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The Year of the Beast'He is one of the PDF #198 of the best we've ever had' Geraldine BrooksOne of Australia's finest and most critically acclaimed writers returns with a powerful novel that goes back to the very beginning of the story to bring his sweeping Glenroy series to a magnificent closeMelbourne the times are tumultuous the city is in the grip of a kind of madness The Great War is raging and it is the time of the hotly contested secon. I am a longtime fan of Steven Carroll and this gorgeous book can be either the beginning or ending to the Glenroy series either way it fits beautifullyCarroll's short lyrical sentences pack such a descriptive powerful and evocative punch Despite being set in such a tumultuous time in Melbourne despite the emphasis on war killing political disruption the insensitiveness of human beings to one another this is a story of such hope and promiseI want to be Maryanne strong brave and independent it's the bearing

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Nt by the day whether to give her child up for adoption as the Church insists she does or to keep her child and face an uncertain futureA powerful novel of a time a city and a woman The Year of the Beast is Steven Carroll at his best A Year of the PDFEPUB #235 rhythmic insistent and pulsing novel that tells a compelling story of mothers families and what it means to be an individual standing against the surge of the crowd. I so admire Steven Carroll's writing and had eagerly awaited this last in his Glenroy series Taking the reader back to WWI and the turbulence of the 2nd conscription debate in Australia Carroll creates his protagonist Maryanne who has a family history to give birth to Forty years old unmarried and seven months pregnant when the novel begins as an outsider Maryanne astutely observes the beast that is the mob mentality the darkness and hatred that have allowed the world to enter a kingdom of death the war itselfThe metaphor that Carroll creates is masterful and as he explains in his author's note is based on Freud's Id and on Dante's Inferno Descriptions of the madness that breeds such hatred are often breath taking in Maryanne's observations of what is happening in the rioting streets of Melbourne as conscription is endorsed by the followers of the Prime Minister Billy Hughes The very worst of humanity has risen and become this collective thing on which each of those massed faces gives the gift of its darkness so that the beast may slouch into life and the world hear its groans As well Maryanne is fighting against the hatred that is directed against her because of her decision to bear a child as an unmarried mother a force set on her by the Church and by her community These two struggles against conformity portray the strength of character and of conviction in remaining an individual against a tide of collective hatred Carroll's skillful phrasing the mood evoking rhythm of his writing and his compelling storyline are matched by the complexity of his characters This is another novel to savour by one of Australia's contemporary masters Loved it

REVIEW The Year of the Beast

REVIEW The Year of the Beast 109 ↠ ➾ [Download] ➾ The Year of the Beast By Steven Carroll ➳ – 'He is one of the best we've ever had' Geraldine BrooksOne of Australia's finest and most critically acclaimed writers returns with a powerful novel that goes back to the very beginning of the story t 'He is one D conscription referendum Fights are raging on the streets rallies for 'YES' and 'NO' facing off against each other on The Year Epubopposing corners Men women and children jostling brawling fighting and spittingThrough these streets walks Maryanne forty years old unmarried and seven months pregnant These are uncertain dangerous times for a woman in her position And she is facing a difficult choice a choice which gets urge. Regardless of being curious about a male author writing about a pregnant woman in the 1920s I really wanted to like this book But it just left me wantingThe parts about Maryanne becoming pregnant and wanting to keep the baby were real and understandable But the very real worry that a single pregnant woman must have had of surviving let alone flourishing in that era left me perplexed as the number one issue not The Beast; not society of the day; not her sister; not her lost job or half baked romance; but money Rarely was mentioned Unless I missed something major which is always a possibility the idea of coping without parental support a job and income was rarely addressed Sure her sister supported her and they lived in a house but how did her sister make her money And whose house was it anyway Was it hers and her sister's Their dead parents A rental And as for her sister leaving her some money how much money how long would it last would she continue to send money from her life on the road with a swag and a gun And as for Viktor why was she so obssessed with his inability to support her emotionally let alone financially when their rest of their affair was so half hearted and she admitted she hardly knew him or like him To me how I would survive financially would be my number one fear Not being able to support myself or the child Forget The Beast it soon died down or lay in wait to pounce another day Give me specifics on the budgetary situation so I could then move on with the plotThe imbalance in this novel wasn't just on that one plot point but also in the amount of time spent in discussion about certain lives Maybe the style was such that certain other character aka the young Vic would never rate of a few paragraphs' mention of his life but his son Michael took up the baton in the latter stages And this left me with uestions too Why Paris Did Maryanne even have a link to Paris at that stage or was that in the next book in the series I was confusedI haven't read any of Carroll's other books so maybe that let me down I had hoped this novel would be standaloneI also found the relationship with the suffragette and activist Vera compelling and then it too just fizzled out When Maryanne and Vera reconnected in a crowd after the baby was born seemed a strange finality for their relationshipI couldn't help but feel this line with Vera as with Michael and Paris was a trail of breadcrumbs for the next novelI did like the early days with her in the spa town which I presume was Daylesford It was vivid for me and allowed me to paint a picture Yet even though she was a teacher there was little about her classes or her teaching or her ideas or thoughts around it I know it was the backdrop to meeting Viktor but surely as an independent woman it should have been than that and that needed fleshing out The back room of the schoolhouse where they had sex seemed to get description I found the repetition of the phrases 'the beast shining scales' ; 'we were not the usual run' and 'crafty bitch' etc tiresome Show me the beast Show me how Maryanne and her sister Katherine weren't usual Besides the rifle and the swag I didn't get much sense of Katherine as well Where did she wander off too What did she do there How did she make money how did she stay safe what had happened in her previous travelsFather Geoghan and Milhaus were well drawn but Madame X like her name remained an enigma and their final denouement almost neatly Pre Raphaelite in its conclusionThe silent babies with their feeler hands in the air was uite possibly the most poignant part of the novel I spoke with a student who was adopted and she gave me on thatMore than anything I want to know how Carroll came to writing from the point of view of a pregnant woman in the 1920s Was it part of his family history How did he did deep into that indep