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The Border Download î 104 Ã ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Border Author Steve Schafer – One moment changed their lives foreverA band plays glasses clink and four teens sneak into the Mexican desert the hum of celebration receding behind them Crack Crack CrackNot fireworks gunshots The mu One moment changed their lives foAnd Pato Arbo Marcos and Gladys are powerless as the lives they once knew are taken from themThen they are seen by the gunmen They run Except they have nowhere to go The narcos responsible for their families'. Border is the debut novel of author Steve SchaferFour Mexican teenagers witness the cold blooded murder of their families by a band of Narcos whilst attending a 16th Birthday celebration They flee into the darkened night with the sounds of death threats ringing in their earsSchafer has lived worked volunteered and travelled throughout most of latin America including northern Mexico and it is clear he has extensively researched his topicThe story is narrated in the first person by 16 year old Pato But we also get a good sense of the other three main characters Arbo Marco and GladysWhen they realise their only means of escape is across the Sonoran Desert into the USA the teens are naive and unprepared Desperate situations call for desperate measuresIt’s easy to feel empathy for these four teens Good kids who have been placed in a life or death situation Throughout the story they bicker they get along they dream and occasionally the leadership role shifts but most of all they are scared; just like normal teensThis is a timely and relevant story with the immigration debate currently storming in AmericaThe Border is a highly emotional and thought provoking read with palpable suspense and page turning actionHighly recommended I received a copy from the publisher via netgalley

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Murders have put out a reward for the teens' capture Staying in Mexico is certain death but attempting to cross the border through an unforgiving desert may be as deadly as the secrets they are trying to esca. Steve Schafer’s The Border is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read all year I don’t typically delve into YA because like many I felt wrongly I see like the genre didn’t have much to offer an “Old Adult” but I’m delighted to be wrong Bristling with suspense humanity horror and humor The Border is a gripping tale from start to finish When a deadly attack at a uinceñera suddenly sends friends Pato our narrator and Arbo along with the cool soccer star Marcos and Gladys the object of Pato’s affection—running from a vengeful brutal gang of narcotraficantes known only as La Frontera The Border the four friends begin a desperate perhaps misbegotten trek north through the Sonoran Desert to find “freedom” across the border the in the US While their journey to the US is fraught with thrilling tension and moments of exceedingly tense exchanges throughout Schafer also offers poignant reflections on culture and life north of the border In one of many elegant and thought provoking passages Schafer has his narrator Pato ruminate I wonder what life might be like had I been born over there If I were the one sitting in the SUV with a frosty drink in hand on my way to play at a fancy resort Would I have noticed me watching from the sidewalk Would I have merrily taken pictures while ard police cars rolled down the streets Would my life have been better or just different”From its opening scene to its satisfying heart wrenching conclusion The Border is a truly brilliant novel that couldn’t be timely and necessary I recommend this book for not just YA audiences but for anybody looking for an intelligent beautifully written look at border politics or just a damn good yarn Like any good mystery the uestions in The Border revolve around the whydunnit than the whodunnit with plenty of bracing action and biting politicalcultural satire to satisfy readers both young and old A breathless and provocative tour de force that hits the mark everywhere brilliant fiction should A masterful effort

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The BorderOne moment changed their lives foreverA band plays glasses clink and four teens sneak into the Mexican desert the hum of celebration receding behind them Crack Crack CrackNot fireworks gunshots The music stops. As Pato is entering his cousin's birthday celebration with his parents he sees a strange black car sitting outside the house and means to say something about it but with the excitement of entering with his family it slips his mind Later in the night Pato Arbo Marcos and Gladys sneak away from the party to smoke when all of a sudden gunshots ring out in the night When the group return they find everyone from all their families have been executed with the gunmen still there Marcos thinks uick and finds a gun to return fire but the group finds themselves on the run from the drug dealers With nowhere to go and the narcos doing everything they can to find them the group finds themselves setting out to cross the desert hoping to find freedom in the US Steve Schafer has come up with an excellent novel that truly fits today's society and headlines giving a look into the lives of some of the innocent that are forced to flee Mexico and risk their lives crossing the border illegally With all the talk in the news of building walls on the border this story is very relevant with the four innocent teens having no other option but to run away from their home due to the volatile situation that was not any doing on their part The story is fairly fast paced with a decent amount of action building the tension throughout their journey although I did find a few slower moments There's a bit of a romance that builds between Pato and Gladys which of course didn't sit well with Gladys' older brother Marcos who becomes the self appointed leader and protector of the group to add to the drama of the story during their crossing Arbo was the sort of class clown type of personality which leads to a few funnier moments to lighten up the read here and there Overall while this young adult read is a story of fiction the reality of the characters situation is a great look into the struggles that some truly do suffer and I'd definitely recommend checking it out I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit