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Read & Download Rhinegold 104 ´ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Rhinegold By Stephan Grundy ✩ – Proudly dedicated to both J R R Tolkien and Richard Wagner Rhinegold is a tour de force that will enthrall devotees of either master of magic casting a fascinating new light on the stories they have t Proudly dedicated to both J R R TolkProudly dedicated to both J R R Tolkien and Richard Wagner Rhinegold is a tour de force that will enthrall devotees of either master of magic casting a fascinating new light on the stories they have told What The Mists of Avalon did for Celtic culture Rhinegold does magnificently for its Nordic counterpart Sweeping the reader into the stark sensuous exuberant world of North European myth and saga Rhinegold tells the story of two warrior lines whose destinies are interwoven throughout seven generations by the mighty god Wodan The Saxon clan of the Wa. Long time since my last re read of this book Nice to see that it holds up uite well I still feel that the first 23 are the best There are some really strong female characters in this book Grundy's use of the saga is beautiful and incorpates runes and lore

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Lsings and the Burgundian Gebicungs are bound together not only by the wyrd of the gods but by the hoard of gold shimmering beneath the waters of the Rhine The treasure will become the spark of bloodshed and the destroyer of dynasties And it will bring the great hero Sigifrith fame and power as he slays the dragon Fadhmir to become its rightful ownerand bring him to his doom Stephan Grundy's bold strokes paint a vast canvas the Europe that lay north of Imperial Rome in its decline A continent caught in change as war bands harried its coast and storm. NOPE I only got through pg 40 something but that told me all I needed to know I don't like this author's style slogging through another 800 pages of this massive doorstopping brick has all the appeal of a root canal Sobye I've got other chunky fantasy tomes awaiting their turn on my Currently Reading shelf It's probably not fair of me to rate this 1 star given that I'm particularly difficult to please when it comes to retellingsderivative fiction but whatever I'm not in a nice mood today YMMV; many others seem to have enjoyed the experience shrug

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RhinegoldEd across its plains tracing the whorls of fate written in runes on the misty borders of the otherworld Its landscape is one of howling snows and golden summertide loves of trollcraft and blood oaths of proud ships roistering mead halls enchanted sunrises werewolves and dazzling valkyries An epic of heroism and betrayal mysticism and witchery incest and tragedy Rhinegold breathes life into an age of uneualed grandeur A novel that brings intimacy and poignancy to the tumult of legend it is a reading experience that will haunt one's imagination foreve. I lived rather than read Rhinegold It is so richly textured its characters so compelling it sunk into me and played out in dreamsI groaned or screamed at characters when they frustrated me feared for them when they were in trouble wept when everything was hopelessAs well as achingly real characters Rhinegold combines history magic and drama into a fascinating story that starts with the origins of the WalsingsWe follow Sigimund and his twin sister Sigilind on a perilous fated journey towards destiny that forever seems to close in on characters like a vicious net Sigimund and Sigilind drew me into their story into their lives so much so that I found it hard to throw off emotions churned up after reading their chapters We follow Sigifrith Sigimund's son a Norse hero indeed who avenges his father's death and fights a dragon guarding a cursed treasureBut no matter how much we wish Sigifrith's story ends happily there's always that sense that he is trapped by fate by gods by his enemiesYou read his tale with a heavy heart especially as he is drawn into plots by the Burgundians Gundahari Gundrun and Hagan the central character in Grundy's Attila's GoldThis is a fabulous story a dark rousing saga with characters who will haunt you for many many years