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Determined to find the source of the nightly creaking she alone can hear Sam Reading discovers Har. At just twenty two pages this story may be short but it's jam packed with sentimental paranormal goodness Tara Fox Hall brings us a love story in which half of the participants are from beyond the graveSamantha Reading loves spending the summer at her family's vacation property Until one fateful night when the strange noises and footsteps materialize into something unexpected a full fledged ghostHarrison Benning built the house that Sam and her family now enjoy Way back in 1816 that is Unfortunately he met an untimely demise and is bound to the property but can only become solid one one night a year the summer solsticeAs soon as young Sam and Harrison meet and after she gets over her initial shock they form an instant connection Since she was just a teenager I was glad it didn't progress beyond that for a few years Finally on that one night when Harrison can touch her the two of them can't resist each other any longer and it's that moment you wait for in every romance novelBut it doesn't end there Years pass and things change but really only for Sam It was painful to read about Harrison's suffering as he waited for her to return to him Sometimes she didn't and sometimes she did but he was forced to watch her move on as a mortal young woman wouldThe only thing that never changed was their love for one another even across decades and beyondI enjoyed this short read from Ms Hall Her writing style is light and easy and she doesn't shy away from some really painful events The only thing I wanted was about Harrison I didn't feel like I knew him as well as I'd like However for a powerfully moving paranormal love story I give Return to Me a solid 45 starsI'd recommend this story for adults who enjoy short rather spicy romance Grab your copy today

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Return to MeRison Benning a ghost who becomes corporeal for one night of the year the summer solstice Their wa. A Haunting Love Story Return to MeSam is the only person who knows about the ghost in their family cottage She hears his footsteps and senses his presence But Harrison is no ordinary ghost Once a year he becomes flesh and bloodOnce again Tara Fox Hall caught my imagination in the first few words and held it until the end She is a born storyteller and the stories she tells are exactly the kind I love to read She has a writing style that many experienced authors will envy Deceptively simple accurate and incisive Nothing gets in the way of the story I read the book in one sitting and couldn't believe the time when I resurfaced at the end Not many authors can do this Those who can should be cherishedRead this story You won't be disappointedJenny Twist

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Return to Me review » 3 Ò [Reading] ➷ Return to Me Author Tara Fox Hall – Determined to find the source of the nightly creaking she alone can hear Sam Reading discovers Harrison Benning a ghost who becomes corporeal for one night of the year; the summer solstice Their warm Determined to find the source of the nightly creakinRm friendship soon becomes powerful love that lasts through decades tragedies and even beyond deat. Return to Me is a romantic story between a ghost and a living girl This is my second take on a ghostliving relationship and this one was realistic and sad I enjoyed reading it even though it was awfully short It would to way better with a little detail and other instances I felt like everything was rushed than anything else But either way its a sad story that caught me I'm hoping to see from the author especially when she releases her first novel