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Review ó Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô [BOOKS] ⚣ Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3 By Sharon Page – Absolute SurrenderTwo years ago with her reputation already in jeopardy Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful compelling stranger in one Rodesson's Daughters PDF #10003 Absolute SurrenderTwo years ago with her reputation already in jeopardy Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful compelling stranger in one night of d. The final story in Sharon Page's historical erotic romance trilogy this is youngest Hamilton sister Grace's book After she gives herself to a man offering false promises of marriage a humiliated Grace stumbles upon devastating highwayman Devlin and experiences a night of real sexual pleasure But then Grace and Devlin go their separate ways though neither forgets what they shared Years later Devlin is intent upon finding Grace and beginning again what he's sure never should've ended Soon they're experiencing unbelievable passion once while ducking family and the law This was an adventuresome tale with a captivating hero and heroine who can't fight the fierce love they've found I hated to see this trilogy end because historical erotic romance is my favorite and it's so tough to find good reads in this genre

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Again vowing Hot Silk PDF to make up for the time they've lost to take her to the heights of carnal abandon and show her the exuisite bliss of exploring her darkest most decadent fantasie. This was the stupidest book I have EVER read If I could give it negative stars I would I am so friggin annoyed that an amazing plot opportunity was wasted on this bundle of crap I want Sharon Page to take it back and re write it the way it should have been doneAHHHHHHHH I'm pulling my hair out with disappointment because I loved the first 2 books and so wanted this book to complete the trilogy with something worthy I mean come on she had a pirate to work with and a carriage robbery how could she so thoroughly mess that up when she is so talentedIt was like the book was written by another author The dialogue was pathetic the prose did not blend together and the plot decisions were beyond stupid especially when their were blatantly several other wonderful directions she could have taken the scene It was like she wrote an anti novel a complete deconstruction of potential coolnessI hated the heroine She must have borderline personality disorder or multiple personalities He was a pit of inconsistency emotional instability and selfishness And his crew you know what I'm not even going to go there because it just pisses me off Why Why did this book have to be so HORRIBLE

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Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3Elicious uivering ecstasy Wild bold and wickedly sensual Devlin Sharpe is a highwayman and pirate a scoundrel whose world is ruled solely by pleasure And now he has returned to claim Grace. I really liked this book It was an enjoyable adventure to read the characters were memorable and the story flowed beautifully I loved it The scenes were also well written and well placed throughout the book A Lovely way to pass an afternoon