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Ction to bizarre surrealism and has found an audience across the genre divide Self Reference ENGINE is a puz There are certain lines of reasoning that if you've spent much time around logic abstract mathematics or theoretical computer science seem both entirely reasonable and entirely absurd Toh EnJoe a pen name if you're wondering has written an entire book out of these a collection of 20 or so linked and multiply linked if we are to believe the story graph at the beginning of the book short stories that tell the story of a world in which something very strange has happened to the nature of reality Some are stories in the conventional sense; some are like essays or rambling diatribes all adhering faithfully to the fractured space time continuum that is the setting Many are beautiful and emotional many are whimsical and amusing and uite a few manage both Self Reference ENGINE might be compared to a modest version of the Hitchhiker's Guide but where plot was often an encumbrance for Adams here it only provides a platform for higher flights of fancy and when it takes center stage is actually fairly compelling this is not a science fiction humor collection but rather an earnest exploration of a conceptual space that happens to lend itself to the absurd Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys ruminating on life the universe and everything

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Self Reference ENGINEZle of a book where vignette and story and philosophy combine to create a novel designed like a concept albu The stories in this experimental sci fi book may include talking socks disappearing text on a catfish statue an inexplicable joystick and no less than 22 inert Freuds Sigmund how ever did Grandma collect so many of him?If that paragraph made you think oh this is full of non seuitors like Hitchhikers and I love Hitchhikers just stop This book is sometimes poignant existential thought provoking and above all rigorous My brain is exhaustedRead the full review on GeekyLibrary

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Self Reference ENGINE ePub Ö 341 pages Download  helpyouantib ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Self Reference ENGINE ✎ Author Toh EnJoe – Toh EnJoe’s prize winning fiction is well known in Japan for crossing the streams—from hardcore science fiction to bizarre surrealToh EnJoe’s prize winning fiction is well known in Japan for crossing the streams from hardcore science fi Division of fractions; escape by eraser; befuddlement of symbiotic intelligences; this book romps through the broken shards of timespace which have been fractured irrevocably by the 'Event' A warped imagination underpins this mathematical fairy tale and creates delightful rabbit holes to stumble down into An alternative narrative loosely based on many different characters works admirably because of the unusual setting a universe that has been shattered into countless other universes of variable timespace dimensions with the ultimate goal of most of the characters being to try and restore the universe's timespace coordination to its normal working order A very good book clever mindbending and irreverent