READ Ravenwood uarterly Issue 2 î PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

READ Ravenwood uarterly Issue 2

READ Ravenwood uarterly Issue 2 î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Epub] ➛ Ravenwood uarterly Issue 2 By Travis Neisler – Ravenwood uarterly by travis a neisler — Kickstarter travis a neisler is raising funds for Ravenwood uarterly on Kickstarter We strive to bring you the very best and brighStralian ‘If you’ve got it flaunt it’ said artist Joanna Braithwaite on accepting the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize last Friday night in Sydney She was referring to the subject of her winning painting a fierce eyed cassowary which flaunts a hat brimming with palpably trilling budgies and r Mantis uarterly Archive The Ravenswood Your Custom Text Here About Study Notable Members The Archives Contact Mantis uarterly Luxury Home uarterly Issue by Molly Soat Issuu American Desert Homes Issuu company logo Luxury Home uarterly Issue by Molly Soat Issuu Timeless Designs for Kids Issuu company logo. Excellent Halloween themed second issue of Ravenwood uarterly Once high uality standards are maintained and in most ways I would say this issue is superior to the first Standouts include the King in Yellow variation A Fall of Leaves by DJ Tyrer the heartbreaking Eleven One by Philip Fracassi the very clever Turn Off the Porch Light by Tom Breen with it's a brilliant twist elegant period piece Lady of the Hill by Scott Thomas an awesome mini comic written by Brandon Barrows with art by Stephen Sistelli called Episode 666 the dark gothic prose poem hybrid The Reaping by Brian O'Connell which features sinister diabolical overtones the creepy candy sex and body horror story The Street by Russell Smeaton two stories by SL Edwards; the darkly clever Cthulhu Candidate and a smart unreliable narrator is she isn't she a werewolf story Skins and then there is the melancholy history of The Preachers Tale by John Linwood Grant Add to this mix some excellent poetry by Ashley Dioses KA Opperman Christopher Ropes and Donald Armfield a selection of brief but insightful interviews and all and all Ravenwood is shaping up to be a serious contender in the horror weird zine world

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Ed Travis Neisler Ravenwood uarterly PDF of the upcoming Ravenwood uarterly to share a bit about his new publication which features some terrific authors – including a few friends of mine – in the first issue This project has been funded via Kickstarter and is on its way slowly but surely to print Be sure to keep it on your radar Ravenswood | Alaska uarterly Review What are you looking for? Search for Search Search Series Ravenwood uarterly Series Ravenwood uarterly You are not logged in If you create a free account and sign in you will be able to customize what is displayed Flaunting it The Ravenswood Au. Disclosure I am the author of two pieces in Ravenwood uarterly Issue #2 Because of this I will not comment on my pieces Skins and The Cthulhu Candidate I will leave the discussion of these pieces to readers and my fellow contributorsDonald Armfield begins with a poem that captures the horror of fall and death It is a tonal punch to the faceDJ Tryrer takes you to a village that we all know with a girl we all love Because after all if we didn't know the village or for that matter love the girl we wouldn't be there at allPhilip Fracassi gives us a story about the most horrible day of year the day AFTER Halloween Hangover the encroaching supernatural and loved scorned with a climax that will leave you with a wry somewhat evil smileTom Breen Writes a story I REALLY enjoyed It has all the workings of a classic Robert Bloch tale with horror and humor being two sides of the same coinCalvin Demmer sets the scene at a graveyard Insanity and a perverse idea meld into a truly horrifying scenarioScott Thomas Takes us to Catherine's Hill telling us a traditional ghost story that makes all the right chillsThen of all surprises we get a comic by Brandon Barrows This was a huge surprise and really captures the sort of Elvira vibe that is lacking on television with the advent of cable No one hosts horror movie marathons any it seems but Brandon's piece captures all of the Elvira vibe and then some Like Tom Breen horror and humor are workign together hereThenBrian O'Connell writes The Reaping With this poem Brian demonstrates that he knows EXACTLY what horror is And if you don't know don't worry he'll show you Thick with atmosphere and dread The Reaping stands out against its companySpeaking of knows what horror is John Paul Fitch His tale Coronation enters into dialog with the King in Yellow but John makes it his own And if earlier pieces were punches to the gut Coronation is like getting sucker punched with a chair It is truly awesomeThen KA Opperman gives us two poems He also has one at the very end There is nothing that needs saying He's got this describing Halloween thing down But not only that he infuses it with enough supernatural imagery to invoke such poets as Clark Ashton Smith The man writes weird poetry that will withstand the test of time I won't say anything on the matterRussell Smeaton provides The Street I love The Street I don't want to spoil The Street It's just so well executed You have no idea Unless you read it then you have an ideaAshley Dioses rounds out the poets in the volume I'm having a bit of trouble describing Ashley's poetry As all good horror and that matter good POETRY does it doesn't hold any punches It's brutal in showcasing Ashley's talents were are astounding With an impending collection from Hippocampus coming out I'm beginning to think that maybe this is someone who has carved their own niche in Weird Verse What I do know is this is very good poetry and it'd be foolish to pass up For any publisherThen gentleman and high wasp priest John Linwood Grant gives us a story about an immortal Englishman in Wyoming John shows us that there are things brutal than horror War for instance Then he closes out the tale leaving us oddly hopeful but uncertain than ever To say it was well done is a grievous understatementThen there are a smattering of interviews with talented writers and artists These subjects include Richard Gavin Joseph Bouthiette Jr Sam McCanna and Sam Heimer I'll take the time here to say that Sam Heimer's covers are ASTOUNDINGIn this section we get a haunting piece of flash fiction from Christopher Ropes Without getting too into it essentially Christopher Ropes takes his writing knife and goes straight for the jugular I am really looking forward to his novella coming out from Electric PentacleThen KA Opperman gives us one last poem for the road All of this along with covers from Sam Heimer and Mutartis Boswell make for a uality publication well worth the price of admission Travis Neisler showcases his talents as an editor with this one

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Ravenwood uarterly Issue 2Ravenwood uarterly by travis a neisler Kickstarter travis a neisler is raising funds for Ravenwood uarterly on Kickstarter We strive to bring you the very best and brightestehrm darkest voices in art and literature in a highly collectable package Ravenwood uarterly Issue by Travis Neisler Ravenwood uarterly Issue book Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers A collection of the very best includingThe Proud will Ravenwood uarterly Issue by Travis Neisler Ravenwood uarterly Issue book Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers Ravenwood uarterly – Muzzleland Press I invit. This is the Halloween issue Featuring Donald Armfield DJ Tyrer Philip Fracassi Calvin Demmer Scott Thomas Brian O'Connell Brandon Barrows Tom Breen John Paul Fitch SL Edwards KA Opperman Ashley Dioses Russell SmeatonInterviews with Richard Gavin Sam McCanna Joseph Bouthiette JrThough not as good as Issue 1 however worth owning This is copy 38 of 100 copies printed