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The Witch of CologneArchbishop suspects that something other than religion drives Solitario to persecute Ruth  Determined to ensure that justice is done Detlef joins the investigation and finds his passions fully aroused by Ruth's impressive intelligence and darkly exotic beauty   Two Hearts' The Witch EpubDesires All her lif. The cover of this book both intrigued me and perplexed me after reading the back cover which described the book to be a historical fiction without the gothic pin up type themes that the cover projected to me The Witch of Cologne is instead an impressive historical fiction that most definitely lives up to the promise it presents in the teaser of the back coverI was pretty blown away by the scope and depth of this book Not one for historical fiction I took a chance on this because of the conflict that was addressed a 17th century Jewish midwife who was so adept and knowledgeable with her practice that many suspected her to be a witch who is pursued by a Spanish Inuisitor who has a perplexingly intense interest in her due to a past that is revealed to the reader later in the story The book spans a good twenty years of storyline with many political themes making up the content of it So much happens including Ruth fleeing countries being captured and falling in love that by the end of the story you feel like you've had a literary meal euivalent to a Thanksgiving dinner Because of the time that has passed since I've read this book I can't remember a lot of the details but I haven't forgotten how much it struck me at the time and how much it's stayed with me enough for me to keep it on my shelf while other books have been given away

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SUMMARY ☆ The Witch of Cologne ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ✸ The Witch of Cologne Author Tobsha Learner – A Time of Peril  The Inuisitor Carlos Vicente Solitario charges a young Jewish midwife Ruth bas Elazar Saul with heresy  Ruth may be the daughter of the city's chief rabbi but this is no protection A Time of PerilE Ruth bas Elazar Saul has thirsted for knowledge despite the price she paid by concealing her gender and being cast out of her father's house  Her faith sustains her through all even the attentions of the Inuisition  Then in the very heart of danger God blesses her with the greatest love she has ever known . A good solid read Took the first 150 pages to get into it but then I got swept away in Ruth and Detlef's love story The book even brought tears to my eyes towards the end

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A Time of Peril  The Inuisitor Carlos Vicente Solitario charges a young Jewish midwife Ruth bas Elazar Saul with heresy  Ruth may be the daughter of the city's chief rabbi but this is no protection against the Inuisition's accusations   A uest for Justice Detlef von Tennen nobleman and canon cousin to the. It's rare to find a book with such scope and depth set credibly in an a period little known historically exploring the politics philosophies and superstitions of its time Ruth a young midwife and Detlef an aristocratic Canon of the Catholic Church are brought together by their shared struggle against oppression and their desire for free thought Against a backdrop of the harsh realities of social religious and political revolution Tobsha's writing style is sensuous including and beyond her 'sex scenes' We see chilling scenes of plague anti semitic mob rule and tortuous death captured with prose precise and elegant The scenes featuring the cold hand of the Inuisition are disturbing as they are intended to be various methods of torture are elaborated in grim detail The violence of these episodes serves justly to highlight the ease with which power may be abused and that the fate of many rests in the hands of a fewWhile much of the story is dark including following the hatred of Inuisitor Solitario for the Navarro family threads of love are woven throughout not only between Ruth and Detlef but the love of parents for their children of a mistress for her illicit lover the Count for his manservant and between actor Alphonse and the young Prince Ferdinand Moreover we see a woman's desire to rise beyond the expectations placed upon her and her yearning to find fulfilment not just in the arms of a man but in her vocation Tobsha gives us an adept contrast between love and sacrifice for what we hold dear and cruelty borne of hate envy and mistrust eternal themes