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Twilight Mobi à 501 pages Ç Helpyouantib Ú [Reading] ➹ Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer – About three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him—and I didn't know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unc About tAbout three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him and I d Actual rating 15 stars Believe it or not there are actually a few books that are worse than TwilightOk funny story I was sitting on my couch with my husband last night finishing up Twilight I slammed the book shut and began rubbing my temples Then my husband goes So you finally finished huh? Yes I can't believe I used to like this book I said Hahaha Yeah I remember you were on Twilight's balls hard Yeah yeah yeahThere isn't a single book on my shelf that has fluctuated between all ratings besides Twilight No your eyes do not deceive you I actually have read Twilight 4 times I used to hail from Shelfaricom and the first rating I ever gave Twilight was 5 stars After I made the switch to GoodReads I decided to give it 4 stars instead So recently I was browsing my GoodReads shelf I often do that to clean up ratings I noticed Twilight was sitting pretty at 4 stars and was on my favorites shelf At the time I thought Wow that's not accurate at all Maybe it deserves 3 stars? But I uickly decided no no noI'll just do a fun little project and re read the series and give them all better ratings If your curious about the details of the project stop on over here Project Hindsight And hey if you like what you see won't you subscribe? Yes? end shameless self promotion The coolest thing about re reading Twilight is that it has caused me to create really cool new shelves such asKill me now Idiot heroine This is not literature And my personal favorite Where's my chocolate? One of the first things I noticed during this re read was how incredibly boring it was Bella is dull as a doorknob And the first few chapters of the book are essentially a 'Bitch Moan Complain' session So we have Bella moving to Forks WA because she wants her mother to be happy on that later And she's all like Ohhhh I hate this place It's green Ewww it's wet Fuck my life And what's one of the first things Bella does when she arrives in Forks? She cooks Charlie dinner No I don't have an issue with a female character enjoying cooking but it is practically thrown in my face that Charlie can't fend for himself; Bella has to cook Well what the hell was he doing before she arrived? Oh ya did anyone else realize that despite the fact that she says she is not allowed to call Charlie by his first name; she almost always calls him Charlie? WTF Bella goes to school and during lunch she first cast her eyes on the Cullen family view spoiler hide spoiler

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Idn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unconditionally and irr It turns out we don't need Dr John Gray to tell us that men are from Transylvania and women are from Venus We just need to read Stephenie Meyer books For example from this book we learn that the millions of women who have wolfed down the Twilight series pun intended want men who1 Talk about their feelings Either Meyer's husband is the single most communicative male on the planet and she doesn't realize how unusual he is or she like most of her female readers is using her fiction to imagine a world where men not only have deep emotions but want to admit to having them and talk about them over and over articulating even the most subtle of their internal dramas 2 Make them flutter But just being a sensitive new age kind of guy doesn't cut it A man has to be hard bodied chiseled dashing and have eyes that pierce the soul if not the skin even as they never look at your chest This book suggests that a real man makes you constantly stumble over your words bite your lip to refrain from exclaiming adulations and lose yourself in the sweet smell of his breath 3 Are fiercely devoted That a girl of no spectacular beauty who lacks any trace of conversation skills whose only virtue is that she smells really yummy can inspire an immortal creature of godlike power and grace to alter his entire existence to serve and protect her watching over her by night on that in #4 This is a woman's ultimate fantasy to have the perfect man perfectly devoted for no good reason at all4 Want them so bad that they won't take them This alas is the most transparent aspect of this book's appeal It speaks volumes about the differences between men and women to have so many women toss their bodice ripping romances aside in order to read how a feral man with otherworldly physical desires can contain his passion and lust out of his pure and perfect love for his beloved It says that women really do wish they could have it both ways to be an object of lust and devotion at once to fulfill a man's desire without actually slaking his thirst for her To have a man watch you sleep and not want to have even a little peek under the covers now that's hot fantasy for today's woman who is otherwise told on a regular basis that to be her best self she has to enage in casual and risky sexual behavior To see just what an indulgent fantasy this book is just imagine the male centric version of Twilight in which a troubled teen boy moves to a small town to find the hottest girl in town is a vampiress Such a book would be about 100 pages long all the unnecessary internal dialogue would be removed No one would talk except to comment on the awesome size of um one's videogame library The vampiress would be simple relatively dumb incredibly hot wearing almost nothing and with no expectations of her man but drawn to him only by the smell of his gym bag She wouldn't hold herself back from trying to bite her intended but would get so distracted with his bedroom techniue that she would never get around to it We would laugh at such a book in fact we know it would never be a book since men don't read; it would be a movie and it would be a smash summer hit called American Vam Pie er I'll start the screenplay right away Somehow when this story is told in a similarly indulgent female centric vein we don't reject it but sympathize with it I believe this is because women get to indulge in their fantasies so rarely outside of Jane Austen novels while men are surrounded with theirs So far I have yet see spam email inviting one to read hot things devoted husbands would say to their wives or see pictures of hunks promising not to get nasty out of respect for their women or buy this purple pill so you can stay up late and share your feelings seven times in one night So hats off to Stephenie Meyer for figuring out what it is that women really want and giving it to them

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TwilightEvocably in love with himDeeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful Twilight is a love story with bite my name is bella bella swan here's what stephenie didn't tell you it's super duper importanton the morning after it rained it was rainy outside and i frowned at it being so rainy all the time i chuckled to myself darn weather i stared at the rain outside which is where they usually keep the rain there was never any rain in phoenix i love phoenix i hate rain i tripped over a large air pocket on my bedroom floor and bashed my skull into the corner of my bookcase which had three shelves and was faux wood veneer after i applied cold compresses and stanched most of the bleeding i drove to school but they must have moved the school building across town i chuckled to myself darn school moving peopleafter i drove around for a few hours looking for where they put the building edward cullen pulled up alongside me in his shiny silver volvo which was silver and a saab i think his well muscled chest was riding shotgun wearing a blue gray waffle knit long sleeved t shirt relaxed fit jeans with contrast stitching in a lightly distressed wash and an ivory colored jacket made from the dyed skins of clubbed baby seals he dressed very well like someone who wears nice clotheshis well muscled chest waved to me like an old friend but edward glowered at me from the driver's seat his eyes were black i think he came down with glaucomaeven though he glared at me and gave me the finger he smiled and told me to follow him to school he knew where they kept it i wonder how he found out but just then i nearly tripped over my gas pedal and fell through the windshield i am so clumsy when we got to school edward's well muscled chest walked me to english class try to be careful in there the chest giggled while at the same time giving me a sinister sideward glance that made the blood in the veins under my skin in my body feel ice coldhaha i giggled tapping the chest on its rippling pectorals very funny i then said running my finger around his kennedy half dollar sized nipples i'll try to be careful i joked alarmed at the unearthly chill emitted by his taut obliueseveryone stared at us in the hallway which was a long interior space allowing access to various doors the students were wearing clothes and talking and carrying books through the windows of the classroom which looked onto the out of doors i could see the rain was still raining outside then i tripped over my clitoris and fell into a galvanized steel av cart on casters three people were seriously injuredi chuckled and turn bright red how embarrassingat the end of the school day edward cullen came to walk me to my car his chest was nowhere to be seen probably at banana republic or out hunting mountain lions again i chuckled to myself darn chestwhere's my car? i giggled after chuckling for a whiledon't you remember that you totaled it this morning when you drove into the orphan's hospital? he said he was looking at me with his eyes he gave me his ivory jacket to keep me dry from the rain which is usually very wet then he looked at me again smiling with the right half of his mouth but frowning with the left half of his mouth and oddly expressionless in the middle part of his mouthyou know i said falling over a parking bumper into a rack of bicycles rain isn't the only thing there is that gets me wetlet's just be friends he hissed arching an eyebrow flexing his sinewy wrists and flaring his beautiful muscular nostrilsi realized then he might be a vampire or really gay or a really gay vampire i should have known he had erasure cassettes in the car