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State of Emergency Collapse #1 Read & Download Þ 0 ☆ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ State of Emergency Collapse #1 By Summer Lane ✩ – What would you do if the world as you know it ended in an instant How far would you go to survive Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate A little shy a littGht Oh And there's the matter of avoiding getting killed in a world of Emergency Collapse PDF #198 that's uickly turned into an active war zone It's going to change Cassidy's lifeIt's going to be a major pain in the buttNew AdultYoung Adult Contemporary Romantic Adventure. sigh Good and bad newsGood news This book is fast paced engaging and a good addition to the dystopian genre Don't let the price make you think that the book is bad at all It's up there with other dystopian books and will keep you entertained The dialogues are fun I'm a sucker for romance and this book didn't dissapoint it was cute that wayBad newsThis is not a NA dystopia Not that something like that is bad but I've set myself the goal to find New Adult books that are not College romance erotica disguised as New adult or adult fiction disguised as new adult In this case this is a YA book that might appeal to NA readers because the romance is cute and charming But not too much steaminessIn constrat some scenes are violent enough to guarantee a upper YA label but honestly other YA books like Branded and End of days have pushed the envelope way I'm in awe with the author look at her profile she looks so young and she has already written 10 books I think she is extremely talentedDo I recommend this book Yes It's a YA dystopia that deserves a chance and it costs only99 I feel it was a good bargain for all the fun I got However if you like me are expecting a NA read that isn't the typical NA story this is not a NA read Still enjoyable thoughKudos to the author for the way she wrote snarky dialogueAgain if anyone has recommendations of NA dystopian or NA steampunk or NA thriller let me know

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What would you Emergency Collapse eBook #180 do if the world as you know it ended in an instant How far would you go to survive Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate A little shy a little sarcastic and a little naive But when an electromagnetic pulse takes dow. I can't go on I just hate the main character too much It's not me it's youSo in this book we have the promise of civilization as we know it ending because of an EMP I love end of the world scenarios Whether it's by zombie super virus war or EMP I'm in And the death and destruction the better oh spongebob you blood thirsty little bastard I love your killer instinctCassie our hero is a 19 year old girl whose father has prepared for the end of the world She is on the case She grabs her bug out bag runs to the car that they modified to survive EMPS with complete supplies and extra gas and drives without headlights to sneak out of town to her and her dad's rendezvous cabin She also is carrying a gun and knows to avoid people who may try and take her car She sounds like a tough smart prepared girlShe's notOkay why have all of this going on and a semi automatic weapon on her when she doesn't know how to shoot Why hasn't she had any self defense courses Why does she struggle with whether or not to pick up a Navy Seal who will help her on the side of the road but refuses to listen to him and pulls over later at an obvious trapBecause she is an idiotCassie is the most annoying idiot ever She actually gets lucky enough to have a Navy Seal with her who is 10 years older than her and yet she refuses to listen to his instructions and advice on how to keep them alive She also pouts whines complains and cries constantly Seriously this Navy Seal guy deserves some sort of medal for not just taking her car and leaving this pathetic girl on the side of the road Because if most people are going to die do we really need this idiot to be the beginning of the new human race I don't think soStill I gave it a try I thought maybe I could learn to like Cassie somewhat if the story was good enough But once they go into the city and find soldiers speaking German herding all of the survivors into prison camps and then get lucky enough to meet an old man who teaches them all about Nazi Germany in WWII it was the last straw

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State of Emergency Collapse #1N the United States she's State of PDFEPUB or forced to kick into full survival mode when she gets separated from her father Yeah Things suck But with the help of a handsome soldier named Chris she just might find her dad without getting into serious troubleEmphasis on mi. Great concept but this didn't work for me as much as I was hoping it would There's an EMP that wipes out power to the Los Angeles area and maybe all of America Cassidy and her father former cop now PI are prepared for that though Her father is a bit of a paranoid conspiracy theorist who has go bags ready and a plan for the both of them when the world is destroyed So when things go for shit Cassidy hightails it home grabs her goodies and leaves the burning world behind in one of the last remaining working cars in the worldOn her way to meet her father she almost runs over Chris an ex Navy Seal They start to travel together and as the reasons behind the EMP are revealed the story begins to fall apart for me It doesn't take humanity long to turn on each other maybe 24hours after the EMP and this shifts high gear into dystopian territory The issues the pair run into along the road are due to Cassidy's inexperience I'm not sure why Chris a seasoned military man is allowing her to call the shots since all her suggestions lead to disaster The big bad here is a bit over the top and his reasons for focusing on the two of them seem a bit thin when the bigger picture is exploding all around them The chemistry between Cassidy and Chris is sweet but not uite enough to pull me into the story