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Download Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Susan Sleeman E fought to escape Cash promises Krista protection from the bomber's retaliation Yet she hesitates to trust him as she sees his suspicion about her grow with every uestion she dodges She can't expect Cash to continue to safeguard her unle. Explosive Alliance was a fantastic read I haven't read the first book in this series yet but I don't think that impacted my enjoyment at all I loved the characters found the suspense very good and liked how not everything was as it seemedAll in all great story and I recommend itI received a complimentary eBook copy via NetGalley for my honest review As always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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Explosive Alliance Free download Ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì ☉ Explosive Alliance PDF / Epub ❤ Author Susan Sleeman – Helpyouantib.co.uk RACE AGAINST TIME The last thing Krista Curry expected to find in a soccer stadium was a time bomb When she alerts explosives expert Cash Dixon she becomes a local Ss she tells him the truth Now Cash must decide if she's an innocent woman or guilty accomplice But the clock is ticking down and the real bomber is still on the loose First Responders Brave men and women alert and ready for danger and lo. Typical tropes man haunted by military fiasco woman with mysterious past now caught up in investigation she looks guilty because of her secret they're drawn together but know the other is hiding something the thing is this book works for me despite those obvious tropes Is it because of the heroine's relationship with her grandfather Solid writing that never descends to clichés I'm not sure but I really enjoyed reading this book and cruised through it though I have a number of good books going right now There's a special pleasure in picking up a new author hoping for a particular kid of story and getting it well executed and entertaining all the way If it faltered a bit it was at the end when convention reuires all the threads to be tied up a bit too neatly for my own tasteI also liked that the Christian message is Living a trouble free life is impossible It is finding peace in trouble that you should be striving for Instead of that fake message that if you're saved everything in your life will be perfect which so many books try to sell me I'll definitely try another by this author

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Explosive AllianceRACE AGAINST TIME The last thing Krista Curry expected to find in a soccer stadium was a time bomb When she alerts explosives expert Cash Dixon she becomes a local hero But the attention could expose her real name and the infamous past sh. by Andrea Renee CoxWhen I first heard about the First Responders series I had just won a copy of the first book The premise for it and the entire series sounded like something I would really enjoy I was disappointed that the first book was a lot slower paced than other suspense books I'd read That made me hesitant to continue the series but the idea of this elite tactical team coming together to make a difference in the world continued to intrigue me so I have slowly been collecting them That way I could read the rest of the series pretty much back to back to backI am disappointed no longerExplosive Alliance was a huge improvement on the pacing and I absolutely got the suspense vibe I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading Susan Sleeman improved her approach and pacing and boy did she ever deliver some surprises I'm uite impressed at the transformation and am now really eager to begin book three I can't wait to see the rest of the FRS team members' storiesIn Explosive Alliance I really enjoyed the relationship between Krista and her grandfather Otto It was such a sweet connection and the devotion and courage that came from it were really beautiful My mind's whirling with this amazing story so I'm not really sure what else to say about it right now other than how awesome it was Honestly just get this series and binge read it It's looking like it's going to be worth itThis is my honest review