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DOWNLOAD ✓ Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1 · ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1 Author Shannon K. Butcher – First in an all new paranormal romance series Caution readers may feel the heat coming off the pages They are the SentinelsThree races descended from ancient guardians of manIs own Burning Alive MOBI #207 desire if he is to discover the power that lies within his one true loveHelen Day is haunted by visions of herself surrounded by flames as a dark haired man watches her burn So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her from across a diner she attempts to flee Alive Sentinel Wars PDFEPUB #235 but. Burning Alive left me with a burning need to read something else It took me a l o n g time to finish and in hindsight should have put it down and moved on But kept thinking hoping it would get better Almost did a time or two but overall I found the book a huge disappointment First of all felt Burning Alive needed umph and found the heroine Helen Day the name just didn't fit either very annoying She needed to stop being such a wuss There was WAY too much focus on her vision convincing her of the Sentinel Wars demons and whatnot finding her power etc She was a dingbat and made my TSTL shelf Secondly the characters were supposed to be pressed for time on several occasions but would stop and chat like they had all the time in the world Ruined the momentum of the story for me Their discussions were annoying and too long Many discussions were trying to convince Helen of various things over and over again Other plot problems like letting the demons track them when they spilled blood Annoying stuff Thirdly the way that Helen and Drake had to stay in constant physical contact was stupid and way too much ink was used to carry that task along I was interested in the secondary characters Was bummed when something bad happened to one of them but won't be continuing this series to read about the other oneFinally this whole concept seemed trite to me I've read too many other PNR books that had similar find the mate themes; species is dieing because we've lost all our females but wait we found one and can't believe we did; females are human and have hang ups; men don't want to tell the poor females everything because they don't think they could handle it; men break apart from their important mission to find other females etc BlechOne and 12 Stars from This Reader

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Instead ends up in the man's arms There she awakens a force powerful and enticing than she could ever imagine For the man is actually Theronai warrior Drake whose own pain is driven away by Helen's presence Together they may become than lovers they may become a weapon of light that could tip the balance of the war and save Drake's people. All right I must say right off the bat that this book dragged me in from the first sentence The man who was going to stand by and watch while Helen burned to death liked his coffee blackHelen has had visions her whole life well one vision that is The vision of herself being engulfed in flames while this amazingly handsome man stood by with a slight smile on his face and watched and this first sentence refers to the first time Helen sees Drake in her favorite diner She's hiding behind a menu hoping he doesn't notice her and he's staring at the girl who's hiding behind a menu acting scared to death of him Drake has to find out why the random girl in a Kansas diner is afraid of him so he being the bid bad alpha male that he is strides right over to her and tries to figure it out Too bad that he gets caught up in her hazel eyes and her lilac scent and husky voice When he touches Helen the pain that every Theronai lives with from birth til death fades away He vows to never let her go Literally since releasing her causes immense pain Each of the Theronai males is born with a seed tattoo that grows as they do and ages as they do until around 500 yrs old or so if unmated the leaves fall off indicating the death of his soul After the last leaf falls he might still live on but he has no moral compass Bad newsMeanwhile Helen gets dragged into the Sentinel world in the sense that she is Theronai too which should be impossible since their females were slaughtered centuries ago Hmmthere might be to that in the next book Also her friend Lexi might be the mate to Zach one of Drake's warrior buds I hope they get their storyThe only thing preventing this book from being a 5 star book is that Helen went from being brave to cowardly and then hid behind her cowardice excuse She was brave standing up to the warriors the vampire who searched her mind even but when it came down to it she'd claim she was a coward and then act like one Lamesmall spoilersAlso the death of Thomas was heartbreaking because Helen had the power to stop it but didn't know how okay forgivable in my eyes but Shannon Butcher should have given him a better death he was eateningested by a type of demon that he had been fighting for 500 yearsa bit anticlimactic and kinda stupid He would've been better prepared But I liked the ending and I like the allusions to the next books but the epilogue was a little annoying since we'd never seen or heard about those characters so although it was slightly intriguing it was also out of the blue as far as being informative or sucking me in

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Burning Alive Sentinel Wars #1First in an all new Sentinel Wars Epub #217 paranormal romance series Caution readers may feel the heat coming off the pages They are the SentinelsThree races descended from ancient guardians of mankind each possessing uniue abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes the Synestryn Now one warrior must fight h. 2 Potential filled But Lackluster StarsThis book was seemed to be just on the verge of being good the whole time I was reading itbut just never could uite get there for me Being that this is the first in a PNR Series it's supposed to set the backdrop and the rules for the rest of the seriesWwwwwwwhelpnot so muchThe world building was super convoluted and choppy and uite frankly I spent the majority of this book like this Obviously I got distracted on that last one thereBut between not knowing what was really going on and never uite completely understanding who's who in the zoo I really struggled to connect with the characters and the story line As result when I wasn't feeling what was reflected above I was feeling like thisYou sympathy yawning yetAnybored I'm not sure I'll continue with the series even though I am very interested in Zach and Lexi's story I just don't want to get roped into a series that never reaches its full potential for me book after book Which is a bummer because I really wanted to like this series