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PDF ì BOOK The Shadows Between Us ´ TRICIA LEVENSELLER ´ ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Shadows Between Us By Tricia Levenseller ✍ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfNo onThat swirl around him to do his bidding Others say they speak to him whispering the thoughts of his enemies Regardless Alessandra knows what she deserves and she’s going to do everything within her power to get itBut Alessandra’s not the only one t What is it about mutually horrible morally uestionable murder prone people falling in love that is so utterly addicting? This book so extremely entertaining It hooks you right from the first line and keeps you reading till the end The main character Alessandra is a vain and wicked girl with a villenous plan She is a murderer a schemer and a liar But you know what so is the Shadow King and that’s what makes them great togetherThey are two murderous peas in a pod and it's beautifulI loved the dynamic between the characters I loved how neither of them flinched away from the other’s darkest secrets accepting each other for the messed up people they are I only wish we could have gotten interactions of them being their murder prone selves because I loved the mutual schemingAnother thing I liked was the relationships with the background characters Alessandra actually had friends Hestia and Rhoda and they actually talked about things that mattered to them Too often we get books where the girls only talk about boys The male characters were also nice if a bit underdevelopedThis brings me to the bad parts of this imperfect novelThis book has no world building Everything happens and is explained only on a superficial level The world of the novel is only ever vaguely mentioned The Shadow King rules over 6 conuered kingdoms one of which is currently rebelling All mentions of those kingdoms and that rebellion could have been removed and it wouldn’t impact the plot whatsoever The world outside the castle is never described and it honestly did not matterThe Shadow King has the power of shadows This is vaguely explained and just sort of shrugged off at one point We never go in depth into his powers or their reason for being It could have made for really cool mythology but alasAnother thing is that there is electricity in this world but no other form of modern technology Everyone has swords but randomly there are guns? When does this take place? What fictional time period is this??? I couldn’t build a proper image of the world in my head probably because as I said THIS BOOK HAS NO WORLD BUILDING It could take place in a void for all that it cares to explainIn the end I really enjoyed this I didn’t want it to end I lowkey wanted it to have a seuel but alas it’s standalone I will have to find my murderous couple fix from elsewhereOverall this book has many many flaws There were times when I couldn’t overlook or ignore some things that I had an issue with That said I still greatly enjoyed this book If you like to see two morally uestionable people falling in love and don’t mind some vague worldbuilding this might be the book for youI now what to read of this author’s booksI received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest

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Alessandra is tired of being overlooked but she has a plan to gain power1 Woo the Shadow King2 Marry him3 Kill him and take his kingdom for herselfNo one knows the extent of the freshly crowned Shadow King’s power Some say he can command the shadows a book is worth five stars if i am willing to sacrifice one of my favourite things sleep i started this when i got home from work and stayed up until 2am even though i knew i had to get up early because i just could not put this down there are so many ualities and aspects to this which make this story so wonderful a female MC who is unapologetically herself even when her feelings and motives change she is still true to herself a female MC who is ruthless as well as kind usually its one or the other in YA so its refreshing to see a character so complex enemies to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and its done really well in this the writing has great pacing easy to devour language and such an immersive presence overall i LOVE that this is a standalone most YA fantasy stories come in the form of a series and sometimes aka most of the time i dont want to commit to multiple books hence the many series i have yet to finish i love an author who can take a fantasy world and create a well developed and resolved standalone story with it overall this is such a fun and engaging novel with a lot of great highlights its definitely turned me on to TL as an author and i want to read of her stories ASAP↠ 45 stars

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The Shadows Between UsRying to kill the king As attempts on his life are made she finds herself trying to keep him alive long enough for him to make her his ueen all while struggling not to lose her heart After all who better for a Shadow King than a cunning villainous ueen If I could give this book than 5 stars I would Brimming with betrayal romance and conspiracy my love for this book is than what I can put into comprehensible words