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Foul Play Sofie Metropolis #3Like Janet Evanovich or Jennifer Crusie Tori Carrington Sofie Metropolis ePUB #10003 mixes humor with danger and stealth with sex The intrepid Sofie a good Greek girl from working class Astoria ueens is finding her feet as a budding private invest. wow where to beginThis book had two good things going for it it was written by a Tori who is actually a husbandwife team who combined their names and is about baseball could it go wrong Yep This is definitely a Janet Evanovich knock offwhat a coincidence the PI is single haswants a relationship with two different guys has a grandmother who lives with the family goes home to eat etc etc The story itself was even kind of lame I solved the mystery way before Sofie the PI did The writing wasn't bad but at times it felt as if it were thrown together and poorly edited How about this sentence After drinking extra virgin olive oil from a family orchard that a cousin had brought back from his last trip to Greece over the salad and sprinkling the top with Greek oregano I swept my hands near the bowl Does that make any sense at allThere were times in the book that Tori went on and on with details that I didn't even care about Cooking descriptions were unnecessary i didn't want to read a cookbook And the romantic longings Check this out these are Sofie's thoughts centered on the man who was within touching distance but whom I didn't dare touch Did he think of me Was he aware of how conflicted I felt in that moment If I suggested we go for coffee would he come Or would he not answer me and leave me with another of his suggestively loaded grins Enough to fuel a lifetime's worth of fantasies and secret longings but never assuage the want I'd felt for him the moment I first laid eyes on him This book probably would be better if the private investigator angle was removed and Tori just stuck with writing romance novels

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Igator and as a single gal in the big cityIn Foul Play Sofie's searching for a couple of hot prospects one in her personal life and one professionally The New York Mets might just be on their way to the World Series but their newly signed pitching. Excellent book I enjoyed this one a lot than the last Sofie Metropolis novel I readI think the pace was faster and just exciting in general This time around Sofie has been hired by a pro ball player's wife to find out why he is acting so unusual On top of thata hot Greek guy is very interested in dating Sofie which she refuses to let her family in on and the number of people coming into the PI office looking for missing pets is baffling Her ex fiance is taking her Grandpa to court but after that stunt he pulled switching her Grandmother's diamond engagement ring with a cubic zirconia he deserved to be punched in the nose by the old man Sofie definitely has her hands full with all the crazy people around her

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ó Foul Play Sofie Metropolis #3 æ ❰Reading❯ ➾ Foul Play Sofie Metropolis #3 Author Tori Carrington – Like Janet Evanovich or Jennifer Crusie Tori Carrington mixes humor with danger and stealth with sex The intrepid Sofie a good Greek girl from working class Astoria ueens iPhenom has disappeared with the playoffs fast Foul Play ePUB #10003 approachingAs for her personal life Sofie's hooking up with a gorgeous Greek who is every bit as hunky as her long time crush Australian mystery man Jake Porter and a lot availab. Another in the Sophie Metropolis PI series Light reading What disappoints me the most is that it is so close to the Evanovich novels in characters and style Evanovich's main character is a Jersey girl from and ItalianHungarian family with enough uirks to fill a room Sophie is from a Greek family with enough uirks to fill a room Bounty hunter private investigator Ranger Jake Morelli Dino Grandma Mazur Grandpa Kosmos Bob the Dog Muffy the Dog and it goes on The most original thing are that they give you some of the Greek recipes that appear in the book That was a nice touch