to marry but they are both betrayed by Jory's uncle who has arranged for her to marry another Believing that Guy never offered for her she accedes and marries Humphrey de BohunFive years later when she is widowed she longs for Guy but he is still angry that she rejected him and married another Thus he does not know and neither does Jory that her uncle lied to them bothMuch historical detail is woven into the story about the reign of King Edward I and his campaigns of warIf I had proofread this book I would have corrected 9 errors

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Guy de Beauchamp Earl of Warwick a man feared on the battlefield and in matters of seductionThen Jory's guardians who have chosen a suitable husband for her make her believe that Guy has betrayed her Yet as England's br. Omg Virginia Henley has a beautiful and in depth writing style that I have fallen in love with and I've uite made up my mind

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free read Infamous DeWarenn #2 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï ❰PDF❯ ✪ Infamous DeWarenn #2 Author Virginia Henley – Striking silver gilt hair and pale green eyes give Marjory de Warenne the looks of an angel The better to hide her willful spirit In spite of every warning this heAvest men ride off to put down the Welsh Infamous DeWarenn PDFEPUB or rebellion Jory's thoughts are with the one gallant knight she can never forget and the passion that will one day be rekindled amid the march of histor. I think it is best for all concerned if I stay away from historical romances from now on unless I get a specific recommendation HOW IS THIS THE MIDDLE AGES PEOPLE Religion is barely mentioned dialogue shifts unpredictably between vague attempts at sounding old fashioned but nothing even close to Middle English obviously I don't even know where to start on the history there's some random editorializing about Robert the Bruce etc and cultural attitudes about ethnicity gender sexuality etc are stunningly anachronistic unless it suits the plot at which point we get SURPRIZE HOMOPHOBIA which was also suspiciously modern in many ways and also conniving mystical Welsh people Also every time there was a graphic sex scene I began to wish there wasn't because the prose was so excruciatingly bad Honeyed sheath for reals This even made it into 's list of statistically improbable phrases Prose also suffered from a serious case of telling and not showing throughout Additionally I hate plot devices which depend on characters one portrays as intelligent doing really dumb things like writing because everyone knew how to write back then Especially teh womens ambiguous notes instead of ones that actually convey necessary information In conclusion I'm not sure why I finished this one and if I hated it this much anyone familiar with this period in history is likely to start throwing thingsLarger uestions about the genre this book raised for me What do people look for in historical romances I was thinking that the ambiance might be interesting than the contemporary ones since I enjoy historical fiction and tend not to be as interested in novels which are just about everyday 21st century people And I figured medieval Europe had fewer chances of being horrifying than any of the ones on the list that involved say the word sheikh I suppose for some people get the fantasy they want out of the historical trappings without any pretense at accuracy but for that to work for me you'd have to set it in some sort of fantasy alternate universe instead And have better prose etc Are there historicals that do this