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FREE READ Mortifera issue #1 100 à [KINDLE] ❂ Mortifera issue #1 By Stephan Frost – Mortifera's story revolves around two sibling demon hunters and a renegade demon that all seek to slaughter the damned throughout medieval Europe The Mortifera are an order of knights that use the dar Mortifera's story revolves around two sibliOle nearly every vial of demon blood and had the means to amass an army of the damnedExcept for one demonIn their desperation Catherine and Ethan summoned Durin to aide the Mortifera It now falls on Catherine Ethan and Durin to hunt Kanisus and destroy the legion of the unhallowed that now walk the ear. Growing up I was one of the few girls that I knew who loved comic books As the years went by my love of comics books evolved into a love of graphic novels So that is why I jumped at the chance to review MortiferaWhile Stephan Frost’s story alone is worth the price of admission the art is bound to draw you into his world And as someone who couldn’t get enough of Buffy the Vampire Slayer anything having to do with slaying demons is all right with meFrost sets the story of the Gregors up well Children of the world’s foremost demon slayer they are called into service when their father is killed by one of the foul beasts he is sworn to defeat If you are or ever were a comic book fan the combination of Mortifera’s story and excellent artwork will surely entertain I was given a copy of this e book by BTS Book Trailer Showcase for the purpose of reviews; I was not paid for this review

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The founder of the Mortifera who was brutally murdered by the demon Kanisus Their father once stood vigil over an aggregation of various demon blood vials Through a summoning ritual a demon's blood allowed a possessor to bring forth a Mortifera issue ePUB #10003 demon from the depths of hell Kanisus st. Brought to you by OBS reviewer DawnI think I’m becoming a fan of graphic novels I never thought it would happen but here’s another one that I really like I received 28 pages from Mortifera to review My biggest complaint I didn’t want it to end It was over way too soon I think I’ll have to purchase the novel because I like the characters the art and the storyI enjoyed the foundation of the story a priest who opened a gateway to hell and the group who tries to send the demons back before they destroy everything My favorite part is the maps and history History grabs my attention every time The visualization of a doorway to hell was creepy The demons are even worse the kind you would have nightmares aboutMy favorite uote between Catherine and Ethan“Watch yourself brother Kanisus is one of the most dangerous and vengeful demons that ever walked the earth”His reply“No Shit”That made me laugh The dialogue is extremely clever and easy to followThe mortifera are bad ass I look forward to reading and seeing how they fight backAlso see staff member Albert's review

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Mortifera issue #1Mortifera's story revolves around two sibling demon hunters and a renegade demon that all seek to slaughter the damned throughout medieval Europe The Mortifera are an order of knights that use the dark arts against their unholy rivalsCatherine and her brother Ethan discover the remains of their father. Mortifera is a dark comic And by dark I mean bloody and semi violent Between the pages there is a battle going on of the epic variety Good vs Evil Demons vs those who can and will stand between them and world domination If you enjoy the epic battles then you'll love Mortifera In it the Vatican is the last stand between chaos in the Dark Ages and the future of mankind There are heroes and villains and I can't wait to see what happens to Catherine and Ethan and how they fit into the structureThe Artwork is beautiful especially in full color I'm used to mangas I really loved the difference between the bold lines and deep colors contrasting to the panels that were etched with antiue maps and charts While the first issue set up for the world and future battles it was over as soon as the action started and left me wondering if half the issue was missing Frost creates an intricate world that he clearly wants readers to understand but in doing so had to end the issue without any action for the readers to sink their teeth into although the demon torture was pretty niceSo final thoughts I love comics and mangas I love the dark violent ones especially and this was an interesting take on the Vatican and the Dark Ages although not uniue was well done