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The Order Saletti Blood #1Ncenzo Saletti has dedicated his entire life to serving his beloved father who happens to be the head of the most powerful and feared criminal family in all of Europe Loyal to the death to those he loves the moment that he learns that his baby brother is missing last seen with an American girl he doesn't hesitate to go in search of him Needing to find answers about his disappearance what he finds is a tragedy and the young girl caught up in it Will his family give the order to end her life or will the beating of an innocent heart be reason enough to spare her? HOLY SHITThat was a total mindfuck Oh em geeI need to take a breather That was totally insane My emotions are at an all time high and completely out of controlThis is crazinessReview to come5 i'll be traumatized for life stars

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O go to Miami Ayana warns her not to go Paladio Hijuelos has just been released from a South American prison where he was brutally tortured for three agonizing years Faithfully returning to his boss in Miami there's no mistaking that he's still the most sadistic man that most have ever met with no regard for anyone or anything That is until he's introduced to the young and breathtaking Novella Unable to control his newfound obsession for her he begins turning her entire world upside down leaving no doubt in her mind that she now belongs to him and him alone Vi By Vana VAt first I thought this was a vampire series but found the mob instead Lots of criminals injustice and unexpected twists and turns Super good Here is what it is about I also thought is was young adult fiction but happily found out it is definitely notIdentical Twin 17 year old sisters Ayana and Novella Lachlan are pulled around from place to place step father to step father by their narcissistic looking for love in all the wrong places motherLife has finally settled down for the girls They are happy in Italy with a decent step father who truly cares for them and Ayana has met the man of her dreams so of course the mother decides for the 17 year old twins that it is time to move on Mom leaves by herself selfish much? to Florida telling the girls as they beg her to stay that she will send for them Ayana decides she is no longer letting her mother ruin her life especially now that she found the one and decides to stay in Italy with him Novella never separated from her sister but loath to disobey her mother chooses to join her mother in their new home in MiamiOh the story just gets so tragic from here I am unsure how much to divulge because the story goes in directions I would have never anticipated which I am finding are my favorite stories tragic or not I was on the edge of my seat outraged thinking as hard as my little mind could muster NO NOT THAT WAY But alas that way it went Paladio Hijuelos sociopath extraordinaire gets obsessed with lovely young Novella I keep waiting for the hero waiting waiting waiting I mean come on Where is the hero?????A day late and a dollar short a hero comes but his orders are to kill Novella Novella is caught up in a tragedy she had no control over and is now in the sites of the very powerful Italian Mob family The SalettisJust so you know this is definitely a dark read Not for the weak of heart however so good I am just starting the second book Saletti Blood Sins of the Father Volume 2If you are up to a dark love story with murder mayhem and blood this is it 45 stars Kelli

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The Order Saletti Blood #1 Doc Ô Ú Helpyouantib Ç [KINDLE] ❂ The Order Saletti Blood #1 ❆ Vana V. – Ayana and Novella Lachlan are identical twin sisters living in Italy with their mother and military stepfather Having never been separated they're forced to make the choice of eitherAyana and Novella Lachlan are identical twin sisters living in Italy with their mother and military stepfather Having never been separated they're forced to make the choice of either staying together or going their separate ways when their mother decides to return to the United States Ayana having met the Italian man of her dreams who happens to be the same carabiniere she'd accidentally assaulted outside of a night club can't bear the idea of leaving him and chooses to remain in Italy Novella thinking neither of them should stay without their mother chooses t 425 starsGenre Mafia romanceSetting ItalyPOVs Multiple shiftingTriggers? Yes view spoilerStatutory rape graphic violence parental neglect and child abuse hide spoiler