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eBook ✓ Sugar Creek ì Toni Blake Of their families’ longtime feud discover passion most unexpectedly If you have not yet experienced the “Heart stopping sensuality” New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster of the inimitable Toni Blake Sugar Creek is the perfect place to find it SUGAR CREEKSugar creek is the second in the Destiny Novels In this book we meet to families the Romo’s and the Farris’s – two families that have been at odd as long as anyone in town can rememberRachel returns to Destiny to help out her Grandma with the family Apply Orchid To begin with Rachel is pissed that she has to leave her high rise condo and high powered job in Chicago as an ad exec right when her job is on the line to come right back to the place that she has been running from her whole life Mike is hands down the hottest cop in town – mind you that might have something to do with the fact that he is one of only two and the other is 60 in the shade But where Mike is a good cop he is defiantly a bad boy With a reputation for being gruff as a cop but being able to pull in a different lady everynightSo the story starts with Rachel breezing back into town but is pulled down for speeding but the drool worthy cop Mike But even though there is a huge amount of animosity between the pair there is also major sparks flying After the pair are locked in a concession both Mike decides that they ‘need to get it out of their systems and just do it’ now here is where I will applaud Toni Blake – in her first novel we were meant to be believe that the romance was soooo hot that a condom was easily forgotten and I know that she got a lot of flak for that But here in the hot and heavy confines of a concession stand both adults responsibly remember to glove up But that was the only time Of course it never really ‘get out of their system’ and the two end up bonking like rabbits all over DestinyThe whole time that Rachel and Mike are getting hot and heavy they are both trying to deal with personal issues in their life Rachel doesn’t want to apologize for wanting and having a career but is felt burden with her family’s financial difficulties She got away from Destiny a long time ago and even though this thing between her and Mike might be than ‘just sex’ she still can’t bring herself to admit it But during the course of her stay you see the change in Rachel She realizes there is to the high powered job and the high rise She has friends in Destiny family and most of all a freaking hot cop in uniform to call her own Mike Mike is dealing with a sad tragedy from his past People see him as a very hot tempered guy but beneath all that there is a huge heart Mike family up and left years ago but Mike had his reason for sticking roundBoth Rachel and Mike annoyed me in that way that they just kept insisting that what was between them was just a fling It was nice though to watch as they begun to realize that they meant to each other than they originally though It was a nice sweet romance – and the sex was sizzlingThroughout the story you get to hear the real story behind the Romo and Ferris feud Told by Grandma Edna I found this story so beautiful but at the same time it broke my heart I found myself counting ahead in the book to see where the next part of the story was going to be told I envied the relationship between Edna and Rachel – it was beautifully writtenOverall I really liked this book better than the first I cannot wait now to read the third in the series that is already waiting patiently for me on my bookshelf

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ã helpyouantib Ú ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Sugar Creek Author Toni Blake – Helpyouantib.co.uk “Toni Blake’s romances are so delicious so intoxicating and addictive a good night’s sleep isn’t even an option”—New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr A compelling new voice in sup “Toni Blake’s romances are so delicious so intoxicati “Toni Blake’s romances are so delicious so intoxicating and addictive a good night’s sleep isn’t even an option” New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr A compelling new voice in supremely sexy contemporary romance Toni Blake carries us to

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Sugar CreekSugar Creek with a sizzling emotional rich story about giving in to a forbidden passion The second book in her Destiny series after One Reckless Summer Blake’s novel brims with the uniue delights of small town romance as two people caught in the middle This was a great book I absolutely can't wait to see what other characters of Destiny will get their own stories I reckon Lucky will be back in his own book and he's going to be one f'ed up bad boy Can't wait but I'll have to seeing as Blake releases a book once every year OiOk fabulous cover Every time I looked at it I felt calm and serene It works well with the story with Rachel coming from the big city to help her Grandma in the slower paced small town Also the title and the picture are a reminder of both Edna's story and how important the property is to the tale In this book specifically I LOVED the dynamic between the Hh Often in books with lovehate themes the interacts tend to always veer towards hateful even when it's lusty I really didn't get that from Mike and Rachel The hate part was apart of their awareness of each other sort of a I dislike you on principle but I am annoyed with you right now because I notice you are here and I can't ignore you rather than a bone deep sort of I hate you because of who you are but I hate who you are because I misunderstand you See the differenceAnywhoooo the development of the romance was also nice Again I liked how Rachel and Mike interactedSomething about Toni Blake she loves couples who have lots of sex and Mike and Rachel are no exception I won't lie I skimmed through a couple of the less pivotal sex scenes There were so many I wasn't overly found of Edna's love story I was curious about her sure And I enjoyed reading it once it was over but while reading the book I really felt that Edna's flashbacks got in the way I kept thinking move over Edna you're blocking Mike and Rachel and I can't see what they're doing oh erm yes I read to be a voyeur I found the whole flashback thing to be an interesting element but I didn't enjoy reading through it Does that make senseThis book doesn't disappoint I am rating this 45 because I consider 5 star to indicate books that I will re read and I am not sure that I will pick this up again BUT I will be looking forward to installments and again Blake writes a great story