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Free read ↠ Day Zero Zero Trilogy #1 ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì ➫ Day Zero Zero Trilogy #1 Read ➳ Author Summer Lane – A NATIONAL BESTSELLER FROM THE NATIONALLY POPULAR COLLAPSE SERIES FROM CREATOR AND AUTHOR SUMMER LANEElle is a survivor Since the collapse of modNg for food and fighting for her life And then everything changes After she is forced out of her home she heads north What she finds is a group of bunker survivors unlikely comrades and the hope of a safe haven Together they journey toward the dregs of. These are easy to read books or Novellas as they are uiet short and set in the same 'Universe' as her other Collapse SeriesThis series follows a young girl 'Elle' as she struggles to get around the nearly abandoned city of LA I say nearly abandoned as of course its full of the gangs ferals and other low lifes that you expect in this type of story otherwise what would be the point It's a good fun read not to heavy with a nice simple plot to follow that makes it an enjoyable readThis book has some great descriptions of street scapes and city scapes giving you a real feel for being in the city You can really get a feeling and understanding of what the city that is desolated and abandoned even through the eyes of a young girl Summer Lane does a brilliant job of describing thisSummer writes great characters this one is slightly different in that her female lead is slightly less useless than Cassidy was at the outset of the Collapse Series Cassidy seemed completely inept at everything but was able to be rescued by the gorgeous hero uiet often whereas Elle is very self sufficient The characters in this series seem almost a little believable than in her other series and this one is a bit darker I feel as well It reads really well and you flip through the pages uickly wanting to read what is going to happen and find that the story is over very uickly basically its only flawI really enjoyed the first in this series and have already started on the 2nd and will get the 3rd on pre order based just on this book as in my opinion it’s a great series and a bit better than the Collapse series believable in its characters and its story and a great read

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Civilization facing starvation imprisonment and death They are Day Zero PDFEPUBalone but they are ready Day Zero begins today A novella the first installment in The Zero Trilogy a novella series complementing the wildly popular bestselling Collapse Seri. A very uick read this novella was book one of the Day Zero trilogy It tells the story of 15 year old Elle surviving alone in a Santa Monica and Hollywood in a post apocalypse world Elle encounters a group of four other kids who have also survived although they dont have the experience and survival skills necessary to make it in this rugged landscape Against her better judgement she stays with them and I uickly became engaged in the fast paced story as Elle took on a leadership role Just as I was really getting into it the story came to an abrupt end Knowing it was part of a trilogy I can understand the ending not providing the resoltion I was looking for and it made me keen to read on but as a standalone book which was what I had intended I'd have to say I felt I was left hanging Still it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to have enjoyed this one

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Day Zero Zero Trilogy #1A NATIONAL BESTSELLER Zero Trilogy ePUB #9734 FROM THE NATIONALLY POPULAR COLLAPSE SERIES FROM CREATOR AND AUTHOR SUMMER LANEElle is a survivor Since the collapse of modern society she's been living in the remains of downtown Hollywood California foragi. VERY EXCITED This book is the beginning of a new saga that is set in the same world as the Collapse Series but with an entirely new storyline new characters and a new perspective on the end of the world as we know it