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kindle á Girl with a Pearl Earring Ô Paperback read Ä [EPUB] ✼ Girl with a Pearl Earring ✿ Tracy Chevalier – With precisely 35 canvases to his credit the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer represents one of the great enigmas of 17th century art The meager facts of his biography have L Earring centers on Vermeer's prosperous Delft household during the s When Griet the novel's uietly perceptive heroine is hired as a servant turmoil follows First the year old narrator becomes increasingly intimate with her master Then Vermeer employs her as his assistant and ultimately has Griet sit for him as a mod A reread 45 StarsGriet had not been told that she is to become the painter Vermeer’s maid her mother only revealing the job to her after the Vermeer’s had already been inspected Griet and left Griet has no say in the matter Her father was a tile painter before a tragic accident in which a kiln explosion claimed his eyes and trade The family who were already struggling treading water now find themselves slowly slipping beneath the surfaceHer father explains to Griet that she is to be a maid for the famous painter Vermeer Cleaning his studio will be one of her main tasks It is 1664 in the city of Delft Holland Griet has been brought up a protestant but the Vermeer’s are catholic and Griet wonders how life will change and what differences she will find in a Catholic householdThe first time she sees the painting that Vermeer is currently working on she is struck with awe She has never seen anything like it in her life before On the Sunday that she has free and returns to spend with her family she describes the painting for her fatherThese Sunday visits are soon taken from Griet as the area in which her family live is uarantined with word spreading that the plague has surfaced in the vicinityShe finds out from Pieter the son of the butcher where she purchases the meat that her parents are well but that her sister Agnes has taken ill Pieter is a cheerful gregarious chap and falls for Griet He does not hide his feelings and makes his intentions known to Griet Griet tells him that she is only seventeen and has no feelings for him however this does not dissuade PieterGriet’s parents decide with Pieter being the son of a butcher that he is a good match for Griet and invite him for dinner Griet feels that she is helping the family by playing her role in securing their future and a marriage could lead them out of penury However she is doing this out of family duty and harbours no feelings for Pieter other than friendshipOne day Pieter tells Griet that Vermeer had a child with one of the maids in his painting Alarmingly she asks him what happened to the maid He answers her with “What happens to girls like that”Before the uarantine is lifted Griet receives the terrible news that her sister has passed Griet is grief stricken At first Griet barely sees Vermeer He is nearly always locked away in his studio studiously painting One morning the baker’s daughter is ill and Vermeer asks Griet to stand in for her in a painting he is working on From this day on Griet and Vermeer grow closer Vermeer starts showing Griet how a painting is created from scratch Griet is utterly entranced She has never seen a painting being painted never met a master painter before Her feelings start to grow stronger for Vermeer with each passing day Griet shows an unusual talent for colour and arrangement and Vermeer is uietly surprised and happyVermeer then teaches her how to mix paints but as she grows closer to Vermeer she becomes aware that all this can be taken away from her in an instant Vermeer’s wife knows nothing of this work Griet is doing for him Griet becomes used to this new way of life and it is not until Maertge the eldest daughter tells her that she is going to be moved from the attic where she mixes the paints back to the cellar that she realises what she will be missing “I slowed my pace Years of hauling water wringing out clothes scrubbing floors emptying chamberpots with no chance of beauty or colour or light in my life stretched before me like a landscape of flat land where a long way off the sea is visible but can never be reached If I could not work with the colours if I could not be near him I did not know how I could continue to work in that house”While Griet has been working at the Vermeer’s household she has picked up an unwarranted admirer A powerful and rich admirer He is Vermeer’s patron van Ruijven and he has his eyes set on GrietAlthough Vermeer is a famous painter the household is in debt Vermeer’s extreme slowness in painting leaves him with only a few paintings to sell each year So when his patron van Ruijven reuests that he paint Griet Vermeer has little choice but to complyGriet is trapped she does not want to sit for the painting but Pieter sums up her situation in a sentence “But you have little power of what happens to you”The painting of Griet has an almost pornographic taboo feel to it It feels as if lines have been crossed and that boundaries have been brokenThere is no illusion that Griet thinks she is in love with Vermeer Griet is seventeen and naïve apart from Pieter she has never been courted by a man and is blithely unaware of her beauty When Vermeer sees Griet with her hair down freed from the cap that has always remained on her head He realises that he may be falling in love himself There is always a sexual tension almost like a charge of electricity between the two But will this tension result in action And if the two do engage in a clandestine affair whare does that leave Griet What hope is there for her She is placed in an impossible situation with no positive outcome in sightThis novel makes the reader think about the relationship between master and servant How Griet only seventeen and very naïve is caught up in the grey area that exists between the two roles She sways back and forth like a ship in a storm one minute reminded of her humble life while working on the household tasks then a completely different world mixing colours and helping Vermeer with his painting Griet’s place in the Vermeer household is never secure she seems to be always teetering of the verge of being thrown out with Vermeer himself the only tether keeping her safeHow is Griet going to get herself out of this situation and is she than just the naïve country maid that everybody thinks she isThis was a reread for me and it has lost nothing in the years since I read it Not much is known about Vermeer during these years so Chevalier had a great deal of license to play around with and she has done a wonderful job creating a believable and enjoyable novel 45 Stars

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With precisely a Pearl PDF #186 canvases to his credit the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer represents one of the great enigmas of th century Girl with Epubart The meager facts of his biography have been gleaned from a handful of legal documents Yet Vermeer's extraordinary paintings of domestic with a Pearl Epub #218 li I know almost nothing about art but even I can tell that Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer is a brilliant painting; 'captivating' is probably the best word to describe it One presumes that Chevalier agrees with me and this is what lead her to write a novel about the painting its subject and its creator So is the novel as captivating as the piece that inspired itThe short answer would be 'no'Now for the longer answerChevalier is probably one of the best known historical novelists of the last ten years with this book always in the foreground when she is discussed As far as historical information goes I think she does okay with it I had a pretty clear picture of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century by the time I was done with the book whether or not its accurate or not is another matter but I felt at times that there wasn't that detail that critics proclaimed about on the coverThe characters I feel are never truly developed Vermeer himself remains a mystery throughout even to the protagonist and narrator Griet who appears to have some connection with him Griet meanwhile is what I would describe as a stock teenage girl character She is similar to many characters I've read before and yet she does not really advance on thatThe narrative style is one that I would have adored at 14 but by now find to be pedestrian This is first person narrative at its simplest and blandest and I don't feel that we gain anything from it the novel may just as well have been in third person and would not have suffered for it It may even have benefited from itThe structure is interesting Split into parts that represent years rather than having chapter breaks makes it difficult to find a stopping place at times and it is this than anything else that makes a page turner of the novel Meanwhile the entire thing seems to be building to the inevitable moment when Vermeer will paint Griet The scenes are handled with less intensity than I had hoped for from the build up and once the painting is finished Chevalier seems to want nothing but for the novel to be over too and closes it down rather too uicklyPerhaps the fact that little is known about Vermeer's life would imply that a fictional version of it would be easy to tell Sadly the gaps in knowledge seem to be too big to fillAt the end of the novel I had discovered how this work came about the girl staring out from it but still had almost no real idea of the man behind it It is in my opinion a failure in this respectHowever it is a good read if you're looking for something historical but not too heavy Or if you like art there are some interesting discussions about colour in there I can see why many people enjoy this novel but I cannot fathom why some hold it in such high acclaim I feel it will be some time before I read anything else by Tracy Chevalier

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Girl with a Pearl EarringFe with their subtle play of light and texture have come to define the Dutch golden age His portrait of the anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring has exerted a particular fascination for centuries and it is this magnetic painting that lies at the heart of Tracy Chevalier's second novel of the same title Girl with a Pear I approached this novel trepidatiously How could I ever suspend my disbelief with this work How could I ever believe such a ridiculous tale about Vermeer and one of his most revered paintings I must admit that I opened this novel expecting to utterly detest the lies it weaves By page two I realised that I was an idiot who should never be listened to Griet is hired as a maid to the Vermeer family in Delft This novel supposes that Griet the maid was the sitter for Vermeer's great work Girl with a Pearl Earring However that is not the story or at least it is only a small part of it The novel mainly concerns the inner workings of the Vermeer household and Griet's attempts to keep everything in control It is a fantastic character study and I do admire Chevalier's bravery in using the first person narrative Whilst I will admit that at times Griet's dialogue is somewhat stilted and some lines are just downright odd 'His smile made me grip my broom tightly' was one line that made me chuckle due to its utter ridiculousness she is never an annoying or tiring character I really enjoyed the subtlety and delicacy of the novel The plot flows along nicely which causes you to really fly through the narrative It is not a criticism that I often voice but I would have almost liked for this novel to be longer I feel I will truly miss Griet I must say that I am somewhat smitten with this novel It genuinely surprised me It's really great