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Just ShadowsEtween Root for the victim or villain its up to you Justice is blind and sometimes the sword falls where you’d least expectThe shadows are waiting for you Dare you step into the darkness and be judged. Just Shadows is a deliciously creepy and juicily unsettling read Each vignette is well written like a collection of disturbing sculptures what at first appears to be an ordinary situation uickly becomes the completely unexpected Murderers demons and ghosts jostle each other for prominence among the pages of Tara Fox Hall's vision of a world turning upside down sparing only random individuals as life often does Reading her anthology over lunch hours was eually a treat as was devouring them at home on my couch Fans of Stephen King should add Just Shadows to their personal libraries of horrorfantasy fiction it's not to be missed

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Read Just Shadows õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï [KINDLE] ❦ Just Shadows ➚ Tara Fox Hall – From the murky depths of a summer lake to the echoing halls of an insane asylum evils both supernatural and mortal lie in wait for potential victims Those innocent might escape by a hair’s breath if From thFrom the murky depths of a summer lake to the echoing halls of an insane asylum evils both supernatural and mortal lie in wait for potential victims Those innocent might escape by a hair’s breath if t. Originally posted at you like being scared If you do this short story collection full of horror stories many with wicked endings might be your cup of teaThis author was a new one for me and her writing grabbed me from the first story I was not expecting such frank uncensored evil in a very short story Her descriptions take you into the story and hold you right there until you have to see how she handled the taleThe stories range from tales about the end of the world to monsters in the closet to tales of vampires and life threatening situations They are very succinct and succeeded in getting my attention uickly Some stories could have been fleshed out and contained detail which would have spaced out the horror and made the endings of a shock Still this author can write a good edge of your seat tale with a scary ending in amazingly few wordsMs Hall takes your worst nightmares and makes them come true on these pages R L Stine writes “scary” stories for young adults but I prefer this author’s style She makes them sound believable even though you know they are fantasy They are subtle but grab you by the gutsIf you wish to share this with a young adult I’d recommend it’s a mature young adult who won’t have nightmares And if you have nightmares you might not want to read it either True fans of the type of book that makes you hide under your covers will enjoy this anthology

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Hey’re lucky Then again they might notJust Shadows is a collection of disuieting stories some horror others suspense ranging from classic haunted houses to murder to the apocalypse and everything in b. A Superb Collection of Creepy Tales Just ShadowsVery few writers can do justice to the short horror story which is surely one of the most difficult of literary forms but Tara Fox Hall is a master of the art Here we have for the first time an anthology of her stories collected in one volume And is it a humdinger Seventeen delightful vignettes for the horror connoisseur each one different each one chillingThere is the little girl used as vampire bait the nasty death in the tanning room at the health spa the demons in the department store and the futuristic vision of a dying worldPerhaps the most impressive is the very short tale 'Innovation' A masterpiece in a few wordsI loved every one of them and could hardly believe it when I came to the end so uickly I look forward to reading many of Ms Hall's stories and recommend her to all lovers of the genreJenny TwistAuthor