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PDF Ð BOOK Star Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn #1 FREE å TIMOTHY ZAHN á ➽ [Reading] ➿ Star Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn #1 By Timothy Zahn ➲ – Helpyouantib.co.uk One of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Galactic Empire Grand Admiral Thrawn is also oneThrawn Star Epub #224 One of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Galactic Empire Grand Admiral Thrawn is also one of the most captivating characters in the Star Wars universe from his introduction in bestselling author Timothy Zahn’s classic Heir to the Empire through his continuing adventures in Dark Force Rising The Last Command and Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn Kindle beyond But Thrawn’s origins and the story of his rise in the Imperial ranks have remained mysterious Now Star Wars ePUB #10003 in Star Wars Thrawn Timothy Zahn chronicles the fateful events that launched the blue skinned red eyed master of military strategy and lethal war This is a great book I had very high hopes for this book All the ingredients seemed to be in place I remember reading Heir to the Empire trilogy when it first came this ignited my love of reading and since I have devoured everything from the expanded universe What could go wrong with the book they even had Timothy Zahn Thrawn's original creater What could go wrong NOTHING The book is AWSOMEAs much as I loved Heir to the Empire we were never given too much background of Thrawn's raise through the Imperial ranks The fact that he was as non human at the rank of Grand Admiral which was unheard of in the xenophobic Imperial military So he must have been brilliant to stand out or get as far as he did However we never got that part of his story apart from hints This book fills in many of those banks whilst leaving part to expand on for later It covers the highlights of Thrawn's entire Imperial career up till the point of him reaching Grand Admiral On a side note as evil as Palpatine was I have not read anywhere about him being xenophobic himself I am wondering if this is another Tarkin ism that was passed through the militaryThis has then wet my appetite for Rebels Season 3 unless you have already seen this season I would say read this before watching this it should enhance the viewing and provide a couple of links towards the end of the book I think Eli says it be as much as not is not possible to full know Thrawn he is as complex as he is brilliant The thing this book portrays is Thrawn is not evil he can be cold and a military man through and through but he is always aiming his tactics for preserving life and collateral damage I did also like the introduction of the Nightsswan as Thrawns adversery and Eli as a sort of apprentice Towards the end of the book we do get a bit understanding of why Thrawn joined the Empire Even though he is not in the book much I do like that fact the they show Palpatine is not an idiot he is a very skilled tactician as well especially in their last conversationI cannot recommend this book enough even with my sky high expectations this book delivered in every way This is a great book for old Star Wars fans like men and fans getting to know Thrawn for the first time or even wanting background on him after seeing him in the TV series

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Fare into the highest realms of power and infamyAfter Thrawn is rescued from exile by Imperial soldiers his deadly ingenuity and keen tactical abilities swiftly capture the attention of Emperor Palpatine And just as uickly Thrawn proves to be as indispensable to the Empire as he is ambitious as devoted as its most Wars Thrawn Star PDF #9734 loyal servant Darth Vader and a brilliant warrior never to be underestimated On missions to rout smugglers snare spies and defeat pirates he triumphs time and again even as his renegade methods infuriate superiors while inspiring ever greater admiration from the Empire As one promotion follows another in his rapid ascension to grea 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum opinion time I never cared for the Thrawn trilogy Though to be fair I was late to the party and only started reading Heir to the Empire after college sometime in the mid 2000s about 15 years after its original publication In my eyes the books did not age very well and I think many tended to view them through nostalgia tinted glassesStill setting my personal critiue of the books aside as a character I do maintain that Thrawn is one of the best to come out of the Star Wars universe And I suspect the powers that be agree as well explaining why Thrawn was canonically reintroduced in the third season of Star Wars Rebels despite the original trilogy having been classified “Legends” along with much of the old Expanded Universe Timothy Zahn was tapped to reprise his role as author to a new novel about the titular character which is intended to chronicle his early life and meteoric rise to power It’s a rare opportunity for any reader to revisit a favorite character like this and thus far I’ve really enjoyed Thrawn’s appearances on the show which is why come hell or high water I knew I was going to read this bookLike many origin tales Thrawn begins with our Chiss protagonist in humble circumstances alone and exiled on a planet at the edge of known space For those familiar with Zahn’s Mist Encounter this first section is essentially a fleshed out and updated retelling of the events in that short story A good chunk of the novel is also told through the eyes of Eli Vanto a lowly Imperial cadet who is taken along on an investigation of this jungle world because of his knowledge of these backwater systems When the crew encounters Thrawn they are immediately impressed by his survival skills and knowledge of military strategy traits that are said to be valued by the Chiss Ascendancy Obviously these skills are also highly sought after in the Empire leading the Imperials to bring Thrawn to Coruscant so that Emperor Palpatine can decide his fateDespite being an alien Thrawn manages to impress the Emperor with his elouence and persuasiveness and immediately gets assigned to a military academy to hone his skills and knowledge of the Imperial Navy Eli Vanto is sent along with him in order to be translator and guide to all things related to the Empire’s culture and society—a role that the cadet resents at first but in time he learns to respect Thrawn’s intelligence and personality especially when after graduation the Chiss starts getting promotion after promotionMeanwhile on a mining planet called Lothal another origin story for a Rebels character is beginning to unfold Before she became the governor of her planet Arihnda Pryce was a young company heiress forced to watch everything her family has built fall into the Empire’s hands Secretly vowing her revenge Pryce agrees to work for an Imperial Senator already making plans to worm herself inside the political machine where she will bide her time until she has enough power to take what she wants Along the way though she’ll need some help—and Thrawn who is making his own way up the ranks at this point may prove to be the perfect allyNot surprisingly Thrawn is a very character focused novel detailing how the Chiss became so successful even in the face of the Empire’s xenophobia as well as to put readers into his head The first is accomplished by simply by giving examples of Thrawn’s genius and describing the processes that led to his victories It didn’t matter that many in the Empire held anti alien attitudes; the Emperor saw potential in Thrawn and he only cares about results It is clear that Thrawn eventually achieved Grand Admiral status on his own terms and merits and his leadership skills naturally drew others to him despite what they might think of his originsHowever putting readers into Thrawn’s head is another subtle matter Zahn’s writing has always struck me as rather stark and clear cut in a whatever it takes to get the job done kind of way I daresay without the glimpses he offered into Thrawn’s mind this book could have been a very dry read indeed Fortunately peppered throughout the novel are brief looks into what makes his character tick from his journal excerpts at the beginning of each chapter to his furtive observations on how others are behaving and reacting around him though there must have been at least a couple dozen mentions of “facial heat” or “cheeks tightening” making me wish there’d been variation in the descriptions A lot can also be gleaned from Thrawn’s interactions with the other characters Through Vanto’s and Pryce’s eyes we see how much Thrawn values and rewards hard work and loyalty and he puts just as much of both into the men and women who work under him In many ways Thrawn serves as a counterpoint to a lot of traditional Star Wars villains as well For one he does not possess the Force mainly relying on thinking rather than fighting to win his battles He also views unnecessary loss of life as a waste a point that I think earns him a lot of sympathy from readers While it’s true Thrawn may be a symbol of the Empire Zahn nevertheless makes it so easy to root for himAll told Thrawn isn’t among the best novels I’ve read from the new canon but neither is it among the worst It’s actually uite a decent book and in my eyes “New Thrawn” certainly beats out “Old Thrawn” hands down In theory you’d think Thrawn would also appeal most to fans of the character the original trilogy or Star Wars Rebels but I would urge anyone—even if you do not consider yourself to be a hardcore Star Wars fan—to give this one a look There’s a reason why Thrawn as a character is so beloved and this is his storyAudiobook Comments At this point I think anything I say about Marc Thompson will sound like a broken record But if all of my praise for him happens to sound the same it’s only because it’s true The guy is great at voices and I love his Thrawn the way he made him sound similar to the Rebels version Do yourself a favor and listen to this one

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Star Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn #1Ter power he schools his trusted aide Ensign Eli Vanto in the arts of combat and leadership and the secrets of claiming victory But Wars Thrawn Star Wars Thrawn Kindle even though Thrawn dominates the battlefield he has much to learn in the arena of politics where ruthless administrator Arihnda Pryce holds the power to be a potent ally or a brutal enemyAll these lessons will be put to the ultimate test when Thrawn rises to admiral and must pit all the knowledge instincts and battle forces at his command against an insurgent uprising that threatens not only innocent lives but also the Empire’s grip on the galaxy and his own carefully laid plans for future ascendanc Say goodbye to Sun Tzu's Art of War Behold Thrawn's Art of War Cue epic war drums Leadership and obedience are the two legs on which a warrior’s life is balanced Without both victory cannot be achievedLeadership depends on information and comprehension Not so obedience Sometimes a commander may choose to share details of his plan Often he may not In either case obedience must be instant and completeSuch automatic response relies on trust between commander and those commanded And that trust can only be obtained through leadership The next guy who is going to declare war on me is going to be really sorry A Stranger in Strange land Chiss Most of the galaxy thought this mysterious race of warriors as a harrowing myth A creation of blood chilling stories and rumorsNow It is no longer a rumor but a fact The empire's navy has found an exiled Chiss while patrolling the outer rims of the galaxy His name Mitth’raw’nuruodo Oh don't make that face Say it with me Mith THRAW noo roo o doNow you are as cool as Emperor PalpatineWe are introduced to many characters Notably Thrawn the Chiss who made a deal with Emperor to get into Empire's Navy We are introduced to Eli a young outer rim cadet who end up being Thrawn's translator and later his aide We also meet Arinhda Pryce an ambitious outer rim miner who vows to rise politically to gain power The story is about power and politics It is about victory and defeat It is about strategies of War It is about principles and the fine lines that one crosses to become a Villain Most of all it is about the in depth personal profile of a great tactical mind For me one of the best parts of the story other than Thrawn himself was the portrayal of Empire Okay Let me explain In the original trilogy Empire was always this big bad wolf for me An evil body of power Yet Zann's is Empire is scarier His empire is filled with politics corrupt bureaucrats racism bribery and pride In short the Empire is nothing but a regular governmentI am a sucker for tactical planning and military strategies Believe me when I say this one got it all thanks to Thrawn I loved the story the politics and the complex yet spectacular characterization view spoilerI was expecting Thrawn to be an actual Villain but at the end of the day he was one of the sane characters in the story When I talked about the lines that one crosses to become a villain I was talking about Arindha Pryce who turned out to be well Selfish But Zahn has characterized her in such a way that we can not even blame her That my friend is where the story wins hide spoiler