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reader ð Jerusalem The Biography ´ read » simon sebag montefiore Ë ❮Reading❯ ➶ Jerusalem The Biography ➮ Author Simon Sebag Montefiore – Najnowsza książka autora światowych bestsellerów Stalin Dwór czerwonego cara; Stalin Młode lata Najnowsza książka autora światowych bestsellerów Stalin Dwór czerwonego cara Stalin Młode lata despoty oraz Potiomkin i Saszeńka Pasjonująca opowieść o historii Jerozolimy na tle wojen powstań i losów jej królów cesarzy zdobywców oraz proroków świętych pisarzy poetów którzy tworzyli burzyli odbudowywali i spisywali dzieje City of the Book My first sight of Jerusalem was in a taxi driving up from the airport at Tel Aviv It was a winter afternoon in late November with the sun well down on the horizon The colour tones were all light grey not drab just grey upon grey dramatically punctuated by a brilliant flash of gold from the Dome of the Rock it was almost as if I had been allowed the briefest glimpse of the celestial city Zion itself It was the new city we drove into with the old beyond the Turkish walls prominent on the horizon My first impression was of sheer ordinariness all a bit anti climatic After all Jerusalem is a place that one has visited countless times in the imagination the city of David the city of Jesus the city of Mohammed the city of God It was only gradually that the reality caught up with the romance Yes this is an ordinarily extraordinary place; here I am walking on the flagstones of history itself on the paths of destiny I’ve now visited the city again through the pages of Simon Sebag Montefiore's Jerusalem; the Biography What a story he has to tell tragic and bloody exhilarating and uplifting; how well he tells it with style ease and a superb eye for detail for the artist’s colourful vignettes that bring the place to life It’s the story of us all it’s the story of civilization itself of the rise and fall of empires and dynasties; but it is the particular story of the Jews the people who might be said to be defined by a place that for so long existed only in prayer and longing – “Next year in Jerusalem” Largely driven out by the Romans in AD 70 and again in AD 135 they began an epic wandering of exile and return one that has an almost mythic and Biblical uality a greater Exodus In place of the Jews came so many others – the Romans and their Byzantine inheritors the Persians the Arabs the Umayyads the Abbasids the Fatimids the Crusaders the Seljuk Turks the Kurds the Mamaluks the Mongols the Ottomans and in 1917 the British General Allenby achieving something that had proved too much even for Richard the Lionheart Jerusalem is not so much a place an obsession It was obsession faith and persecution that finally saw the return of the first people of the Book Montefiore’s ‘biography’ is a stunning achievement given the range of time and the vastness of detail that has to be covered given the stages of the life History has been laid down here layer by layer one civilization building on the stones of another one religion laid down on the beliefs of another the sediments of time and faith But given the sensitivity of the place given its importance in Judaism Christianity and Islam the kind of archaeology that would uncover so much of what is hidden has always been problematic particularly around the area of the Temple Mount In this particular regard the author touches on the story of one Captain Monty Parker a louche Englishman a sort of Flashman like figure whose archaeological explorations in the city before the First World War in search of the Ark of the Covenant were carried out with an Indiana Jones lack of finesse He is the only man in history to have caused a riot that united Muslims and Jews The other thing about this deeply impressive and lucid book is that Montefiore manages to pack in so much so effortlessly without seeming to overwhelm one with detail; but there is detail and detail aplenty from high history to the comically Rabelaisian I found myself laughing out loud at certain parts not just his account of Captain Monty but also his sketch of some of the earlier pilgrims who did not always arrive filled with holy purpose and celestial thoughts It’s important to remember that Jerusalem is on so many ways a city of sinners rather than saints Chaucer’s Wife of Bath visited three times There is Arnold von Harff a German knight who visited the city in the fifteenth century armed with a few phrases in Arabic and Hebrew which leave little doubt as to his profane intentions; How much will you give meI will give you a guldenAre you a JewWoman let me sleep with you tonightGood madam I am ALREADY in your bed Yes there are moments of comedy but it’s heavily outweighed by the tragedy of a place where so much suffering and death has been caused by zealotry and fanaticism There is the madness of the city during the siege of Titus; the horror of the mass crucifixions that followed its capture; there is the massacre that took place after it fell to the Crusaders in 1099 which caused the streets to stink with decomposing flesh for months after; massacre mayhem and murder century after century The tragedy and the pettiness has even invaded the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the supposed site of Christ’s crucifixion where the various Christian sects acted out ancient debates and hatreds not stopping on occasions short of murder Montefiore is an excellent historian the writer of superb biographies of people as diverse as Prince Potemkin and Josef Stalin I expect the highest degree of accuracy from him which makes the occasional minor lapses all the annoying It was Louis IX and not Louis XI the treacherous Spider King who led the last effective crusade the idea of the latter on Crusade is than ridiculous I can excuse that a mere slip of the Roman digits but what I find difficult to overlook is the contention that General Charles Gordon helped to suppress the Chinese Boxer Rebellion which took place fifteen years after his death But this is a minor uibble that did next to nothing to stop my enjoyment of a work of history that also manages to transform itself into a superlative work of literature I cannot recommend it highly enough

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więtego Miasta Od króla Jerusalem The PDFEPUBDawida do Ariela Szarona od Abrahama do Jezusa i Mahometa od Józefa Flawiusza do Amosa OzaWykorzystując nieznane wcześniej archiwalia najnowsze badania naukowe oraz dokumenty swojej rodziny i własne wspomnienia Simon Sebag Montefiore stworzył wspaniałą epopeję trzech tysięcy lat wiary fa Jerusalem is a fascinating city Holy to Jews Christians and Muslims it has at times been the center of internaational intrigue conflict and reverence and at other times a forgotten backwater pile of rocks Its history stretches over thousands of years and has been the subject of countless prayers hopes dreams and aspirations It has inspired awe of the divine and hatred for our fellow human Its history is the history of East meeting West of religion and realpolitik of imperialism and indigenous rights It is a messy complicated and bloodstained city that has at times been Jewish Christian and Muslim It is simply put as complicated a place as it is holyJerusalem The Biography sets out the very ambitious task of telling the story of this embodiment of contradictions It presents an unbroken account of what was happening to the city and the surrounding area from its founding through the present day I think in some ways the book succeeds in relating the events of Jerusalem but fails in telling the story of JerusalemWhat I mean by that is Montefiore does a very thorough job cataloging the important events and happenings of Jerusalem but for much of the book I felt like I was reading one long Wikipedia article The writing for most of the book was very dry and had a very simple structure of A happened then B happened then C happened It was not terribly engaging and I didn't feel as though Montefiore provided much added value to the narrative of events This did diminish as the narrative approached contemporary times and my guess is there just wasn't a ton of sources for a lot of Jerusalem's early history for Montefiore to draw uponBut lackluster writing aside the story of Jerusalem is fascinating It has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times It has fluctuated in importance over the course of its existence Sometimes having massive amounts of wealth poured into it to beautify it sometimes ignored as an inconseuential town Its population has likewise fluctuated significantly over the period from a bustling metropolis to a ghost town While I consider myself an appreciator of history there was much that I was surprised to learn such as The early Jewish dynasties and ruling families Macabees and Herodians for instance were just as petty scheming shortsighted and conniving as Western aristocrats I guess we all are human underneath warts and all Even at the height of its power as an independent kingdom Jerusalem was very much a small fish in a pond with much much bigger fish and had to play them off against each other to maintain some degree of independence The aforementioned fluctuation of Jerusalem's importance and size over the years It was as though Christian Bale's amazing power of losing and gaining weight for movie roles was manifested as a city I had no idea how serious the Russians took Jerusalem and how important of a role Jerusalem played in international power politics of the Ottoman era Heck a French CatholicRussian Eastern Orthodox dispute over control of the Church of the Holy Sepluchre basically started The Crimean War Speaking of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the many churches that maintain it violently hate each other from Wikipedia On a hot summer day in 2002 a Coptic monk moved his chair from its agreed spot into the shade This was interpreted as a hostile move by the Ethiopians and eleven were hospitalized after the resulting fracas Last time I checked a fracas does not end in ELEVEN hospitalizations And compared to historic HS fracases detailed in the book this fracas was a relatively timid affair Apparently for a good chunk of time under the Ottomans Jerusalem was a wretched hive of scum and villainy in so far as it was a crass tourist trap AND a freewheelinganything goes city Sort of the wild west in the middle east Montefiore uotes a bunch of people's experiences there as being completely turned off or disgusted by the state the city and holy places are in Having visited this ancient city twice I have a very difficult time reconciling that version of Jerusalem withe modern holy and religious city it is nowAnd those were just some of the many nuggets of history I uncovered with this book This book does not lack for historical insights I just wish the writing was up to the monumental task of telling this complex and uniue story of humanity and the divine

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Jerusalem The BiographyNatyzmu zbrodni i współistnienia Znakomita biografia Jerozolimy Simona Sebaga Montefiorego ma wielkość i rozmach jej trzechtysiącletniej historii Dzięki tytanicznej pracy badawczej autora i jego talentowi ożywiania przeszłości ta fascynująca książka jest prawdziwą skarbnicą wiedzy zarówno dla uczonych jak i laikówHenry Kissinge A very detailed in depth history of one of the most complex troubled emotionally and religiously intense cities of the world the ideological center of all three Abrahamic religions An emotionally exhausting tour spanning across millennia of war pilgrimage cooperation and coexistence fanaticism corruption mysticism and enlightenment The history of Jerusalem is the history of the World it has been stated and I definitely see some merit in this statement The weight of history feels overwhelming here it really is a very special place It is also the city where these religions and people are forced to live very close together and as such it is a litmus test for the maturity of human kind a test that currently considering the political situation in the Middle East is far from delivering flattering results The author provides a well researched balanced history of this ancient city providing an amazingly detailed overview of Jerusalem its history people religions and architecture The book is well written but I think that some of the author's selection choices are a bit uestionable there is too much focus on the personal idiosyncrasies and histories of specific individuals who cares if the wife of some mid rank British officer had so many affairs at the expenses of the coherence and explanatory depth of the main historical patterns and developments I think the author who is certainly passionate about Jerusalem and its history tried hard to keep the reader's interest alive but in doing so he create something that occasionally feels disjoint and uneven I must admit though that for me reading this book has been at times an enlightening and occasionally even an exhilarating experience I have learned a lot about what Jerusalem is about and the deep emotional cultural political and religious links that tie this uniue city to the Jewish Muslim and Christian traditions It is inseparable part of the DNA of all three religions and only solutions that take into account this historical truth can be viable in the longer term Jerusalem is a treasure of the world I personally learned a lot by reading this book I already knew about the deep links between Christianity the Muslim religion and Jerusalem but only by reading this book I came to the full appreciation of the very profound links between Jerusalem and the Jewish culture identity and tradition I think that now I have a complete perspective of things And while I knew that the history of Jerusalem and of the overlapping networks of conflicting claims to this city were something complex and difficult to accommodate I did not know that it was so maddeningly complex I also learned about the important relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and Jerusalem and the important part played by the Russian Jewish immigrants And most importantly I also learned that there were periods when the three different religions happily coexisted together I wish we could learn from these enlightened periods rather than using history as a means to justify exclusivity and extremism