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Add insult to injury the one who has abandoned you is suddenly bursting with unusual creativity And when the one you love dies unexpectedly having left you a cryptic text message suggesting that you were always the one and only where do you go? If you are Carly Rosen a portrait artist with huge imagination you use your art to charm your way across the inky River Styx and down to the Land of the Dead There faced with your greatest fear you beg the powerful Hades for the life of your beloved High Camp Literary Mashup Is A Page Turner Super Deluxe Suite on the Top Floor of a 5 Star Hotel If you want the lure of obsession fueled by the madness of lust right before it collides with the creativity of a wild woman and the finesse of a Courtly scribe Victoria Avilan’s your girl and The Art of Peeling An Orange is your Book of the Year In this anything but staid re imagining of the mythic trope of those lusty would be Greek lovers Orpheus and Eurydice The Art of Peeling An Orange by debut author Victoria Avilan is true to the spirit of the Greek drama—except it’s West Hollywood and it’s two maybe four hot lesbians It’s the higher rather than merely high drama befitting lesbian caricature mixed with a laser precision counterpoint rendering of real lesbian sensitivities intelligence and charms It’s a ton of great lines wonderful writing and a tense taut and trail blazing page turner of genre busting amusement and at times hilarity of insight and circumstance It doesn’t matter whether you like your vodka straight up or not at all You’ll be soused ‘by association’ on something you’ve never heard of by the end of Chapter 5 If this copious amount of alcoholic concoction is the modern nectar of the Gods then West Hollywood is the local distillery The Art of Peeling an Orange TAOPAN has an amazing erotically charged and frankly exhausting amount of pretty frank sex If you prefer that your sex scenes allude to the metaphorical euivalent of saying a slow rosary in the presence of a few dozen chaste but pretty ‘sisters of charity’ in a stained glass windowed room with the scent of incense hovering over your penance then back away from your Ereader Now TAOPAN is nothing if not full of irony posing in drag as a kind of erotica but you could miss the subtle ironies for the up front erotica Avilan is a masterful storyteller and this debut novel reveals acomplete grasp of adventurous fiction writing Avilan knows how to hook the reader with brilliant pacing wonderful dialog an oh my God moment at the end of every chapter a combination of literary and pedestrian hooks that keeps one swiping screens or turning pages in a marathon of forward movement to find out what happens and why Six different times I thought the end of the book was near but Avilan was just getting warmed up Two dozen times I said “You’ve got to be kidding” and then I realized the author was and a dozen times or I said “I can’t believe she’s got me hooked” Woven throughout the deliberately if somewhat incredible multi dimensional characteristics of Avila’s lesbians—lesbians we’ve all met or been—briefly of course is the avoidance of mere caricatura as Avilan deftly infuses her main characters with eual parts parody and purpose She has created a delicate balance of real and surreal but never unreal Sure much of their existence is over the top but honestly? That’s what we like about them In this regard she pays much tribute to the antecedent referent of Greek mythology as fiction’s proverbial drama ueen If lesbians and all mankind be ludicrous and willful then may they at least be gorgeous talented and rich Despite and perhaps because of the messes they make Avilan’s characters still have some indefinable allure some palpable vulnerability and near holiness We cannot avert our eyes from a beautiful mess We’ve all been there When they call out we turn and look back even as we stride forward in the glow of chic certainty and au courant confidence “I’ve got this” too soon becomes a lament of sorts that most resembles “Oh shit” We are so very cool; we haughtily turn around and look back despite being warned against doing so We are sure that we have positively got her or absolutely uit her or —or whatever our goal was that sent us storming into Hell in search of the one we want or the one who got away or the one we’re running from or to Avilan seems to sense that the difference between “I’m leaving you” and “I’m going to have you” is a universal cocktail of emotions thoughtsstrengths and weaknesses that offers one of two variations ‘Straight up or on the rocks’ Choose your poison wisely as you contemplate if it was the calling out or the turning back around that was one’s undoing Beyond that everything is pretty much everything else But is it? Avilan toys with our concepts of human sameness while entertaining aflirtation with originality difference and personal brilliance; in theendwellyou’d have to be there so just read it In another bow to the Greeks or to the many and varied interpretations of the myths Avilan has wisely chosen to write an “alternative ending” available on her website In doing so this author reveals her hyper vigilant awareness of and skill with the HEA while maintaining the integrity of the Greek tragedy trope I think she had aton of fun with this book Avilan is uite clear on the theme of love It makes no damn sense and sex is what we think we want for breakfast lunch dinner and cocktails And yet she suggests something bigger and stronger bonds lesbian love and it might be vision We are different; we see things differentlyHow we approach our vision is important We are visionaries for one another for better and for worse We are visionaries whether the person wants it or not sees it or not can live up to it or not We are visionaries when love lends a hand to someone the world has forgot or thrown away or doesn’t have time for We are visionaries who see beyond the hype of someone’s self delusion or the star power accorded them by virtue of their ability to engender a sense of mystery about themselves And we see the reality of ‘mystery’ as little than self delusion gone public to varying degrees of social acceptance within and without the lesbian subculture In TAOPAO lesbians are the wonder women of the worldwide web of wonder Headuarters West Hollywood—but also the world Lesbianism she suggests is an art and a skill and a series of close encounters fatal attractions and gone girls They come complete with close your eyes errors and mostly self generated humor and horrors as well as wide eyed amazement and accomplishments achieved mostly through a maze of a mysterious and special sisterhood support replete with sibling rivalry It is at times both the underworld and the overworld but it is surely another world And Avilan might be right After all Orpheus did end up on the Isle of Lesbos albeit in several disparate pieces Still the themes of love and trust the power of music literature and art the variable nature of happiness and even death are universal and we see this in the ordinary and extraordinary landscape of lives lived rich in detail and yet bereft of direction—until seen through love’s eyes That vision thing again Certainly the author has almost reached the level of writer aswonder woman To be honest Full on five tilt boogie 5 stars because we should encourage this writer to keep writing Avilan has abundant talent an expressive imagination and has produced a published work free from all errors I look forward to her next book Brava Ms Avilan

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The Art of Peeling an OrangeExcerpt from chapter 46 She stepped into that huge hollowness imperial and fearless in her bare feet a beautiful wild creature in its natural habitat This basement was as familiar to her as the insides of her mind She reached out aware of everything in its place and pulled on the edge of one ghostly sheet The sheet slid off sending clouds of dust into the already dusty air Welcome to the Land of the Dead she announced Dead dead dead answered the echo The Art of Peeling an Orange set in sizz I think I must have got this free from somewhere because I couldn't remember ever buying it probably making me a totally non ideal audience for the bookThis might be a 'it's not you it's me' type situation but there was a lot here that just sorta troubled me in a nebulous ways But I felt largely out of lane on all of it because the heroine is a ueer Jewish woman And I'm um very much not What I did like was the thriller ish set up the heroine's fiance leaves her to have an affair with a fabulous artist and is mysteriously killed in a car crash the unfolding mysteries surrounding the characters and the very gothic flavour of the narrative There's art and fires and obsessions and steep staircases cut into cliffs Y'know All that exciting stuff It genuinely kept me reading and even though I was aware it was evoking the themes of Greek myths it also left me troubledIt's things like the fabulous artist Anna Garibaldi turns out to be losing her sight although her other senses have sharpened to compensate which is why she's able to conceal the fact she's mostly blind from the world Um I'm pretty sure that's not a thing? I mean outside of Daredevil And not my lane my understanding is that people with disabilities aren't massively keen on it as a trope Also is okay for a white character to call a black character Lady Godiva? Is that not a bit maybe fetishy? Also this character Juliet as well as being a lisping kleptomaniac obsessed with Anna is repeatedly described via reference to chocolate chocolate skin etc and one point even sort of sueezes chocolate on herself to seduce her lover Again this is not my lane but I understand POCs are not super keen on being described in terms of foodstuffs I mean I wouldn't be super keen on it myself And in general I think presenting someone as something to be consumed “I want to dip all of you in chocolate and eat you is a bit dehumanising Even when there aren't a bunch of complex intersectionalities in play Also there's a fat butch lesbian who is the subject of hilarity andor disgust and is rarely referenced in text without a dig at her fatness or her butchness or her fat butchness Which is the sort of thing that can come across as mean spirited in most circumstances at least to me but seems extra troubling when it's a hostile view of an already heavily stereotyped element within the marginalised community you're writing about andor belong to Crapping on the existence of fat butch leatherdykes in book about ueer women feels sort of as self destructive as a crapping on the existence of femme identifying people in a book about ueer men And once again I am so out of my lane I'm about to get pulled overMinor personal wibbles I am not super drawn to ART MAN ART narratives and this one is taking itself very seriously art wise Also the first time Anna has sex with the heroine she um she fists her? And to be fair there is consent for this And maybe it's just because I have a really massive hands or something but fisting does not seem like a hey we barely know each other sexual activity to me Or I could just have missed a memo Maybe I'm sending my lovers off really disappointed being like wow we had sex that one time and he didn't even try to fist me how rudeAnyway There was definitely lots to intrigue me here But there was also way too much that made me uncomfortable Your mileage may vary

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Download The Art of Peeling an Orange ePub ↠ 334 pages ✓ Victoria Avilan ✓ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Art of Peeling an Orange By Victoria Avilan ❅ – Excerpt from chapter 46 She stepped into that huge hollowness imperial and fearless in her bare feet a beaLing contemporary West Hollywood California is the art of glorifying and eroticizing color It is a gender bending risué take on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice The story's powerful structure colorful characters and magical themes echo the ancient Greek myth of the lovers in the Underworld What do you do when your lover has eloped with another woman on the eve of your wedding? The other woman is a famous beauty and their love story is splashed all over the tabloids making you die inside To 45 stars rounded up This is not your usual romance I hazard to say of a drama with a constantly unfolding story Luckily I went into the story only knowing the most cursory of things about the plot which really enhanced the read for me Thank you to a GR poster letting me know this was free a little while ago on or I likely never would have picked it up I'm glad I took the chance on it I will say it's uite unrealistic But I tend to expect that when reading about celebrities It's also unrealistic in ways I would not have anticipated In a good way