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review Baseball Great ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Baseball Great By Tim Green – Josh feels like he's starting to make it big Jaden the school reporter says he's going to take the baseball team to number one Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Va JoshLp him get thereNow Josh is gulping down Rocky's Super Stax milkshakes to build muscle and trying to fit in with his new teammates older tougher kids who can suddenly become violent All Josh really wants to do is play ball but as he gets in deeper with the Titans there are uestions he's just got to ask As Josh and his n. “Lets go” the umpire said to JoshJosh nodded and stepped up to the plate He glanced at the loaded bases then at the two outs up on the scoreboard The pitcher reared back and jerked sideways His arm whipped around and came Josh’s way Most people would see it like they’d see a snake flick its tongue but Josh saw The ball left the pitcher’s hand with a perfect spin a fastball to the outside edge of the plateJosh swung big and connected with a crack The ball took off”This is only one of many spectacular scenes in the book Baseball Great by Tim Green If I had to rate this book I would rate it a 5 out of 5 stars because it was very suspenseful it was very inspiring and it showed that you should stand up for what’s right even if it hurts First I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it was so suspenseful in parts like on page 227 it says “Josh saw the text that had been sent to his phone number even though it wasn’t possible He punched the menu on his phone and brought up his sent items The mailbox was empty”In this part of the story it was very exciting for me because Josh then realizes that his baseball coach Rocky had took his phone out of his locker and sent his best friend Jaden a message that said to meet him at the school at 830pm Josh then realizes that he wants Jaden’s phone because Josh and Jaden had caught him dealing steroids and caught him They took a picture of him with the drugs Rocky meets Jaden at the school and steals the phone but doesn’t go far with four flat tires and is caught by the cops This scene was the most suspenseful scene in the book from my point of view Next this book deserved 5 out of 5 stars because it was very inspiring It was inspiring because Josh is only 12 years old and he wants to be a baseball great Josh is playing with 14 year olds who are much bigger and stronger that he is the 14 year olds are also using steroids to get better and Josh doesn’t A the end of the book on page 149 a Nike sponsor comes up to him and wants to sponsor him and his team he says“I want to talk to you” he said “and your team”Joshes dad nodded“We want to sign up your team Sponsor the whole thing The full package just like we were going to do with Rocky Coach salary all that”Later on he tells Josh that he wants to sponsor him individually and start earlier like Tiger Woods did He also says that Josh is on his way to being a Baseball Great This part in the book was really inspiring because josh could finally say that he made it and he did what he wanted to do and that was be great at baseball The last reason this book is a 5 out of 5 star book was because this book showed that you should do the right thing even if it hurts Josh did the right thing by telling the police about Rocky even though that his dad a former MLB 1st round draft pick works for Rocky now At first Josh doesn’t know what to do but in the end he does the right thing and tells the police everything that happened On page 135 they have a meeting with everyone’s parents and all of the police they tell them what happen and the whole story In conclusion this book is defiantly one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life I recommend you read it So want do you think happened in the end Will Josh ever become a baseball great Well read it to find out

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Josh feels like he's starting to make it big Jaden the school reporter says he's going to take the baseball team to number one Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Valentine's youth championship team the Titans He says Josh has what it takes to be a baseball great and the Titans will he. I really enjoyed this book because it combined my love of baseballmystery and action into one bookThe main boyJosh is this baseball great and his dad was one too To reach his full potential Josh's dad makes him play for an intense traveling team instead of his school team that all of his friends play for Meanwhile Josh's dad lost his job playing for a minor league team and needs the job with Rocky;s baseball team that his son is playing for Josh has trouble making friends with his new teammates until one day a school bully approaches Josh in a bathroom outside where the team is eating The team helps beat up the bully and Josh earns the friendship Later that day Josh meets up with a buddy of his on the team and he hands Josh some pills that Rocky their coach gave him Josh gets curious and asks his friend to ask her doctor dad if they are legal To find out if the pills are illegal and if the team gets destroyed because of it read Baseball Great by Tim Green

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Baseball GreatEw friend Jaden investigate their suspicions they find themselves in a dangerous struggle with a desperate man who doesn't want them to expose the nasty secrets they uncoverPulsing with action baseball great offers a baseball story attuned to today's headlines a totally involving character driven sports centered thrille. This book was a “goodread” It involved great imagery It felt like I was irght there and in the moment of what was actually occurring in the story The author did a great job with this book a must re read