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Between the VinesA woman in the past That's not the only source of conflict Pete has a dream to save the family vines Edward's dreams lie elsewhereAs the lies and deceit grow matters come to a head in the vibrant and demanding vintage season Will Taylor's dream of a new life and love between the vines come true Or is there only heartbreak ahead Set in the beautiful Coonawarra vineyards a wonderful feel good rural romance from best selling Australian author Tricia String. I found this story to be a disappointment The plot sounded interesting and starting to reading the story it looked promising Until the choices that the heroine Taylor makes became a major disappointment for me And the choices she makes throughout the book I found cringe worthy I found Taylor's motive for moving to the winery silly No plans what so ever at first chasing a guy she later puts at arm's length view spoilerand later breaks up with hide spoiler

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Re Edward is nowhere to be seen Not wanting to admit she may have made a mistake and return home in disgrace Taylor accepts the job that Edward's younger brother Pete offers her and throws herself into her work keen to learn as much as she can about the wine tradeTaylor is thrilled when Ed returns but she uickly discovers he may not be the man she thought he was Her growing friendship with Pete causes tension between the brothers who have fallen out over. I don’t know how much I’d even call this a straight up Romance but it is a somewhat unconventional contemporary Australian domestic drama set in a vineyard with a romantic plotline We see through the eyes of all three main characters two orphaned brothers who own a Coonwarra vineyard but are on the verge of sliding into a feud and the woman who strays into their lives I loved the competence porn; Taylor might be a bit of a stray at the start of the book but she works hard and is good at the bits of winemaking and administration that she picks up I liked the winemaking details and the sense of place The Coonawarra reminds me of my beloved Margaret River region which is where my next read is coming from The Grass is Greener The romance didn’t carry a lot in the way of surprises for me but it was sweet and it rang true I liked that the brothers’ impending feud was drawn realistically without one being a cartoonish villain and one an unblemished hero Peter and Edward had different ideas about the direction the vineyard should be going with credible motivations and actions This dynamic is the main driver of the action of the book This is a strong book especially for those who dream of a vine change to an Australian vineyard OK ok I can't think of a good vineyard related word that rhymes with sea and tree Apologies Chablis change Lastly if a series was being contemplated I would love a MM romance from Antoine’s point of view

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Download Ý Between the Vines 109 ó ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Between the Vines ✶ Author Tricia Stringer – She's given up everything for love it could be the biggest mistake of her lifeTaylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any man on a whim but then on a She's gShe's given up everything for love it could be the biggest Between the ePUB #10003 mistake of her lifeTaylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any man on a whim but then on a hen party trip to a Coonawarra vineyard she meets Edward Starr Gorgeous and charismatic Edward is enough to make any girl give up her flat and job in Adelaide and move to the countrySo it's something of a shock that when she gets the. Between the Vines is a novel of beautiful and intriguing setting Set in the famed South Australian vineyards in Coonawarra it lends a gorgeous sunny air as the atmosphere of the novel Being set within the vineyard itself with characters involved in winemaking engages my curiosity and also reminds me that I need another holidayThe initial attraction between Taylor and Ed was thrilling Taylor hasn’t had the best of luck in the men department so whilst she wanted to take the chance with Ed she also needed to take it slow As it turned out he wasn’t what he seemed Pete on the other hand is a bit like the boy next door –a lovely man whom you’d not glance twice if you walk past them on the street Tension between these three characters were drawn taut but with a clear line of what’s really the best outcome for them allFor some reason I got really confused between Ed and Pete I kept forgetting which brother is which in the beginning so I needed my full concentration reading that I even missed my train stop grump but I got into the swing of it pretty soon I also seemed to have missed the humour in the F’s I found this penchant of Taylor actually annoying and could do without itOverall Between the Vines is a fine leisure read Unfortunately as this was a train read for me I could not have a glass a wine whilst reading though I really really wanted to –this would have improved my reading experience Thanks Harleuin Australia for eARC via NetGalley in exchange of honest review