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text ´ Fire Island Pines × Tom Bianchi Here he encountered a community of gay men Using an SX 70 Polaroid camera Bianchi documented his friends' lives in the Pines amassing an image archive of people parties and private moments These images published here for the first time and accompanied by Bianchi's moving memoir of the era record the birth and development of a new culture Soaked in sun sex camaraderie and reverie Fire Island Pines conjures a magical bygone eraTom Bianchi was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in 1970 He became takes you back before the Plague when fun was??? playing hide seek then a swim a sauna

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Fire Island Pines doc ´ Hardcover ↠ tom bianchi ↠ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Fire Island Pines By Tom Bianchi ➦ – Growing up in the 1950s Tom Bianchi would head into downtown Chicago and pick up 25 cent physiue magazines at newsstands In one such magazine he found a photograph of body A corporate attorney eventually working with Columbia Pictures in New York painting and drawing on weekends His artwork came to the attention of Betty Parsons and Carol Dreyfuss and they gave him his first one man painting show in 1980 In 1984 he was given his first solo museum exhibition at the Spoleto Festival After Bianchi's partner died of AIDS in 1988 he turned his focus to photography producing Out of the Studio a candid portrayal of gay intimacy Its success led to producing numerous monographs including On the Couch Deep Sex and In Defense of Beau Fire Island Pines is a collection of photographs of gay life on Fire Island taken by Tom Bianchi Many of them are of course photos of naked or semi naked men who are often young and also often handsome and attractive Others are photos of people with their clothes on landscapes boats the ocean beaches buildings things such as trees with cans of Crisco nailed to them and in one case even a dogThe book includes a short foreword by the novelist Edmund White and a lengthy introduction by Bianchi in which he discusses in a brutally frank manner the lifestyle of drug use and promiscuity typical of gay men who freuented Fire Island a lifestyle that had deadly conseuences for some After providing a fairly lengthy list of many of the drugs in widespread use at the time his photographs were taken Bianchi writes that If someone our age died back then it was likely an overdose He notes that the drugs damaged many of those they did not kill outright Bianchi concludes his introduction by discussing the onset of the AIDS epidemic which killed many of his friends

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Fire Island Pines Growing up in the 1950s Tom Bianchi would head into downtown Chicago and pick up 25 cent physiue magazines at newsstands In one such magazine he found a photograph of bodybuilder Glenn Bishop on Fire Island Fire Island sounded exotic perhaps a name made up by the photographer he recalls in the preface to his latest monograph I had no idea it was a real place Certainly I had no idea then that it was a place I would one day call home In 1970 fresh out of law school Bianchi began traveling to New York and was invited to spend a weekend at Fire Island Pines w REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PASTA stimulating assembly of Tom Bianchi's polaroid photos depicting the care free days of so many men so little time is a must for anyone interested in gay historyFilled with fascinating candid snapshots of the glory days of the gay Pines area of Fire Island it will intrigue you with so many memories of that very special time as well as filling you with heartbreak and sadness realizing how many of these men were taken too soon as the scourge of AIDS wreaked havoc on the communityThe real charm of Bianchi's book are all the polaroids Must be hundreds of them some spread four to a page and being so candid and un posed giving the impression the reader is combing through someone's private scrapbook And the fact that they have that distinctive 70s80s faded photographic look so distinctive from the glitzy polished look of later years gives a real legitimacy to all these fabulous photos A very special book