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His Right Choice Men of Falcon Pointe #4Nicholas Layton fresh off his mission for the Mormon church attends Falcon Pointe University with plans to enjoy his final year of freedom before he gives in and marries his long term girlfriend But when he meets a group of gay men some of whom are His Right PDF ex Mormons and some who practice loving physical discipline he finds he is com. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I loved this book This is an incredibly powerful coming of age story that tackles issues of identity faith and truth with honesty and hope I’m not sure how I’ve missed this author before but this book has turned me into a huge fan Returning Mormon missionary Nick is wrestling with the weight of his family and church obligations when he starts at Falcon Pointe The expectation for him to marry his girlfriend and start a family is frightening to the young gay man A story that could have been very bleak becomes hopeful when Nick meets a group of gay ex Mormons on campus Nick’s problems are never glossed over but the friendships he is offered and the support he is given helps mitigate the pain he experiences as he chooses an identity for the future Nick is a brilliant character and the author paints a painfully accurate picture of the grieving process he must go through before he can grow into himself Ethan is older though I’m not sure we know uite how old Ethan is and provides Nick with patient support as he makes decisions for himself Ethan’s story is also touching but the focus of this story is Nick and we never see Ethan develop as than Nick’s partner I really loved watching Nick’s personal and sexual awakening and I loved the confidence that develops over the course of the storyAt times this is as much a story of the friendship between Nick and his childhood best friend Deke as it is a romance and I loved the way the author allowed this relationship to develop I also enjoyed the way the author refrains from harsh criticism of the Mormon church allowing her characters a range of opinions and experiences and providing Nick with several possibilities This isn’t a preachy moralising story it is a book about a boy who faces the awful choice between living a lie remaining alone for life or being rejected by his family and church I read this book as a stand alone but I’ve already ordered the first book in the series for my Kindle I really loved it and I can’t wait to read of this author’s books

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His Right Choice (Men of Falcon Pointe, #4) review ↠ 3 ☆ [Read] ➬ His Right Choice (Men of Falcon Pointe, #4) ➵ Thianna Durston – Helpyouantib.co.uk Nicholas Layton fresh off his mission for the Mormon church attends Falcon Pointe University with plans to enjoy his final year of freedom before he gives iFortable with them than anywhere else Suddenly he’s straddling the line between good Mormon and gay manAs an added bonus or problem depending he meets Ethan Kierk who is good looking fun to be around and who wants to be with him Nick tries not to think about dating a man but he can’t help it He wants Ethan and that terrifies himTo avoid. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads His Right Choice was another 5 star read for me because yet again I read it as soon as I got my hands on it and then reread it so I could write my review I literally cannot help myself The Men of Falcon Pointe series is an addiction for me – one which I must feed immediately by devouring the book and then take a second read through so that I can savor the story Like Rafe Nick does not take up residence in Cory’s house but unlike Rafe he has no connection with the men of 959 Brenton Street so this gave Durston the chance to demonstrate just how small the world can be especially as Nick was actively avoiding the LDS and GSA groups as he transitioned from his missionary travels and back into college life at Falcon Pointe UniversityUnlike the previous young men featured in the series Nick has a girlfriend and is expected to get engaged soon at least I don’t remember any of the others having girlfriends No one knows that he’s attracted to men and he accepts the Mormon Church’s assertion about homosexuality that by marrying and doing his duty to the church he will be able to overcome his “urges” Despite his best efforts to avoid temptation Nick finds himself faced with the young men who have already been in his shoes – Trent Bastien Santi and Rafe Although Nick’s journey begins with him intending to marry and remain a member of the Mormon Church the time he spends with Santi and others seeing how they’ll support him no matter what choice he makes and learning that they’re not the deviants the church would have him believe them to be the he uestions the teachings of the church and his future And catching the eye of the handsome Ethan – the only person he’s felt a true connection with – makes that path even harder to follow As Nick comes to terms with the future he wants fallout from his decision is inevitable and like those before him he’s stunned by the reactions of those close to him Now trying not to ruin the book for other readers I found the twist about Ethan’s past to be uite unexpected I liked it as it set him apart from the other Mormon boys’ partners and it explains why his reaction to the final scene between Nick and his mother is so furious and intense – I’m not sure that such an angry outburst would have been acceptable by any of the other partners Then again Nick’s mother’s confrontation with him was one of the harshest compared to those of the previous mothers shown in the series I loved that Nick’s best friend Deke was so supportive of him and stuck by him regardless of each new thing he learned about Nick I readily admit that I laughed my butt off when Deke discovered that Nick and Ethan were in a domestic discipline relationship; not only was the post spanking scene hilarious but it made me that much happier that Deke and Kelli had hit it off Fans of the series will enjoy getting to catch up with the guys from the earlier books and I especially enjoyed getting to know Santi better as he forged his friendship with Nick I found His Right Choice to be another great addition to the Men of Falcon Pointe and am looking forward to the next installment in the series – and I wouldn’t complain if Alan finally found his match because I missed him seeing him this time around

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His feelings Nick steels himself to propose to his girlfriend but breaks things off at the last moment Instead he jumps headlong into a relationship with Ethan and it feels so right until he has to tell his family When they reject him he shares his darkest secret with Ethan hoping Ethan won’t reject him tooHoping he made the right choice. Holy Hotness BatmanReturned missionary and Mormon Nicholas Layton is ready for the next chapter of his life Back at Falcon Pointe University he is slowly getting into the swing of things heading into his sopho year with his best friend Deke Not only that but he is starting to feel the pressure from his family to propose to his long time girlfriend Kaylee While out to dinner one night with Deke he notices a group of men he has seen around campus since his return known as the Happy Gay Guys When he happens to look over at the group the life he has carefully kept hidden slowly starts to surface and doubt starts creeping in He begins to uestion everything he's been taught by the Mormon Church which unfortunately leads to uestions than answers Soon after that encounter it seems like wherever he goes he keeps seeing the same five guys around campus Curiosity in time wins over and he attends uite accidentally a Labor Day party at Bastien's house Here friendships are formed as he starts to slowly let go and be the person he has kept hidden all these yearsVenture Capitalist Ethan Kierk has experienced a lot of pain in his life which only a few know about That is until he meets Nick at the Labor Day party In time things start to change for both Nick and Ethan They start to lean upon one another; helping each other through their own internalexternal conflicts As things heat up the outside world comes crashing in and leaves Nick to make several life changing decisionsIn the end hearts are broken friendships are made and an old friend remains true However the most important lesson is family is not always the one you are born with but the people you choose to surround yourself withOMGthis book There are so many things this book has going for it that I will only mention a few A I really did enjoy the raw grittiness of the characters in this book as well as their witty banter B There is so much information in this book which IMO really makes the story Not lying I looked up what Mormon undergarments look like C All the characters are well developed and the chemistry between the two MC's is ridiculously hot Just wait till Nick's revelation about pretty underwear The scene where they talk about it while looking online seriously hot Not to mention the discipline scenesSeriouslythis author has a new fan This is my first book by her and I can definitely say that it will not be my last Needless to say I will be purchasing the rest of the series However to answer the usual uestionYES this book can be read as a standaloneI am one of many reviewers at Gay Book Reviews and can be found here received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review