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I hide behind a few trees and make my way Boy In MOBI #207 to the shed As I kneel behind it to make sure there is no one in the house I hear a faint “Hello” The voice knocks me to the ground and I nearly scream from fright I steady myself on my knees and look. “ I cannot seem to catch my breath The fear has made me tired I feel as if my legs are made of jelly never in my life have I been so scared I sit just beyond the rows of corn so if someone passes by they will not see me I start shaking my head back and forth Maybe if I shake it enough I can erase what just happened” Raylene 14 years old feels so alone by what she just witnessed She’s been keeping a secret inside from her parents and friends which is slowly killing her Jesse 14 years old lives in a shed He doesn’t go to school Raylene taught him to read She brings him food and clothing They are best friends in secrecy Tears were rolling down my face I was sobbingIt’s a short storysoooo well written299 Kindle download READ ITHIGHLY RECOMMEND Tammy Kraynik Your book will stay with me forever

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Boy In The ShedThrough a hole in the shed There I see a young boy who must be around my age He is crouching in the corner of the shed under a dirty blanket He looks as if he has never taken a bath in his life or had a proper hair cut – his hair hangs in his eyes I wonder how. This book I finished reading this itty bitty book about two weeks ago and I still don’t really know what to say about it It’s not that I didn’t feel anything I felt eight soggy tissues worth of anguish and heartache I felt so mad wanting to scream at Raylene until she finally did what I told her to I felt this righteous anger bubbling up inside me as an entire community failed this young boy and his father I felt inspired wanting to reach out to child protection workers everywhere urging them to make this book reuired reading I felt drained knowing that all too often voices that need to be heard are silenced I felt like I needed to read a book about sunshine and daisies and unicorns dancing through rainbows after finishing this one because I needed to remember that the world doesn’t just suckThis is one of those books where you know almost immediately that you’re walking straight into a crime scene The title gives you a hint Boy In The Shed In case you have any illusions that this is a lovely story of a boy who loves to play in a shed stop right there This boy lives in the shed This boy is beaten brutally for merely existing This boy has no formal education This boy has not heard his name for so long that he can no longer remember what it isThis is not the kind of book that you can finish and say you enjoyed it It’s the type of book that will haunt you and get under your skin but I don’t think that’s a bad thing because we should be affected by child abuse If you have children I hope this book brings home how vital it is to have tough conversations with them about what they can do and who they can tell if they or a friend of theirs is being abused It sounds so clichéd saying that evil triumphs when good people do nothing but this is what abusers rely on from you in order to continue getting away with it silence looking the other way pretending you don’t know what’s really going onThankfully this book is also about a beautiful friendship between this boy and 14 year old Raylene There’s this sweet innocence between the two which in a way makes the brutality of the boy’s circumstances seem so much horrific Raylene brings him much needed food and provisions She teaches him how to read She offers him kindness love and friendship when all he’s ever known is pain They become family to one anotherThe writing style feels young and comes across as though a young teen is writing about her experience I did feel as though the children in this book acted younger than 14 but that may boil down to their shared innocenceIf you read Boy In The Shed remember to have a box of tissues nearby and a stash of comfort food Whatever you do don’t try to uiet cry in the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep because your body will want to sob and denying it that is how migraines start I should know I wound up with a doozy 😃This book was recommended to me by Elyse thanks Elyse 💕 and while I don’t imagine that I could endure the heartbreak of a second read through I am glad I read it Looking through the blur of tears I also discovered a beautiful friendship and that’s what I want to take away from this experience

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Free download Ê Boy In The Shed 105 õ [Download] ➼ Boy In The Shed Author Tammy Kraynik – I hide behind a few trees and make my way to the shed As I kneel behind it to make sure there is no one in the house I hear a faint “Hello” The voice knocks me to the ground and I nearly scream fr I hide behind a few treHe can see out of it The shed is dirty inside with lots of cobwebs everywhere I can also see mouse droppings everywhere along with piled up junk “Hi” he says again “Hi what are you doing in there Are you lost” I ask “No I live here” “You live here?. I belong to a group called Around The Year in 52 Books The group moderators help determine through voting 52 prompts to help the reader select 52 booksWeek 3 A book where the author’s name contains A T and Y the Acronym for Around The YearI have wanted to read this book ever since EW told me how fabulous it is I was taken by the message of this bookRaylene misses her school bus one day and trying to take a short cut finds a shed in which a dirty boy is living The boy's father hates him and has relegated him to the shed Little food no education you get the picture Raylene takes him under her wing She CARES about him He does not even know his name They settle on calling him JesseI kept thinking of the word EMPATHY the ability to understand and share the feelings of another It might be than that like actually FEELING the pain That is why I liked this book so much Raylene feels Jesse's pain and strives daily to help note that EMPATHY also contains the letters A T and YLoved the book Thanks Elyse 5 stars