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The Harvard Trainer Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ➫ [Ebook] ➦ The Harvard Trainer By T. Scott McLeod ➶ – At what price do we sell our souls Subtle compromises; false promises; empty dreams Chasing things we thought we wanted only to realize when we got them they Rm in Canada returning to his roots How can you know where you are if you don't know where you came from Living with his Uncle Bud Thomas discovers the Harvard Trainer and also discovers himself An anthem to freedom an ode to the road journey a manifesto of personal liberation the ultimate ballad of the broken heart The Harvard Trainer will take you on a ride you will never forge. The protagonist of this book really annoyed me He whined too much for my liking; he did have a horrible thing happen to him but I felt that it was awfully repetitive The story was pretty repetitive too meet people buy them stuff and cry I hated the plot twist at the end too as I felt it was lazy on the part of the author to cement Thomas's psychology in that way Not impressed

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At what price do we sell our souls Subtle compromises false promises empty dreams Chasing things we thought we wanted only to realize when we got them they weren't what we were seeking at all Thomas McAllister The Harvard MOBI #207 awakes unable to live the life he'd been living Some whispering within him subtle at first calling him on an adventure to where he doesn't know Giving. This book was awesome A guy who has been through a huge heart break and the way it changed him; completely altered his life I can certainly relate to it Wait I wrote it Wait it's a story about my life Like all of your children you love them all even when they're a little bit funky and wacky Road journey book my ride take it with me

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The Harvard TrainerIt all up abandoning it letting it go the life he used to live Taking to the road having adventures In search of self in search of some meaning that goes beyond the material veneer of this commercial world Was everyone asleep Did others experience this calling Surely he must not be the only one Seeing things in a new way finding new perspectives Thomas arrives at his family's fa. In the last few months I've won a couple of books from Goodreads and continued reading them even though I didn't like it after the first few chapters After reading the first couple of chapters I'm refusing to waste any of my time on this book The book opens with a man in his late 30s crying about his divorce and he continues to talk about all the crying he's done for the first dozen or so pages He owns a Porsche and is the CEO of a company that does something with computers or tvs or something electronic Sometimes he drives his Porsche really fast to try to keep the sadness at bay Then he volunteers to do something at a board meeting that any technician could do and while driving the product in his Porsche he pulls over to the side of the road and goes swimmingThe writing does not flow well It is very disjointed The character is not likeable at all and someone that is generally hard to like While this book may be about him finding to life it starts out terribly and I don't even want to find out about changing one's life or being inspired by the world around you or going on a road trip because why would you want to go an a 300 page road trip with an a hole in the first place Even if he turns out to be a good guy in the end which I don't even know because the writing was again terrible and I didn't want to waste time on itBesides being disjointed the writing is terrible because it seems to be solely focused on what this man is thinking saying and doing Yes I understand that's the point of the main characternarrator but there is no context for what he's doing It would have read better as a script because there was little to know description of anything going on around him It was unimaginative and egocentric There was no depth to the characters at allAt least I got this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads program