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Read ☆ Little Raw Souls Stories ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub à ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Little Raw Souls Stories Author Steven Schwartz – Award winning author Steven Schwartz writes of loss and replenishment in eleven suspenseful and affecting stories Set mostly in the contemporary Am? a woman falls asleep in an airport only to become the victim of a crime by a man who robs and kisses her at the same time A divorced man in “Bless Everybody” winner of the Cohen Award from Ploughshares finds himself threatened Little Raw ePUB #10003 by the young couple he tries to aid And in “Absolute Zero” a s. Schwartz is a talented author and his craft really shines through in this collection There was a bit of irony for me as I started the book while in the Philadelphia airport waiting to board a flight to Phoenix If you've read the collection you'll know that there are many strange connections in the stories to my circumstances at the time I found this eerie but the coincidences also helped me better relate to the stories Overall the number one thing I enjoyed about this collection is the reality that we're all little raw souls I love that description and how we see the rawness and soul of each character I found something to enjoy in each story but Bless Everybody felt too familiar similar to something I've read before which made it predictable and The Last Communist started off great but felt way too rushed at the end My favorites were Stranger Absolute Zero and Indie which I especially liked the format of

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Award winning author Steven Schwartz writes of loss and replenishment in eleven suspenseful and affecting stories Set mostly in the contemporary American West the stories take on the identity of a place where tradition is still a work in progress and acts of self discovery arise for characters at any age In “Stranger?. Steven Schwartz's new story collection unlocks the puzzling secret hearts of men on the brink of realization at the cusp of middle age or seniorhood There is something deep and fine in his characterization something rarely seen and perfect pitch Each character comes to the uncomfortable edge of a deep chasm across which is a glimpse of human fallibility a sense of Aristotlean terror and pity Aristotle coined the term catharsis for what he saw as the purging of the emotions of pity and fear aroused by a classic tragedy In Schwartz's stories the reader's catharsis is in response to the pity and terror of nothing tragic than the lives of middle class men set adrift by life sad and exposed A Jewish boy weaned on Socialism finally reveals his secret life of supporting an exiled student radical An emeritus college professor walks away from a chance at passion then turns back to look like Orpheus at the gates of hell A failed writer faces his past choices a series of devil's bargains of trading integrity and accuracy for a brief flash of fame and fortune By choosing to make heroes or antiheroes out of beaten down teachers and educated men and the women who stand beside them or desert them Schwartz has done what the recent New York Times article said we now have proof for literary fiction teaches us empathy Put Schwartz's skillful stories on your shelf with Chekhov and Alice Munro But be prepared to open your heart to a great sadness when you do

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Little Raw Souls StoriesEventeen year old boy needing his dying mother’s permission to join the Marines experiences a startling encounter with the promiscuous teenage daughter of a Marine sergeant he looks up to Steven Schwartz’s stories never stand still With pathos and humor they probe ahead searching out the tender souls of his character. I'd not heard of Steven Schwartz or his publisher Autumn House before reading this so had no idea what to expect What I probably hadn't expected was this set of perfectly crafted poignant emotionally complex tales each with depth than many a novel They're all pretty conventional nothing showy or experimental here but each has the feel of real life with characters muddling their way through as best they can Not a single story is less than very good and the majority are excellent Easily the best collection I've read so far this year