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Rodeo ueen Summary À 5 ✓ ❰Download❯ ➸ Rodeo ueen Author Shannon Taylor Vannatter – CAITLYN WENTWORTH LOVES BEING A RODEO UEENUntil she starts receiving threatening letters from a stalker The good news is the Texas Ranger assigned to her case is none other than her former sweetheart CAITLYN WENTWORTH LOVES BEINGMemories best left in the past When Mitch insists on hiding Caitlyn away on his family’s San Antonio ranch will he keep things professional or seek out a second chan. Rodeo ueen is a fantastic book At the beginning of this book the author gives mystery and romance Also there were a few surprises This story is so great I finished reading it in one night The author gives an inspirational romance that shows giving our fears and putting our trust in God I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rodeo ueen It's an excellent book to readDisclaimer I received an ebook from the author in exchange for my honest review This review is one hundred percent my opinion and no monetary compensation was received for this review

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CAITLYN WENTWORTH LOVES BEING A RODEO UEENUntil she starts receiving threatening letters from a stalker The good news is the Texas Ranger assigned to her case is none o. Shannon Taylor Vannatter brings us a suspenseful romance with a sweet resolution She introduces us to strong characters which show true emotions of compassion tenderness and uestions of faith This story line takes the reader on a journey of answering the uestion Does love conuer all This story reveals to us that we must always put out trust and faith in God to bring us through any adversityCaitlyn Wentworth dated Mitch Warren all through school when he decides to seek a profession in law enforcement Caitlyn despite her love for him ends their relationship After years 10 years she still loves Mitch as much today as she did back then and Mitch still loves CaitlynCaitlyn is not only rodeo ueen at the Fort Worth Stockyards Championship rodeo but also owns 2 western clothing shops A couple of weeks ago she started receiving letters from a fan which recently have turned threatening Her sister Natalie finds one and afraid for Caitlyn's safety reports it to the owner The owner in turn calls the Texas Rangers who send out an agent to investigate The last person Caitlyn wants to see or deal with shows up and insists on protective custody and that would be no other than Mitch Warren Caitlyn feels that everyone is taking this to the extreme because everyone knows people who write letters like that are cowardsUnfortunately after giving Mitch the slip Caitlyn finds out how truly wrong she is She makes her way over to her shop to collect her thoughts Her mind was racing at the thought of having to spend time with Mitch Suddenly she is attacked and after getting away finds her way to Mitch's safe arms It is decided that for her safety she must stay with Mitch at his family's ranch She knows the she spends time with Mitch the in jeopardy her heart really is Mitch intends to use this time to show Caitlyn how much he truly loves her but what if she can't get over her aversion to his jobI loved this story This is a feel good romance that anyone will love Looking forward to reading from this author

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Rodeo ueenTher than her former sweetheart Mitch Warren the man who chose his career over loveMitch vows to focus on protecting the woman he's never forgotten But Caitlyn stirs up. Circumstances forced them back together again and God used that I don't believe in coincidence I believe that God not only used this whole situation to reunite Mitch and Caitlyn AND make her family whole but maybe even had a hand in it If that man hadn't focused on her Mitch would not have come back into her life the connection would not have been made between her resemblence to the wife of the stalker who turned out to be her aunt who had disappeared over 30 yrs ag0 she would have never met her cousin the stalker's son her Aunt would have never come out of hiding and reunited with her family etc It was only her stubborness to let go and trust God to protect him and keep him safe to let go and trust that 'God's got this' and to accept God's will regardless of what that was and to accept that if God brought her to it He would bring her through it before she could move on in their relationship and would agree to marry him God is SO good