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VishwamitraUbborn haughty yet compassionate visionary king of Aryavarta who not only acuires material wealth through military conuests but also becomes one of the most well known sages of all tim Dr Vineet Aggarwal did a good job with his debut 'Vishwamitra' It a simple read and the research done by the author is visible The tale of Rishi Vishwamitra is told is such a way that the reader is hooked to the book It is the story of Vishwartha and his transformation to Vishwamitra The story begins with Satyavati her marriage and birth of Yamadagni Vishwartha The author talks in detail about the encounters between Vasishta and Vishwartha For me these encounters were the most interesting parts of the bookI would recommend this book to anyone interested in philosophy mythology

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Vishwamitra kindle Ê 240 pages à helpyouantib Ð [PDF / Epub] ✎ Vishwamitra ☂ Vineet Aggarwal – When Satyavati wife of Rishi Ruchik exchanges with her mother the magic potion for bearing a child they change not just their children’s destiny but also the history of mankind Born of this mWhen Satyavati wife of Rishi Ruchik exchanges with her mother the magic potion for bearing a child they change not just their children’s destiny but also the history of mankind Born Vishwamitra is Dr Vineet's début book but the writing style and narration convey the maturity of an erudite writer The book is an easy read and can be completed in one sitting by most readers also because despite not being a thriller the book is interesting and keeps the reader engaged all throughout Though the overarching theme is mythology it is to author's credit that the book manages to convey a deeper meaning that human spirit should know no bounds As you read through the pages protagonist conveys the indomitable spirit Vishwamitra as a character is not unknown to readers of mythology we have grown up knowing him as an angry seer whose meditation was interrupted by menaka The exposition manages to convey the finer nuances of how the transformation to Vishwamitra would have taken place The way the finer creative details have been build into the plot are subtle yet beautiful As you flip through the pages you appreciate the vast amount of research and author's signature style of correlating mythology and science It is these nuggets that make it a pleasurable read The beauty of menaka Vishwamitra union is tasteful and estheticAll in all a wonderful read with meticulous writing

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Of this mix up is Vishwamitra the son of a Kshatriya who strives to become a Brahmarishi the ultimate and most powerful of all Gurus Vishwamitra is the powerful story of a brave but st Viswamitraone of the most intriguing characters of Indian History was portrayed well by the debutant authorthe transformations and emotions of viswamitra right from his childhood to the scene where he's named Brahmarshhi were well capturedEspecially the scenes where he's transformed from viswarath to viswamithra and final confronting scene with vashista and viswamitra realizing his final destiny were classicThe life journey of viswamitra giving us a subtle message that a human can achieve anything beyond possibilities by sheer willpower and determination was put forth in a convincing and believable way by the authorThe fusion of ScienceMyth and Philosophy was worked well adding depth to the main characters Menaka Viswamitra relation was well portrayed and we'll be getting a feel that viswamitra is a complete man who perfectly lived through DHARMA ARTHA KAMA MOKSHA phasesShould appreciate author for capturing this essence and portraying this in a very believable and understandable wayBook is fast paced and will be completed in a single sitting for avid readersThere're no dull moments anywhere in the book and trust me You won't regret thisKudos to the author and hail VISWAMITRA THE MAN WHO DARED TO CHALLENGE THE GODS