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Download A Conspiracy in Belgravia ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ï [Reading] ➶ A Conspiracy in Belgravia By Sherry Thomas – The game is afoot as Charlotte Holmes returns in the atmospheric second novel in New York Times bestseller Sherry Thomas's Victorian set Lady Sherlock seriesBeing shuThe game is afoot as Charlotte Holmes returns in the atmospheric second novel in New York Times bestseller Sherry Thomas's Victorian set Lady Sherlock seriesBeing shunned by Society gives Charlotte Holmes the time and freedom to put her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use As “Sherlock Holmes consulting detective” aided A Conspiracy MOBI #207 by the capable Mrs Watson she’s had great. With this second installment the Lady Sherlock series officially becomes my favorite historical fiction series of all timeNothing else even comes close Five stars are NOT ENOUGH — I have literally never said that in a review beforedeep breathSherry Thomas is a goddess She has literally given me everything I have ever wanted from this genreInteresting take on a retelling ✔Compelling romantic sub plot ✔Accurate depiction of a time period ✔Whip smart female lead ✔Plots within plots ✔A complex cast of characters ✔Feminism ✔Honestly I could go on and on here This list is really never ending So lemme try to get my shit together and stop fangirlinganother deep breathThe Lady Sherlock series centers around Charlotte Holmes a woman who is so smart that normal mortals struggle with her intelligence Especially since this is set in a time period where women were generally understood to be second class citizens to be lesser than men in every regardWhen I say that this centers on Charlotte I mean that these books are told through multiple third person PoVs The cast of characters are all connected to her in some way but they each have their own voice and story arcs that progress along with the seriesI am invested in each and every one of them Even the characters I don’t really like because through Charlotte’s astounding insight I understand them and want them to understand themselves and become better people when they doCharlotte I think might be my favorite female lead of all time So often when an author delivers us a woman genius they divorce all femininity from the character It subtly reinforces the stigma that intelligence masculinity It prologues the obnoxious belief that women can’t be taken seriously if they like fashion or pretty things or show emotionSherry Thomas thinks that’s bullshitSo she writes Charlotte with a delicious mix of wit and eccentricity Charlotte can tell you what the weather was like in the town you passed through yesterday morning just by looking at you But she also adores ornate gowns dressed with ribbons and bows She takes great pleasure from sugary confections wrapped in pretty parcelsAnd while her cool logic might render her outwardly calm and unshakable she is not immune or allergic to displays of strong emotions in others Despite what the other characters may think It was all too easy at times to believe that she never felt anything that inside her rib cage beat not a heart but the metronomic device of an automaton She’s not unfeeling She has a heart Her emotions just manifest differently than how others expectI adored the first book in this series This one is somehow even better The character growth or maybe not growth but expansion is phenomenal And the plot Yea godsIt starts off simple enough an aristocratic lady searching for her long lost loveA good analogy is that this plot is like a ball of twine In the beginning of this book it’s a tightly woven orderly thing And then it just unravels from there Three uarters of the way through it looks like something a litter of kittens got into and dragged halfway throughout the house You have no idea which strands attach to each other or how to make any sense of it It’s a convoluted jumble that you have no idea how to put back together And then Sherry Thomas takes you by the hand and pulls you away from it to look at it from a greater distance and you realize that there was a pattern there all along One so complex and ingenious that you’re not even mad you didn’t see itSeriously the first time I read the ending of this book I set it aside and muttered “Well shit”It’s no wonder that Charlotte reads like a legitimate genius when she comes from a mind like Thomas’And she does read like one There’s a part early on in this installment where she solves a complex code called a Vigenère cipher that is truly breathtaking And I speak as someone with a background in this As someone who worked in binary and morse Who listened to sueaks and beeps for the government for over a decade and whose job it was to make sense of them for other peopleSo yeah this series will forever hold a special place in my heartI cannot recommend it enough for readers with long attention spans For those who adore the classics Or for anyone looking for a complex yet still fun and captivating set of stories capable of wholly transporting you to another time and placeBlog | FB | Twitter | IG | Pinterest | Tumblr | YouTube

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Success helping with all manner of inuiries but she’s not prepared for the new client who arrives at her Upper Baker Street office Lady Ingram wife of Charlotte’s dear friend and benefactor wants Sherlock Holmes to find her first love who failed to show up at their annual rendezvous Matters of loyalty and discretion aside the case becomes even personal for Charlotte as the missing man is none ot. Another brilliant installment in this intensely enjoyable series This is extremely character led murder mystery where a huge part of the pleasure and indeed plot hangs on the interactions of Charlotte Holmes and her close family and companions in detectionIt starts the day after book 1 ends and I'm glad I read them back to back as I suspect it might have been a tad hard to follow otherwise These definitely need to be read in order to grasp the interwoven threads which are done magnificently It's also much better edited than the first am glad the publisher raised their game Terrific Cannot wait to find out what happens in the ongoing story I'm off to get #3

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A Conspiracy in BelgraviaHer than Myron Finch her illegitimate half brother In the meanwhile Charlotte wrestles with a surprising proposal of marriage a mysterious stranger woos her sister Livia and an unidentified body that surfaces where least expected Charlotte’s investigative prowess is challenged as never before Can she find her brother in time or will he too end up as a nameless corpse somewhere in the belly of Lond. When I started the series I was apprehensive of how successful my favorite HR writer is going to be navigating the uncharted territories of historical mystery My fears were put to rest as I loved the first installment and this one even a tad betterThe story picks up right after book one ends And rather than describing the plot which would be difficult to do without spoilers I want to share what I felt navigating the story The best analogy I can come up with is viewing a painting by an Impressionist At the beginning if staying too close to the painting all you see is small broken vivid brush strokes of oil paint They appear to be randomly selected unorganized going in different directions and in no way related to each other Take a few steps back and your eyes will have to adjust to its blurriness you start to see the purpose of these strokes They start making sense Take steps back and you reach the perfect end distance where it all comes together and you can truly appreciate the shimmering effect of these not so random strokes marvel at the whole picture they present and you want to see That’s exactly the experiences I had while reading the story And the best part of the story Miss Charlotte Homes herself of course Oh if I can hug a fictional character I would hug her Although on the second thought since she would prefer not to be touched I would bake a delicious pastry to satisfy her ever present sweet tooth The pastry would be light enough so she wouldn’t have to worry about reaching the maximum number of tolerable chinsCharlotte's superb mental abilities and lack of emotional empathy to other are the most fascinating aspects of her character It seems there is a proliferation of stories with female detective set in Regency or Victorian times These women are smart capable andtoo anachronistic of the times Not Charlotte In Charlotte’s characterization Sherry Thomas's talent shines through Charlotte has a brilliant mind amazing ability of deduction She solves almost impossible problems able to connect what appears to be random things and events and does it better than any man around her but is able to do all of this within the boundaries of Victorian England female and not just any Victorian female but unmarried and socially ruined oneThe author didn’t just insert Charlotte into Sherlock’s area of expertise she made a character completely different from the well known man Charlotte has to be creative in her investigation in order to preserve the illusion of Sherlock Holmes to the man on the street and the policeAnd although the mystery is solved at the end there is so much of family and relationship dynamic left to explore Can’t wait for the next installment