FREE READ ¶ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character

FREE READ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character

FREE READ ¶ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character Ë ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character By Thomas Hardy ➮ – Classic British EnglishMichael Henchard is a wealthy and respected man but hA sailor Now she is Mayor of Casterbridge The Life MOBI #207 looking for him again Why And what will happen when she finds h. This is the story of the rise and fall of Michael Henchard a hot tempered proud and irascible hay trusser who in a drunken haze sells his wife and baby girl to a sailor at a fair for five guineasHe regrets his deed the next day but can not find his wife and child Entering a church he kneels by the altar and vows to stay sober for 21 years and do good and be charitable But can he rise above his anger pride obstinacy jealousy sense of rivalry and impulsivenessWould he be able to prevent the life and name he has built for himself from unraveling Could he fight fateThis is a story of misunderstandings; of suffering the conseuences of transgressions; of self punishment and regrets and of longing to be loved and cherishedThis is a tragedy

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S a terrible secret Twenty years ago when he was unemployed Mayor of Casterbridge Epub #226 and penniless he sold his wife to. I give it five stars because it seems nearly a perfect example of its type of craft This book has an intertwined and flawless plot that is never overcomplicated; it is full of wonderful language rich with regional variation for instance the tenor of Donald Farfrae's Scottish is exceptionally musical and not like the speech of his peers There were moments reading this book I felt so much under the sway of the author's power that I could observe him wirte himself into one tight plot corner and then another and then skillfully find his way out from all Plot plot plot There's a lot to learn here Everything they told us in graduate school started here plot springs from character; don't coddle your characters reveal their weaknesses build plot around their flaws Let their mistakes haunt their lives forever Don't get bogged down in narrative tangents The simplicity of this tale makes room for its psychological richness not the same as complexity just depth I wish I could do this In comparision to the other 19th century realists with whom Hardy is often compared Hardy it seems to me is the purest of them all He doesn't get lost in well meaning documentarian slumming as Zola did and he has less of the pathos of Wharton or James That said I prefer Wharton and James somehow their characters seem yet tragic I'm not sure why perhaps there is a teeny bit less subtely and elegance to Hardy's writing His is sure footed Anglo saxon stubborn forceful And yet with beautiful moments of authorial reflection We'll have to take a poll


The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of CharacterClassic British EnglishMichael Henchard of Casterbridge ePUB #10003 is a wealthy and respected man but The Mayor PDF or he ha. this is hardy's most perfectly constructed novel there are others that are appealing to me am i allowed to say that but this one is such a perfect cause and effect every action has a reaction kind of book that it should really be his most popular and successful instead of tess which by comparison is pure melodrama mayor is full of the trappings of melodrama convenient and inexplicable deaths characters long out of the picture returning at the least opportune times overheard conversations and love triangles and deathbed confessions and yet it is so much than that it is the long drawn out punishment of a man who makes an impulsive mistake tries to redeem himself and finds that when thomas hardy is writing your life it just isn't going to work out for you sorry this book has psychological insight than tess and henchard is a much complex and nuanced character than any found in tess' world tess' punishments result from her gender her innocence the hypocrisy of society and a mismanaged letter henchard is no ingenuenor is this like jude where a basically good but misguided man falls victim to circumstances michael henchard is an unlikeable character through and through but the fact that he tries to be a better man and even pulls it off for a while should be enough right even though he is arrogant and hot tempered even though he sold his wife and baby in a drunken impulse is he not even a candidate for redemption he regrets his mistakes and even though he continues to make his awareness of his character flaws should be enough to avoid his fate rightnope this is hardyland hardy doesn't take kindly to people trying to rise above their circumstances nor does he take kindly to people getting off scot free from their mistakes good intentions or not tess and angel pay jude and sue pay and michael henchard will payalong with the very hardy esue theme of stay put and be good this book is another shining example of hardy's facility with descriptive prose involving pastoral settings and the idea of progress and its effect on the working mancoincidences abound but always acting as an agent of fate which was hardy's god fate is capricious but determined and there is no escaping it is why i love thomas hardycome to my blog