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Read ✓ Death Weeps ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Epub] ➝ Death Weeps Author Tamara Rose Blodgett – Caleb faces possible jail time for using Clyde as a undeadly weapon When he's exonerated with probation lasting a year Caleb has to watch his every action Tensions run high when after tEfend two peoples against the long arm of the GraysheetsTime begins to run against him when he discovers through an unlikely source that his friends have been given a drug that causes progressive insanity Can he find the antidote in time to save them To save Jad. This book starts after Caleb is arrested for using his zombies as weapons he got off with probation Dealing with all the problems of his trial and the tension it causes all those he loves is not the only problems he and his crew are facing this book The greysheets are doing their best to take him out but they are not going at it too his face like they have before this time it is much sneaky and deadly to those he loves His heart is in jeapordy as well There is only so much Caleb can take before he loses it completelyYou would think being 27 and a mother of 3 would make a book like this seem too juvenile but its really not These kids face challenges and trials daily that most adults couldnt handle The humor and attitudes of these kids are what I love most I have never laughed as much reading a book as I do reading the books in this series These kids crack me up I make sure I read these books when I am alone or with family who dont care that I am crying cuz I am laughing so hard over a bookI do recommend that you read Tamara's Savage series otherwise you might not understand completly a few parts of the book where the kids do some travelling to another parallel world The world is very uniue with the different species of humans you will read about You will grasp the concept of course so dont worry there but for full understanding read the other series too And Tamara reading about that last trip to the other world it is really making me scared for the next Savage book That was like a slap in the face a good slap though preview into the next book or books and I am scared for the characters of that series that I love so muchAs always Tamara's writing is excellent I dont even remember finding a spelling mistake which I almost always notice while reading The way she has weaved these two worlds togetherfrom 2 of her book series is amazing She pulled off what many could not Tamara you rockI tend to ramble a lot and bounce around a bit so bear with me There was no shortage of action humor mystery and love in this book so no disappointment there Gale and Clydes relationship is one of a kind and I love reading about the attraction and love these 2 feel for eachother view spoilerI cried when Clyde 'died' again I am a baby I know I really hope he comes back to 'life' in the next book hide spoiler

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Caleb faces possible jail time for using Clyde as a undeadly weapon When he's exonerated with probation lasting a year Caleb has to watch his every action Tensions run high when after the death of Jade's only relatives she must live with an undesirable foster fa. This was an intense read With Caleb on probation the parallel world of the sphere in jeopardy I just love the intermingling of these two series and an insanity drug tearing Caleb’s friends apart this novel keeps the reader immersed in its pages until the very last page Be prepared to visit the entire spectrum of emotions as you read this harrowing novel especially as Caleb must battle not only the physical threats around him but also his inner turmoil and rage a constant threat to those around him and what landed him on probation in the first placeIf you’ve read The Savage Vengeance then part of this novel involving the sphere will already be known to you but Blodgett does a great job altering the scene so it focuses of the teens in this version than on the Band as in The Savage Vengeance version And unbeknownst to us readers when we first read TSV but Caleb and his friends don’t just visit once but twice—the second of which is the most savage and heart pounding or the two encounters and if you’ve read TSV then you know just how heart stopping the first encounter was I was on pins and needles throughout this entire novel worried for the safety of everyone but especially the females as worlds collide and the Graysheets willingly subject their own “creations” to highly evil circumstances While I hate to ever add a spoiler in my reviews I think it is important to note that there is no rape in this novel or in any of Blodgett’s other novels for that matter While the fragment do exploit women Blodgett has never written in a rape scene or had anything so vile happen to any of her female characters I think it is important to note this because as a female I know that I shy away from all novels that deal with such a vile touchy topic and sometimes so much as the fear of an allusion to rape will cause me to refrain from picking up a novel So readers rest assured no females are raped in this novel though there are close encountersOne of the things that I really love about Blodgett is how real her characters and situations are even though elements of the paranormal are throughout the entire story Blodgett captures the truth that is growing up and coming of age The friendships humor heartache and anger are all present and very real I especially loved how in this novel Blodgett tests Caleb and Jade’s connection presenting truths to both that they were previously blind to and I am highly interested to see where their relationship goes in future novelsTo see my full review

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Death WeepsMily who are anything but what they seemLife gets complicated for everyone when the scientists responsible for the paranormal manifestation threaten a parellel world to Caleb's own In a bid to stop the destruction of their world while saving his own Caleb must d. DEATH WEEPS A DEATH NOVEL BOOK #5BY TAMARA ROSE BLODGETT CHARACTERSCALEB HART ALICIA HARTKYLE HARTMAC O'BRIENJOHN TERRINJOAN TERRINMARK JONSEYJONESBILL JONESHELEN JONESMICAH JONESALEX SIMS LEWIS ARCHERBRY WELLERTIFFANY TIFF WELLERGIL WELLERSHIRLEY WELLERSOPHIE MORRISMIA RAUL GARCIAROBERTS BOBBI GALEBRETT MASONCARSON HAMILTONDIEGO BUDDY HUGHES TACERDAVE SMITH CALEB AND TIFF'S AFTD TEACHERMRS CLAUDI CHEN PRINCIPALMERRANDA RANDI CHEN PRINCIPAL DAUGHTERDOME WORLD KING OTTOUEEN ADAPRINCE FREDRICKBRACUSPHILIP EDWINMATTHEWDANIELSARAHELISE DOME WORLD ORGANIC CLARA UEEN OF DOME WORLD OF OHIOTUCKER LEADER FRAGMENTGARY ZONDORAEJOE ZONDORAEHENRY COP10 months agoThe Judge looked at me I stood beside my lawyer I was in trouble for using the dead as a weapon Gramps Mom and Dad sat behind me It was easy for them to prove Death Intent That I had it that I'd used it The courts had Empaths give the accused a skin test and they knew the flavor of somebody's thoughts Now you'd think that the Empath could maybe lie about the accused Nope Cross check used second Empath from another district “Young man” the Judge began “you are aware of the seriousness of these allegations as they pertain to you and the greater majority of paranormals “Yes” My attorney dad had snagged from the legal team that defended his company stiffened beside meBefore the hysterical urge to Laugh at Inappropriate Times began the door slammed open and Garcia Gale and Clyde came in Immediately I felt calmer It's funny what having a corpse around will do for AFTD like myself Five points plus Life transference was no longer a theory but a reality It had The conseuence of it was breathing down my neck I saw the havoc of my decision every day in school You may call your first witness” The Prosecutor I call Officer Garcia as my first witness” He was the arresting officer he hated Clyde he had a hard on for Parker he and Gale were on the outsClyde was dead since 1929 But he called as witness A brave Empath gunned for his inclusion based on her read It had told her he had the higher reasoning to be called An undead witness It had set a global precedenceI could feel Clyde like a warm pulse at my back soothing my raw nerves That's what a few days in a cell will do for a guy “Officer Garcia please state for the jury in what capacity you serve the Kent Police Department” “I'm lead homicide in Paranormal Crimes Division with a specialty in Juvenile”Are you acuainted with the accused” “Yes I responded to a call from a juvenile about 2 years ago Cemetery call” “There'd been a zombie sighting The caller assumed she saw a corpse” “We saw no proof to that effect”Garcia was a few things but dumb wasn't a part of his package “I will illustrate the seuence of events which show Mr Hart's premeditated crimes”“Please outline each instance when you responded to a call Mr Hart was involved” Garcia did“Next witness” “The people call Clyde Thomas” Clyde stared into my eyes Then winked The anxiety of being accused of Death Intent and the “lesser” atrocity of using the undead as a weapon Clyde “Please tell them everything that happened that day”“I will Master” “And how old are you sir” “29” “In real time“127” Clyde answered “You must ask the right uestion counselor” Clyde “Fine Are you a zombie” “Yes”“Are you dead” “Yes” The jurors gasped“May I interject a uestion on behalf of my client“It brings balance to the current uestion” “It better balance it alright” “Yes Your Honor I think it does” “No I will not it makes no sense“It's relevant and you know it”“Are you alive” Clyde paused for a heartbeat two Then his eyes shifted to Bobbi Gale “Oh yes” The courtroom was plunged into a vortex of noise and chaos Clyde's eyes met mine We smiled at each other It was gonna be okayI frowned at that last thought My probation was almost up I looked around my room mainly clean now But with Jade coming over all the timeI grabbed my new pulse It was a smart pulse Hello Caleb we are running updates Your pulse communication system will be operational in 3 minutes and 264 seconds So much for smartnessJade had to be checked on Every day Now she lived with loser foster family for almost a year I'd worked as a Yard Servant to the RichI'd bought a special pulse lock for her bedroom door She lived in the basement That lock was Impenetrable Except for ArcherWe'd started Jr year and crap was rollin' downhill Jade had a month before she could take possession of her aunt's house legallyThis year had been awful Her dad and aunt both dying how it happened Then the move to the Foster Fam from Hell Brett added complication He was in love with my girl I gave her a piece of him intensifying it Hell we'd just gotten Clyde weaned from hanging around the trash separators “I'll check in with probation Mom” I said “I'm just scared you'll go to jail” she said in a whisperI hated checking in with probation I hated feeling guilty of something I couldn't have handled differently The Dog pushed his head into the Boy's hand and closed his eyes in pleasure at the rough pat the Boy gave The Boy had a way of showing he was Pleased with Dog that was uniue to him He relished being one of the favorites in pack The Dog cocked his ears at the command swiveling to Alpha Female He watched her all the time as it was Was there a reason for this special directive He lifted his nose into the air scenting emotion of pack he smelled aroma of water females made from their eyes It was perplexing The humans were a mystery Complicating things beyond what Dog could understand He gave a bark to his Boy He would Watch the Alpha Female this day Huh Onyx barked like an answer Oh well he was paying attention even if he didn't understand I gave him a little scratch behind his ears The Dog felt the answer from his Boy the pleasure affirmation that he would do he was told He loved his BoyI headed to Jade's I hated her foster brother I couldn't wait until her birthday Her 10 o'clock curfews the rationed food her creepy ass foster siblingsHowie Foster brother Dickhead Extraordinaire He smirked There was no love lost as Gramps said Jade tilted her head back staring into my eyes Alex and Randi walked up He'd taken to walking her to classes now “Keep walking dickless” Tiff Carson stopped and turned He glared at Tiff Diego walking up “Effing fantastic” kids congregate It was 1st week of school “You're a slow learner Tiff” Carson “That's what they tell me she said “Ya know I'll let this little bitch think whatever she wants I know what I got” he grabbed his crotch Nah” Tiff began “I think you're searching for it myself” she said Diego was towering over her “Ya know you take chances with that mouth of yours I could think of things you could do with your pie hole that have nothing to do with talking” He and Diego closed inTiff “Try it and lose it Diego” Tiff said as a promise Tiff should have been a guy I swear Diego grabbed back of head He should've paying attention cuz she jabbed him in throat “Holy shit” Jonesy “That was righteous” The kids parted like Red Sea Shit Chen Randi paled Diego clutching his throat “What's wrong with Diego”“Asthma” Tiff responded He doesn't have an inhaler Does he need to visit the nurse” Diego shook his head It be miserable dude to expose beat by girl to anybody “What's that on your throat” He shrugged Tiff had delivered a nice jab but element of surprise a chick's best weapon was goneClyde stood front of “Bobbi” Gale shielding her from gang of men clenching solid hickory bats He not determined if he could beat them before one fools laid their hands BOBBI The men closed in It seemed harmless 10 months ago she decided explore her connection with Clyde Her job Her position in community Her safety All those torn away when she'd hung on the chasm of choiceBobbi Gale wasn't famous she was infamous This was first case of zombie being kept alive a 2nd life after the first The AFTD fueled Clyde their proximity allowing him to live again So prejudice against walking dead and anyone have a relationship with a zombie was fodder 4 cruelty Everywhere they went people stared It wasn't that Clyde looked dead he didn'tThe first man approached bat held fist “Come on corpse boy take your licks and we'll show your lady a good time with Men that are alive” Clyde looked “Roberta I will take care of this scallywag and his cohorts and be done for the evening“I think you're done being cop lady They don't want corpse humpers on the force right boys” “You have let your intellect stand testimony before your words and been found wanting”Beefy connected hardwood with Clyde's palm Clyde bashed the blunt end into Beefy's head He dropped “Not too hard Clyde” 2 men crashed into Clyde and other 2 went for BobbiOne handful of hair and She spiked jab into throat he staggered backward pummeling stomach with jabs; uick lethal and deliberate He fell on his ass Bobbi took hit in jaw She begin to lose consciousness Bastard Clyde bent wrist heard wet snap as the bone gave He flung arm out clotheslined him He landed back wind knocked out him Clyde saw one hit Roberta He cranked man's head back Clyde barred his teeth opened to kill the human harmed Roberta The woman he lovedI ran toward theater scenting trouble Clyde was in trouble and I couldn't get a bead Bobbi either I was violation of 51 probation laws slapped on me but it didn't matter Somehow I knew he was in trouble I rounded the corner and saw teeth readying for a strike Shit “Clyde Release him head cracked against the pavement“You can't kill everyone” Clyde stood “It is not everyone Master” “Caleb” “What happened this time What a clusterfuck He strode Bobbi welt size of a plum on her jaw Apparently what you did in life followed you in death“They were planning to cause harm to Roberta” I frowned“The cops will come and we'll get in trouble Again” Clyde nodded “I see It would go badly for Roberta as well” Her being on suspension with pay10 months prior We filed back courtroomrecess over After Clyde answered the uestions about life and death courtroom been overrun with noise mayhem and general disorderMom was a wreck Dad was holding her together and Gramps was taking copious notes to paperwork all the asshats to death with all that American Law had left to provide“You can't deny my logic Hart you sprung Clyde on jury and that dude's got snark in spades John said “He's subtle but yes Anyone with I over a hundred going to get his brand of undermining sarcasm” “Well that takes out a lot of people” Jade said “We rubbing off on you” “A little” grinning Jonesy “Good Jade's trainable”Clyde was seated at the witness stand Our eyes met and he gave me the second wink of the day I winked backRandi When I didn't come back from my acuisition point sent in a level 5 “When told them what I'd seen they couldn't match up with any recorded or known acuisitions“I was in some dome thing“And huge door that all metal never seen anything like it There old fashioned faucetNew ability has be reported to the government”They named my ability” “Dimensional” “Parallel worlds John“A field trip Hart” Jonesy saidI sat on Gale's chair “I need to be on the down low until my probation's up” Bobbi sighed “I'm sorry Caleb I'm on thin ice myself I don't know if I'll be reinstated and way things are between me and Raul“I apologize” Clyde said“Ah I don't think you can legallyget married technically Clyde's dead There's like proof and everything”Bobbi handed pulse reader it had Clyde's birth and death certificates linked I love him Caleb” Clyde looked at her with such tenderness But I was somehow responsible for it all I had to help “I know” I said They seemed so right together “I can't help if you keep acting like you guys are normal” “We are” Bobbi protested Clyde's eyes narrowed at my words“You are becoming the man you were meant to be I am glad to be here to see it Caleb” Clyde said “Thanks”“Just cool it until my probation is over Besides my parents will be okay with you coming over And Gramps” Especially Gramps He was all over putting it to people that didn't like those that were different Zombie coupleI left I was in the eye of the storm waiting to get out and be free free of appraisal Free of scrutiny Just free“It's the truth I'm not sugar coatin' the turd princess If he blows it raises dead uses the dead” Jonesy “it's” he made guillotine gesture “no Caleb” “Much easier for the Graysheets as well” John To get at me The group got silent Well my group None of us had seen the group that had heard that last important part Later I would know they'd heard than I'd known The foot belonged to Howie and behind him stood Brett The Js stood as well Howie leaned forward until almost in Jade's face Howie knew I was on a short leash “Mom says you ride home with me from now on” “Why” Jade asked She doesn't need a ride from you Frazier” I said “You're not a part of this We have control of Jade until she's of age” “Don't we” he asked Brett's hand latched on to Howie's wrist “Knock your shit off Howie You're scaring her” Brett eyes held threat Violence “Why don't you fuck right off Mason” Brett fist was buried in Howie's mouth“Stop him” Jade screamed All us guys stood there and let Brett whale on Howie But then Diego and Carson came “Hey Brett dipshit you're gonna get a vacation” Carson pull Brett off and Howie took a cheap shot at his jaw Brett's head snapped back and Howie jumped to his feet his fists curled “Why do you give a rat's ass about her” Brett glaring at Howie “I don't know but I can feel her fear right here” Brett put his fist above his heart “And I'm not gonna have your dumb ass terrorizing her She's had enough of that bullshit” Howie turned to Jade “They won't always be around your boy heroes” “Your dead shit's on hold or you're in the slammer Hart” “And I know what happens in your house You got those hands of yours full You can't be her savior full time“Yeah I know about the 'death connection “Hell I bet you guys are tag teaming her she's a nice piece of tail I'll admit I'm gonna try for her myself”Alex's arms bolting mine to my sides When my eyes found Howie A promise stood in those frozen eyes Retribution Chen sighed I would love to give you some leeway Mr Hart But you have proven without a shadow of doubt that your reaction to confrontational situations is one of two things” One”“violence Your personal favorite I believe” “Two you call for backup and it is the type that we cannot abide here in Kent Paranormal High That I will not abide” “Howard Frazier has an exemplary record here at KPH” Another AP guy Just call me anxious on that one No small memory loss on old judo instructor that tried to rape and kill Jade Sophie Yeah APs not my fave PrecogIntuitive I would have from time to time I was always sorry when I didn't trust those I had started listening all the time now My alarm bells were going off Howie Frazier I should have been feeling good Jade's birthday less than month awayalmost free from the Frazier Fam I was feeling like there was a bubble of impeding doom hanging around ready to burst like one of Tiff's crazy ass gum bombs; dying to pop the mess in our faces“You're facing expulsion Caleb You're excused” “How long” I asked“That depends on you Mr Hart” “Jade is unprotected without me Miss Chen” “Why don't you let us handle security for Miss LeClerc”“Fine” I seethed “But if something happens to Jade on your watch it's on you” “I think I can handle one AP teenager Mr Hart” I only had one option And it sucked like hell but it was my last resort I walked out of the principal's office I'd wait outside for the one person that cared about Jade's welfare as much as me BrettI didn't know what Brett was anyFor Jade “Listen that goddamned tool“Frazier” Brett clipped “I got a vacation maybe a week I'm guessing”“Anyways she only has about 3 weeks until she's done there and he's gunning for her” Brett was uiet Hell he was going to make me spell it out “I think he's gonna try for Jade I need you to watch over her“You want me to protect Jade while you're not in school Is that it Hart” I nodded “Why me” “You know why Mason” I said pissed “Cause I've got a piece of her and she's got one of me” I hated this “Yeah”“Happy to” he said “I mean it It's not an effing joke Don't let your stupid friends jack her around” “Let me handle them I know what to do” He was the one that would feel when Jade was in danger scared or whatever It was the best choice and the worst “Ya know I'd never let anyone hurt Jade right You gotta know that” He'd be my watchdog on a chain barking at all comers “That's not what I'm worried about” I swung around on my heel and walked away “Do you feel me” “Say it Jade how do I feel about you It's not just responsibility “Like we're already married” I'm not 17 hell we haven't even had sex yet” Sex was a technicality at this point “But that doesn't mean I'm not committed to you”“I know But it's a lot Caleb” Jade had never had real love Love without linked violence love without conditions Just love Now that she had it it scared her I wasn't a half way kind of guy I was All The WayAnd I wasn't without violence I had my own brand Maybe it was scarier than most The Parental Unit shipped my ass to Gramps Felt like they thought he'd straighten my shit out Think again Gramps and I were alike The down side far away from Kent I figured I could have dead to Jade in 5 minutes flatJeffrey Parker in the driveway Logan TrackerBUDDY DATED SOPHIE among the guys and zombies Including warrior 2 yrs ago that mine“I need your help” “Oh that's rich” Gramps said “Ask yourself did I ever hurt you” My mind tumbled over memories of the cemetery shuffling like a deck of cards Sophie almost getting taken the mess with Smith judo instructor turned raping and murdering maniac Even by my tally he'd been interfering not attacking Not really But you've interfered in everything I've done” “I protected you” Logan answered “When he found out Graysheets real motivation was” “We're all big experiment for them To further their goal” “Which is” Gramps asked “Control” Parker “Whoa pony hold your horses I liked ya right where you were”“This 5 point Precognitive identified you as the catalyst“For the end of the Graysheets” “What I thought was bid get powerful C M was them having intel to know you'd be a problem Getting you on their roster and having you under their thumb to derail you from things you were supposed to do well that was a bonus” Gramps “uestion How is my 17 yr grandson involved in anything here” and “if you lay a finger on him I'll take your eyeballs out with a spoon“You might at that Mr O'Brien But that's not my objective here” “What is”“We want to bring things back to rights I've never felt sure than I do at this moment “You've helped greatly by getting yourself caught up in enough trouble that Graysheets can't make a move for you But they will if provoked So I propose for you will have to be done with the utmost caution” “The Prec