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Stories of love and extraordinary devotion No one is untouched by love not even devas and asuras kings and nymphs And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations their love also undergoes trial Read the full review at hindu mythology has been one of the most interesting topics for readers around the country the sole reason the stories are fascinating and the way they change from one region to another in terms of folklore and tradition embarks the reader in a journey to start afreshSuch is the book Prem Purana by Usha NarayananThe best thing that the book serves is the synchronization the book speaks of events that are written in the scriptures and uite efficiently the events are fit into the stories no loose ends making it one hell of a believable story It leaves you wondering whether it's really a work of fiction of cleverly assembled from the Puranas that we youngsters turn a blind eye toThere are action seuences that are written in such elaboration the reader gets a clear picture of everything For example there is a seuence whether Ganesha is reuired to fight someone for the well being of the characters each blow that the God receives and each blow that he gives is visualized by the readerThe author  is well informed about the puranas and that's a cherry on the top This book is a clear example of stories that prove the existence of devotion as a form of love Love so pure that it makes the one in front of you change their path Love that makes a way to be expressed itself love that is untamed and ready to fight the Gods even if its unspeakableThe cover portrays the sketch a man and a woman embracing each other and is really beautifulRatings Cover 5 starsTitle 5 starsBlurb 4 starsPlot 4 starsWriting and Presentation 45 starsOverall 45 starsThe book has become one of my best reads of 2017 and would stay a recommendation for romance seekers

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Prem PuranaS Read how Ganesha took myriad forms to please Riddhi Siddhi and Buddhi how Ravana shared an unbreakable bond with his true love Mandodari and how Nala and Damayanti’s relationship was tested til Usha Narayanan’s Pradyumna was the book that prompted me to give the Indian mythology genre a try for the first time and I haven’t regretted it Enjoying the book a lot I read The Secret of God’s Son as well Now I’ve given this book a chance and while it is different – as it contains three stories with several episodeschapters each instead of one novel – it also has many of the author’s trademarks captivating scenes vivid descriptions mythological references and fascinating characters such as Lord GaneshaI believe it is one of the author’s strengths to mix myth and imagination to such an extent that the reader half believes she was right there centuries ago or has written down words whispered into her ears by the gods themselves While I am not familiar with most of the puranas that serve as the base I easily got the feeling that a lot of facts or historical tales have been incorporated cleverly with the details filled in by the authorOver all this book is a tale of love in its many forms adoring or obsessive doubtful or pre ordained gentle or fiercely passionate Mixed in are thought provoking lines as well as breathtaking action seuences Love is portrayed through the eyes of onlookers as much as through the emotions and behavior of the protagonists Take this uote for example which gives a lot of ‘in a nutshell’ insight on how love may be perceived and may transform a person ‘We have never seen him so content’ said the courtiers who had often faced his blistering rage ‘His ambition seems to have been curbed by his passion for his ueen’If you’re a fan of Indian mythology or simply someone who enjoys fast paced colorful dramatic historical love stories you shouldn’t miss this treat

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DOC Ø READER Prem Purana 9780143440086 ✓ HELPYOUANTIB ✓ [Read] ➲ Prem Purana By Usha Narayanan – Stories of love and extraordinary devotion No one is untouched by love not even devas and asuras kings and nymphs And when they face life’s unexpected tribulations their love also L almost nothing remained Tormented by passion wracked by betrayal torn by the agony of separation love in its many splendored forms is the origin of these incredibly endearing stories of Prem Pura I grew up listening to stories about Gods Rama Krishna Pillaiyar and Murugan from my GrandmaThese folk lores were my bedtime stories and I still remember the way my grandma explained themSo when I started reading this book it was like reliving my childhood daysI liked reading about the mythological characters and also a different point of view by the Author makes this book interesting to readIn this book Author talks about the love stories of Lord Ganesha Mandodari Ravana’s wife and love between Nala and DamayanthiWhen I was young I thought that God Ganesha is a bachelor After many years I heard that Ganesha is marriedI liked reading the story about his love with three sisters Riddhi Buddhi and SiddhiAuthor had explained in detail about how Ganesha tried hard to please these sisters to make them love and marry him finallyIt was refreshing to read about various incidents in Ganesha’s life and Author has beautifully weaved these stories without any loose endsI liked the characterisation of Buddhi and Siddhi a lotThe love story between Mandodari and Ravana have been depicted well by the AuthorMandodari is wife of Ravana and I haven’t heard or read about her so farI liked the way she loved Ravana and how she stayed with Ravana in all his good and bad timesRavana was deeply in love with her and it was interesting to read about this uality in himMandodari was deeply devoted towards him and sacrificed everything for his well beingKudos to the Author for portraying Mandodari as Strong loving and intelligent woman who always voices her opinion whenever her husband was wrongFurther Author talks about the relationship between Mandodari and Sita which is interesting to readThe last story in this book is about love and relationship between Nala and DamayantiAuthor had narrated how they fell in love with each other and how they got married after overcoming many hurdlesAfter marriage they have to face many problems and Nala even left Damayanthi alone in a forestAuthor talks about how they both loved each other irrespective of various issues and how finally they both were reunitedI liked all the three stories but Mandodari’s story is my favorite oneAuthor had researched a lot about these mythological characters and it definitely shows in the way she had written these storiesOverall I loved reading this book which is good and also interesting to read If you like reading mythological storiesthen you would enjoy reading thisMy rating for this book is 45