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Sneaky People review Þ 3 ë [Read] ➲ Sneaky People ➺ Thomas Berger – The time is the 1930s Buddy Sandifer dressed in his natty white flannels baby blue shirt striped tie tan and white shoes and coconut straw hat with polka dot band is falling into one of his moods Owne The time is the s Buddy Sandifer dressed in his nSed car lot and father of a fifteen year old son with a penchant for sex manuals Buddy has decided to murder his wife and marry his mistress Laverne a robust blonde who cooks his favorite meal of fried po. Back in the 1960s when I began reading in earnest beyond the boundaries of textbooks and science fiction novels characterized by critics as “black humor” were popular and I ate them up That’s black as in dark or cynical gallows humor not African American This was the heyday of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 Bruce Jay Friedman Thomas Pynchon Kurt Vonnegut John Barth and sometimes Philip Roth Thomas Berger the late author of Little Big Man graduated into this school of writing too Sneaky People was one of his efforts at black humorSneaky People published in 1975 is a good novel because it was written by a consummate pro with an admirable command of the English language and because it so faithfully evokes life in America in the closing years of the Depression — not because it’s funny I’m sure some readers found it so but I was taken much with the descriptions of Depression era lifestyles the rampant racism and anti Semitism the sexual repression and especially the freuent references to the cost of everyday purchases a hamburger for fifteen cents fifty cents to pay the teenager down the block to cut your lawn a good pair of shoes for twelve dollars eighty five cents for a carton of cigarettes and I’m sure a good five cent cigar Sneaky People is a historical novel and a good oneHere’s the setup Buddy Sandifer who has both the ethics of a used car salesman and owns a lot full of them to prove it is a flashy dresser with a wife he has decided to kill a busty mistress a prostitute he plans to marry and a fifteen year old son named Ralph Buddy can’t keep his pecker in its place and Ralph has inherited his preoccupation with sex When Buddy offers the “colored” handyman at his used car lot two hundred dollars to murder his wife his troubles really begin Meanwhile Ralph is getting himself mixed up in trouble of his own dragged into law breaking by his brutish friend “Horse” Horace As both tales creep forward in alternating chapters they gradually move closer to each other and ultimately intertwine in a multi part conclusion that’s full of surprisesTo stretch a point you could call Sneaky People a crime novel but it most certainly doesn’t make the grade as a mystery or thriller I picked it up because some self important and probably delusional book critic listed it among the 100 best mysteries and thrillers of all time if this book fits his definition of that genre I can only imagine what else he might have included on the list I can’t remember maybe I’ve repressed it

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The time is the s Buddy Sandifer dressed in his natty white flannels baby blue shirt striped tie tan and white shoes and coconut straw hat with polka dot band is falling into one of his moods Owner of a u. Thomas Berger died on July 13 2014 I had no idea until a friend of mine and fellow Berger admirer emailed me That it wasn’t a national story like the deaths of other writers is part of what keeps Berger’s fans in a state of constant disbelief I had stumbled upon Sneaky People for the first time in the early 1990s It was the first of Berger’s novels I had read and it led me to the rest of them all 20 or so my teaching a number of them at Rutgers and a long correspondence with the great man That I was rereading Sneaky People at the time of his death—and that a post it on my computer reminded me to “write Berger”—are details that had they appeared in novels one might have dismissed as too cute and coincidental But they’re true Over time Berger has sent me inscribed copies of his books and long replies to my letters ones that included genuine conversation as opposed to “Thank you for your inuiry” etc Sneaky People is as good a place as any to begin with Berger Published in 1975 but set in Berger’s beloved Midwest of the 1930s it tells of used car salesman Buddy Sandifer’s plan to have his wife killed so he can enjoy the fruits of is mistress without her constantly nagging him Buddy is the worst of the lot but there is plenty of sneakiness to go around This is one of those books that the less you know about it before picking it up the better There’s a laugh on every other page Certain readers of the FDA approval camp should be warned that there are no delicacies here and if you delight in being “offended” by the bad behavior of fictional creations you should pick up something else Few contemporary writers are as good as Berger at having the narrator match the sensibilities and assumptions of the characters Berger was so good at this; the vulgarity of his characters’ minds is reflected perfectly in the prose His trademark pitch perfect sentences appear on every other page And Chapter 11 a thirty page set piece detailing how Buddy’s mistress became a whore and the rest of her awful life might be the best thing he ever wrote As a short story it could stand beside work by Cheever Hemingway or O’Connor David Mamet has a good essay about how much he enjoyed O’Brien’s Aubrey Martin series and how he sat down to write him a letter to tell him as much—when his wife showed him O’Brien’s obituary Mamet told his wife “This fellow has created characters and stories that are part of my life” The same holds true for Berger and his readers Even his lesser works Best Friends Suspects Changing the Past are never dull and he only wrote two certifiable duds Nowhere and Regiment of Women out of 23 The triumphs of The Feud Arthur Rex Neighbors Rinehart in Love than make up for them Thomas Berger Great American Writer RIP

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Sneaky PeopleRk chops fried potatoes and fried apples while wearing a short pink apron over black lace step ins and brassiere long gartered silk stockings and platform shoes The only problem is how to arrange the crim. Coming of age tale mixed in with a crime drama with lots of humor and scandalous sexual scenes Set in a small mid western town during the Great Depression so be wary of racial disparaging remarks every ethnicity gets poked at in this novel and sexism although the women depicted are uite strong characters I've been wanting to read this novel solely because of the title and knew nothing about the author I'm so glad that I delved in with no expectations as this book was a pleasant surprise