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review ß Laid Young People's Experiences with Sex in an Easy Access Culture å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê ❴Reading❵ ➸ Laid Young People's Experiences with Sex in an Easy Access Culture Author Shannon T. Boodram – N engages teens and twentysomethings in honest dialogue and explores how they see and experience sex how and why it shapes their beliefs and what they have learned about themselves and their sexuality through their actions Laid is a great conversation starter and doesn’t shy away Laid Young Epubfrom the personal topics A great resource for young people L. A revolutionary collection of essays I think this book would have changed my life if I had read it when first published in 2009 Unfortunately it has not aged well and I took issue with many aspects of the essays The casual yet explicit racism perpetuating misogyny and laden with Christianity this book was disappointing but also a great example of how far sexuality discourse has come in the last decade

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In this hard hitting anthology People's Experiences PDF #10003 journalist Shannon T Boodram collects the compelling and personal firsthand accounts of young people dealing with sex in today’s world Laid covers a range of important topics from teens’ first times to STIs abstinence to unplanned pregnancies Boodram an up and coming voice for her generatio. When I picked up Laid Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy Access Culture I was excited to see how editor Shannon T Boodram handled the interesting topic of teen sexuality Boodram is a dictator than an editor in this book interjecting her own opinions and observations throughout the collection of young people’s first hand accounts of their experiences The introduction sets the book up as an honest and uniue form of sex education that let’s teens speak for themselves I thought that sounded like a refreshing and empowering approach to frank discussion of teen sexuality but Boodram’s checkpoint sections following each chapter are distracting If I were a teenager looking for first hand accounts I think I would find these sections condescending implying that the young voices were not adeuate and need the meddling that is so often imposed upon young people by their elders An appendix at the end with further resources would be than sufficient yet Boodram insists on pushing her own agenda in this supposedly unbiased collectionBoodram also seems to only portray the negative aspects of sex Of the five chapters in the book three focus on negative sexual experiences one focuses on positive experiences and one focuses on abstaining from sex Even in the positive accounts most read as positive because the writer waited to have sex in a long term relationship It is obviously of the utmost importance to teach adolescents the negative effects sex can have on your life and to stress the importance of safety comfort and consent However I also feel that it is important to emphasize the pleasure that can come of sex even with a stranger I would hope my potential future child will be having sex in a loving and established relationship during their teen years to introduce them to their sexuality in a safe and trusting environment but I also recognize that many people find boundless pleasure in casual sex It does not always lead to STI’s pregnancy or heartbreak Boodram could have used far examples of positive sexual experiences while still keeping the stories of sex gone wrong I think that had I read this as a teen I would either find it scary and avoid sex for years out of fear or would immediately reject it as the pedagogical ranting of puritanical adultsDespite my misgivings on the collection and its almost sex negative tone I found a lot of the stories very interesting One does not often get to read first hand accounts from teenagers who are often silenced by the academy in favor of people who have seen years and fewer episodes of Glee The stories brought me back to my first sexual encounters and the often confused delusional thoughts going through my head Teenagers can easily feel alienated in their feelings and this book serves as a tool to show young people that they are not alone in their tentative first steps into their adult sexual personas The stories truly represented young voices in their own ways Any one of them could be lifted from my high school diary I was reminded that I once wrote unbearable painful embarrassing poetry about the boy who took my virginity I thank God that those poems were not published however It should be law that no one under the age of 25 should be able to publish poetry Laid is a tool that could be very helpful to some adolescents but should also be taken with a grain of salt The book can be used to open dialogue on why these stories are important but also on why their presentation might be problematic

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Laid Young People's Experiences with Sex in an Easy Access CultureAid invites teens and young adults to take a close up look at sex and sexuality Boodram’s chapters offer than personal narratives from both female and male voices with in depth analyses facts and As to further the discourse Responsible and thought provoking Laid offers a range of honest perspectives on young adult sexuality in today’s easy access cultu. Laid is an anthology of personal stories about young people's experiences with sex be it first times sexually transmitted diseases pregnancy rape love and everything in between It has the very important element of person stories and emotions that are missing from the sexual education people receive The introduction of emotion and personal stories made it for me so much important and meaningful than the lists and statistics you would find in health class If it could happen to this person it could happen to you It made it realI like how the stories were grouped into themed sections though it did get tough reading some of the serious stories all in a row Overall the stories were pretty easy to relate to and understand Though I noticed in a few cases I didn't feel like I had enough backstory or was confused by a few things mentioned by the person I definitely preferred the narratives to the poetic selections but I liked that there was a variety of writing methods used by the different authors The perspectives are also varied from both men and women straight and gay The editor really did her job fleshing it out with variety to the best of her ability You can tell how important this anthology is to her sharing her own stories throughout and sharing insight that she's learned through her work as a sexual educatorAnd while this is a book of personal stories there are still the facts and figures you'd expect and also a A after each chapter with all the uestions you might have about what you have just read and also checkpoints to reflect on you own experiences and perspective I think this book is a really important tool for teaching and learning about sexuality for young and old alike I can't think of a soul that shouldn't read this