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Griffin Smith is making a long road trip A Novel MOBI #238 but it's not a simple case o. Bad idea indeedGriffin Smith is your usual fucked up teenager well not so teenager any because he's about to start college and his dad has the most brilliant idea let's all drive from Kansas to Griffin's university in California The whole thing doesn't fill Griffin with joy as he's forced to share the ride with his dad with whom he has a very complicated relationship his dad's new girlfriend 20 something years younger than him his little brother that he really doesn't want to leave behind and his best friend that he loves but who is obviously better than him in all the things that should matter to an eighteen year old guyThe story seemed good I mean I'm always a fan of any road trip related things so I obviously wanted to read this book And I liked it at first The prologue was really great funny and sarcastic and witty I loved Griffin instantly and to me he appeared to be a book representation of what Stiles seems to be on Teen Wolf minus all the supernatural shit The main character definitely appeared to be an asshole but the kind of asshole that you can actually bring yourself to love in real life and the kind that you completely go crazy over when it comes to fiction Then I don't really know what happened but he started to irritate me and the other characters except Colby he's a cupcake started to annoy me even than they've been annoying me since the beginning of the book and what should have been a pleasant experience a pleasant reading with a diversity of characters and real life situations albeit the tiniest bit cliché simply left me indifferent and eager to be done with it There is the fact that Griffin is too self centred and focuses too much on his problems I know the whole point of a book is specifically to make you like a character and when you think about it the fact that he's too self absorbed is his main character flaw himself is aware of that but it still makes you feel unsympathetic toward the main character to the point where I actually started to down right dislike him And you know that when that happens it's not a good thing Also to me the dialogues seemed a bit forced I don't want to be a bitch and I'm not even trying to but it just wasn't smooth enough for me not real enough in terms of structure I don't know it didn't feel complete like I was somehow reading the unedited version The last point I wanted to make and I want to emphasize the fact that if this book didn't work for me it's probably because people like me are not supposed to be appealed by this kind of books fuck I'm a horrible person but the omnipresent religious tone was obnoxious This made me hate the reading as well as hate myself because I'm not a religious person and I wish I were as open minded about this as I am about other subjects but there's just something about religion that just makes me close off instantly and I think that's probably why reading this book was such a struggle because the characters' faith not just Griffin's is everywhere and it felt like the authors wanted to teach me something it felt like they were trying to push their faith down my throat and I didn't like that I think as future reference I should just stay as far away as possible from any literature picturing or coming from the “Dirty South” because this part of the USA and me are way too different On the whole I don't think it was a book for me but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good book it had a few good moments and anyway my opinion is only worth so much Still if they turned it into a movie I would totally vote for Dylan O'Brien as Griffin that was my first thought when I read the prologue and I stand by it

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Bad Idea A Novel With CoyotesF getting from point A to point B Along the way Griffin learns a lot about life from hi. If you read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and liked it you will like Bad Idea by Todd and Jedd Hafer Had a very similar feel to it story of young man in high school and college with a lot of humorous experiences that taught him many valuable life lessons The main character Griff is a troubled youth intelligent but with a cynical attitude This attitude begins to wane as he travels with friends and family across the US to be dropped off to begin his freshmen year at a Christian college in California His biggest lesson He learns about grace by experiencing it I loved the authors use of academic words cynicism and uick witted humor throughout the book Full of many whimsical stories and great humor truly an enjoyable read for both young teens and older audiences alike

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Free read Ñ Bad Idea A Novel With Coyotes ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ [Download] ➵ Bad Idea A Novel With Coyotes ➾ Todd Hafer – Griffin Smith is making a long road trip but it's not a simple case of getting from point A to point B Along the way GriffinS unlikely band of travel companions and begins to uestions his own attitudes and belie. I just reread this I'd forgotten how well it was written This is hands down my favorite Christian fiction novel for soooo many reasons