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Stolen By The Cyclops review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ✤ [Download] ➼ Stolen By The Cyclops By Vanessa Cox ➶ – Claire is a beautiful nerdy 19 year old on vacation in Cyprus with her best friend Beth And she's not having a very good time While Beth is busy sunbathing by day aY glistened with thick muscles and dirt But the most disconcerting thing was that he didn't have eyes There was only emptiness where there should have been eye sockets And yet he still faced her like he could see her perfectlyW who are you Where am I she stuttered The beast cocked his head to the side as if trying to listen to her He then slowly walked towards her his steps making loud echoes in the large empty chamber Claire cried out and tried to scramble away but there was nowhere to go She pressed her back against the wall and closed her eyes He was only a few feet away from her and she could feel him looming over her She opened her eyes hesitantly and glanced up and saw him gazing down out at her with his eyeless gaze It almost looked like he was leering at her Pleasel let me go All she heard was a grunt in response And then he bent down and picked her up as if she was a rag dol.

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Claire is a beautiful nerdy year old on vacation in Cyprus with her best friend Beth And she's not Stolen By Epubhaving a very good time While Beth is busy sunbathing by day and partying by night Claire is forced to tag long when all she really wants to do is take in some of the historical sites and learn about the country's culture Fortunately a few nights before they have to leave Beth finally agrees to go see a collection of ancient ruins Coincidentally these ruins prove to be much than abandoned historical sites and Claire finally gets her chance to get up close and personal with history Whether she wants to or not Stolen By The Cyclops is a word short story that contains rough reluctant sex with a mythical monster oral deflowering of a virgin domination anal play and a strangely sexy horny mythical creature who hasn't had sex in a long time For mature audiences onlyExcerptClaire.

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Stolen By The Cyclops's head felt heavy and fuzzy like it was full of gauze She slowly opened her eyes and was forced to suint from the brightness Lifting herself off the ground Claire groggily whispered Beth Beth are you thereAll she heard was a low but loud growl in response She immediately shot up remembering that she was still in the cave She looked around and saw that she was in a different chamber and it was lit with lanterns and candles H hello Isanyone there she whisperedAt that moment she heard a stirring from a dark corner in the chamber She looked over and instantly froze What she saw made her blood freeze She couldn't believe her eyes It was a giant man Except he didn't look like a man at all His facial features were wider and thicker than any man that she had ever seen He also was bigger and broader He was practically naked with the exception of some sort of loincloth And he was huge His bod.